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Hi everyone, today I can show you a review about Shikinami Asuka Langley from Max Factory, this figure is scaled 1/6 and has a height of 275m. This Asuka is called Test Plug Suit version because Asuka wore it in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. Asuka was released in the middle of December, I’ve ordered her via SAL shipping to save some money, I was actually a bit scared about EMS shipping for a 1/6 scaled figure and so I just received her a few days ago.

I am a big Neon Genesis Evangelion fan, it was the the first anime I knowingly watched and Im thankful that it lead me to the enjoyable world of anime. In the first place I liked the setting and the story with the cruel angels attacking mankind, but it took me some time to get warm with the characters, I would say in the first series which aired in 1995 Misato was my favorite character, the teenage pilots seemed a bit suspect to me with their mental problems and awkwardness.

With the latest extraction of the franchise, the Movies; Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, my impression about the characters changed a bit.

I started to like Shinji, Asuka and the new girl Mari. While beeing a big fan, so far I had no scale figure of any NGE character, under these hundreds of already released figures I found nothing what I really wanted to buy. Ok, I once bought the Asuka Apron version from Wave which was nice for a 1/10 figure, but it turned out not to be a figure that I wanted to keep in my collection.

At winter Wonfes 2011 Max Factory presented a new Asuka figure in the Test Plug Suit and I instantly fell in love with her design, the pose and the cool face expression, simply everything.



As I unpacked Asuka and had her on my desk for a few hours I was really impressed about this figures quaility, she looked even better than I already expected. Well done Max Factory, well done.
I could declare the review as finished now, but I guess you would like to know more about her.

Hair & Face

Asuka has magnificent hair, the light fox brown hair has nicely detailed strands and shows some good darker orange shading, I really like the way, the strands of her hair cover parts of her face and just look at her ears ^^. The hair is sculpted and painted very well, on very close view there are some tiny paint blobs on my versions hair. The head of this figure is slightly tilted down and turned to the left. Asuka is sculpted after an illustration from Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, as you might notice its not the edgy design from the anime and movies, her face appears more soft and round.




The face expression is a mix of cute pouting and slightly embarrassement. The clear blue eyes of her are pointed to the left which underline the interesting expression. The faint blushmarks under her eyes are another nice detail. A few other things which make her face so pretty, are the snub nose and on close view the light pink area inside the small opening of her cute mouth.


In Evangelion 2.0 Asuka had to pilot a new unit, Eva 03 and got a new suit for that mission, there were mixed opinions about the suit, like being ugly, too sexy and so on, I think it is a nice design.
The orange area in the middle of her plug suit fits very well to the mainly red parts of the dress.
The glossyness of her entire suit looks beautiful and has a futuristic look. The transparent look of the orange area gives her a sensual look, since the shine through skin is very well recreated.



On certain areas of her suit you can see cable connections and green buttons incorporated, both are interesting details, that spice up the look of her suit. The skintight fit emphasizes Asukas beautiful shaped buttocks, the upper half of her butt is covered by the light orange part.

Body & Pose


The sculptor Chieri who also had his hands on other figures like Chie from Native, the Tony version of Hatsune Miku and another Evangelion 2.0 character, Mari from Max Factory.
Chieri did a respectable job with Asuka as well, she is supposed to be 14 years, but man she already has really nice curves in this figure incartion. Aside from being sexy this figure looks gracefully in her standing on one feet pose, she has very long legs and has a tall appearance.


Asuka’s body features a lovely arched back, a gorgeous waistline, a nice belly and very well defined hips. From the backside you can admire the beautiful hair and the very well defined back. She appears to be too pretty to be put in a entry plug of a Eva unit to fight cruel angels ;D

1/6 seems to be the perfect scale for this figure, the body and pose of Asuka really start to shine in that size, at the moment she is placed on my desk and I can’t take my eyes off her ♥♥♥♥.


Even though Asuka’s tilted head shows a slightly embarrassed face expression, her pose radiates a feeling of a self conscious, strong minded personality. With her right hand Asuka brushes back a big strand of her hair, the left hand is just placed on the left side of her hip, very well done.
Like my Mugi figure, Asuka stands a little wobbly one her left foot, when slightly vibrations occur the figure is shaking from the right to the left, but it’s not like she would keel over anytime.

Final Words

I really like this figure incarnation of the Asuka character, she looks just stunning and sexy.
Max Factory did an awesome job with this figure, her outfit and the deatails are very well made. Also the shiny finish on her Test Plug Suit looks fantastic and the 1/6 scale increases the beauty of this Asuka figure even more. Im already in love with this figure and I say Asuka is no mere figure she’s a statue of a godess *Q* ! If you liked what you saw of her in my review
you should try to get her if you are still able to find her somewhere !!!


46 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    She’s so sexy >.< And boy, do I love that pose. It accentuates her body curves. Your close-up photos suggested that this figure was well painted and sculpted. You got yourself a very wonderful figure here!! I can tell you're one happy owner of Asuka Langley figure =)

    • wieselhead

      She’s lovely isn’t she ;D
      Yeah Im really happy with her, its always nice to receive figure with such detail and quality.

  2. Miette-chan

    Oh god, this looks too nice, way too nice.

    Asuka is my favorite girl from Eva and this figures does her justice. I don’t know what I like the most, I’m surprisingly leaning more towards the face. I just love that pouting expression.

    I also like her posture, really brings out the curves of her body.

    Also, Misato? Really? First time I hear of someone picking over Asuka and Rei.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she’s ultra nice and shines like a gem.

      Her face is very detailed and very appealing in this soft shape.

      It really was Misato, I couldn’t find a real connection to the female pilots, Rei was too passive, Asuka too agressive.
      I couldn’t really understand all the fandom about these two, well in terms of look I liked Asuka.
      I’d rather pick the attractive girl with cans of beer in her fridge 😀

  3. exilehero

    You made realize just how nice this Asuka is. I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it since there’s just so many Eva figures out there. But this one seems to be a very special one!

    I just can’t stop staring at her cute face, I might just be in love! haha. There’s just so many nice details on her that really appeal to me like the nicely sculpted belly button or the way the bra pushes slightly on her breasts to make a dimple.

    You made me really want an Asuka figure!

    • wieselhead

      Haha did I, then my job is done and Asuka won’t hit me with her tsundere power ^^
      Yeah there are too many NGE figures every year, its hard to keep track on them.
      Since I couldn’t find a figure so far that convinced me enough this Asuka was an instant order.

      She’s my darling ;p
      The details and the shinyness are really well done, its a great figure overall.
      buy buy buy buy buy ^^

  4. Aya

    She looks pretty 😀 , I like this suit design better compared with classic red, her body posture looks so sexy with the curves, and the pose suit her character very well.

    hmm the price looks so nice considering she is being 1/6 scale

    • wieselhead

      Me too, *high five* , this new suit looks a lot better and more sexy 😉
      It was a surprisingly good price for a well detailed figure of this size.

  5. Adam

    My Asuka is still in the mail. 29 days and counting… Worst transit time I’ve seen for SAL by far! >:(

    Nice pictures! I’m glad to see that the final PVC turned out so nicely. Surprisingly enough, this will be my first figure from Eva. I was pretty tempted to pick up Alter’s test suit Asuka for a while, but I knew I had to have this one after seeing the prototype shots.

    I’m a bit concerned about the wobbly base that you and others have mentioned, but I trust it won’t put a significant damper on my enjoyment of this figure.

    • wieselhead

      Sal is so slow sometimes, but I guess yours will arrive soon.

      Thank ou very much. Ah your first ones as well, this is probably my favorite figure from that franchise so far.
      No other NGE figure convinced me to buy, lets ignore that 1/10 Asuka from wave :).

      She wobbles mainly at the upper half, the foot seems to form a stable connection with the base.

  6. Persocom

    Looking good! I like the sleekness of her plug suit and her face is very cute and sexy like that. Love the detailing as well, looks like MF did a great job.

  7. Otakumouse

    When i saw this figure in WONFES, i was not really impressed by how she looks. But now that i saw your images, I just realized how beautiful she is! I’m no considering on getting her also XD

  8. tanohsimini

    Great review and lovely pictures that just bring out the quality of this figure.

    I wasn’t fond of this one but you have made it look very impressive. I’m not very fond of the pose and her face but the figure looks very good in terms of quality and sculpt. I didn’t know that this figure was actually based off an illustration and it’s a pretty good replication of it!

    My favourite asuka would be the one in her school uniform by Aizu. When I saw the promo pictures it looked lovely but when I received mine, it didn’t look as good as I hoped^^”

    Did you also see the Asuka Langley 1/6 by Kotobukiya. The one where she sits on the eva head. That one is pretty nice! I think most Asuka figures are lovely XD

    • wieselhead

      Thx man 🙂 A pretty figure always increases my motivation.

      Well, I can just talk for myself but this were the things which persuaded me to get her, a quite unique pose and expression.
      Yeah I know that one, very pretty one, she was sculpted like in the anime from 1995, with the more edgy face.
      Too bad she didn’t turn out like you expected, you can give her to me if you like ^^ for a good price of course ^-^

      I’ve seen it, but for me it’s one of the less appealing Asuka figures, anyway Im glad that I’ve a Asuka for my picky taste 😀

  9. Nopy

    Asuka is my favourite NGE character so I considered getting this figure too. The thing that put me off was that I was afraid of her face being covered too much at some angles. I do love the sculpting and paint job on her plug suit though, she looks gorgeous.

    • wieselhead

      From the left her face is very well visible most of the time, at the moment she is on my desk and I see no problems of her face being covered too much.
      Max Factory did an excellent job with this figure, Im overly happy to have her in my collection.

  10. Zai

    I told myself that I’m not going to get another Asuka figure unless it’s in her original plug suit.. but she’s so lovely her that I’m really, really tempted. Everything about her is so gorgeous but my favourite is her face.. I can’t stop going back to look at it. 😀

    I didn’t know that illustration was done by Sadamoto himself, the difference in style threw me off a bit.

    Mm.. Max Factory always do the best stuff! I’ve never been disappointed with a figure from them. Best Asuka figure out there at the moment, I think!

    The last photo of her pretty face is my favourite.

    • wieselhead

      How many do you have, aside from the Yamato one?
      Ah, like me youre also enchanted by her face, it looks so nice with the tilted head and the direction of her eyes.
      Yeah its a bit different, but that was the thing I especially liked about this version.
      Mugi was also a nice figure from them, maybe I should order their upcoming Sandaime Muramasa maid.

      thank you, Zai

  11. Sevie

    Hm, ich bin ja nicht so ein riesen Fan von den NGE-Figuren, auch wenn ich selbst eine Rei habe^^
    Irgendwie sind die mir einfach ein wenig zu “skinny” ^^”
    Allerdinsg muss ich sagen, dass der Test-Plug-Suit grandios aussieht. Die Farben, die Verarbeitung und Schattierung ist wirklich grandios! Mir gefällt sehr gut, wie der Anzug glänzt, während Haare und Haut matt gehalten sind. Auch wie ihr Körper sich durch diesen durchzeichnet, ist toll : )
    Deine Bilder sind wiedereinmal sehr schön geworden. Besonders gut gefallen mir 006 und 021 : D

    • wieselhead

      Ja, ich verstehe was du meinst, vielleicht war das auch ein Grund weshalb mich bis vor kurzem noch keine der beiden NGE Damen in Figurform angesprochen hat.
      Mag momentan eigentlich auch eher die kurvigen Figuren, trotzdem hat mich diese Asuka wirklich angesprochen, bin sehr zufrieden mit ihr.
      Ja, der Anzuug und eigentlich auch die ganze Figur ist toll, speziell der transparente Bereich.
      Hehe mit nem klein wenig größeren Busen sähe der Plugsuit wohl auch toll aus, dann sollten sie aber auf das gelbe Teil verzichten ^^
      Dankeschön, auch für deinen Kommentar 🙂

  12. Fabrice

    Such a shiny suit which i like a lot, the paint job seems to be incredibly good.

    The only thing that really annoys me is that is could have been better then it is already is with the pose, i like the figure ALTER did or Kotobukiya.

    • wieselhead

      Shiny, Shiny ^^ Yes its very well done.
      I see, but well tastes are very diffferent sometimes I like everything about her 😉
      The pose and also the look was the difference Max Factory’s Asuka offered.

  13. BioToxic

    Asuka looks exactly like the illustration she’s based on – it’s quite impressive actually. I’m not a huge fan of the test plug suit but for this Asuka it’s not as jarring to look at.

    Out of all the test suit Asukas I think this one is my favourite. Her pose is much more interesting to look at. And her face is softer, which while she doesn’t look like Asuka from the anime/films she’s still identifiable as Asuka.

    I really like the long fringe she has. It blocks her eyes are certain angles and adds a little mystery to her appearance. She also looks like she’s pouting a little which is cute.

    • wieselhead

      You don’t see many figures which are so close to the illustation. I like the design of the new suit a lot ^^
      Her look is a little bit different from her origin, but I found her more likeable that way especially the face was the selling point for me.
      The hairstyle is really cool I love how it covers her face.
      hehe it seems that she doesn’t like her plugsuit, despite knowing that she looks great in it 😀

  14. Bloodfrost

    Well shit, im kicking myself for not getting this now, i am normally not a HUGE fan o 1/6 figurines, they just seem a bit odd… If it helps i have had several 1/6 figurines shipped EMS so i wouldnt be super concerned about it.

    Its interesting that you say the scuplter also had his hands in the Tony version of Miku kuz my god, i can totally see that. I might have to find this figurine on Ebay or something sometime, i was going to review the version of her by max factory yesterday for our website but i did beatless instead… i wish i bought this damn figurine haha.

    Its funny with the plugsuit tho, when i FIRST saw them, i didn’t like it, i was kinda turned off by the secondary color on it but in time i think i can say that i actually like this more MAYBE then the original… There is just so many damn sexy asuka figurines out there now, i really should get more of them.

    • wieselhead

      Kick your self for passing on her XD
      1/6 is quite big, in general 1/8 is a good scale, not too small and not too big but with this figure I found a liking to standing 1/6 figures.
      My next one in this scale is Native’s Soniko ^-^. The Miku – Tony version is really nice, good luck in finding her for a good price.
      Probably would have been cheaper for you, but Lacia is also a really pretty figure. Sometimes its difficult to decide about the figure you will order.

  15. Tier

    A few recent Asuka figures have given her a happy face which doesn’t seem to fit her personality quite right, so it’s cool to see Max Factory give him a more serious look. I particularly like the way her hair is arranged so that her eye is framed by her bangs. If they had put her in her original plugsuit, I would’ve bought this figure for sure; it would’ve made a really nice complement to Kotobukiya’s figure, since they’re both 1/6 scale and the older figure is sitting and smiling while this one is standing and frowning.

    • wieselhead

      The face expression of this figure was quite convincing, not because Im a big fan of Asuka, just because it looked cool in combination with the pose 🙂
      She has lovely voluminous hair. Ah I see you’re in the old plug suit party XD I really prefer the new one since the design looks more fresh .

  16. Dinara

    This Asuka is one of my favorites. She has such a cute face and is so well done. We didn’t get her, but we do have another one of her that I also really love. She is big obviously since she is 1/6. I have this thing with having figures from the same series all the same scale… but it doesn’t always happen…. but anyways. She is very well sculpted. Her curves are very sexy, and she has a nice bum and mid section as well.

    As for the plus suit I really nice the new one better.

    • wieselhead

      She was the first Asuka figure that I really wanted to own.
      A really lovely Asuka figure in an impressive quality.

      I rarely buy more than one character from one series.
      Yeah I agree with your choice ^^

  17. Xine

    I think I haven’t seen an Asuka Langley fig that I dislike. Max Factory did a great job with the painting here. That suit looks gorgeous! Love her facial expression too. ^^

    • wieselhead

      There were many nice Asuka figures, but only this Auka from Max Factory convinced me enough.
      Yeah nearly everything about her is nice, a lovely figure ^-^

  18. Luth

    Argh, if this Asuka was in her original suit it would be awesome. If she had her pirate eyepatch, it would be an instant buy. Hopefully after the third movie is released Max Factory will have another crack at it because this one looks stunning.

    • wieselhead

      She might also look very good in the old plug suit design, but I would miss the transparency from her middle section for sure.
      Haha pirate Asuka, it looks like the one of a certain James Bond villain, I guess it was the one with the cat.
      Im already happy with this version, I guess I’ll buy no other Asuka figure in the future.

  19. Mew

    Mew thinks her breasts could be a bit bigger ‘3’ to make it more feminine.

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