Sansei Muramasa – Max Factory

Hi today I will review Sandaime Muramasa, the lovely Elf maid with brown skin from Max Factory

Sandaime is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 250mm, her release date was on 26th of March 2012.
I nearly passed on her, but Nightmare and Exilehero wrote convincing reviews of this figure.
The origin of the figure is the dark themed visual novel from Nitro+ Soukou Akki Muramasa

Tamaki Kousaka – To Heart 2 – Max Factory

  Hello, Im still on vacation, but I’ve prepared most of this posts content before my departure. With no real new figure around, Max Factories Tamaki Kousaka which I received recently would be good review material. It’s a figure from 2010, … Continued

Naoe Kanetsugu – Hyakka Ryoran – ALTER

  It’s Hammer time! The warrior of love, Naoe Kanetsugu makes her appearance. Today I can present you my review of ALTER‘s latest figure from the Hyakka Ryouran lineup. There already have been a few reviews of her, but it would … Continued

Asuka Langley – Test Plug Suit ver. – Max Factory

today I can show you a review about Shikinami Asuka Langley from Max Factory, this figure is scaled 1/6 and has a height of 275m. This Asuka is called Test Plug Suit version because Asuka wore in in the Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. Asuka was released in the middle of December