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Today we will look at  Mammon based on The 7 deadly Sins. It’s my second figure of that character. The figure was manufactured by Orchid Seed and released in June 2016 earlier this year. Since I made a mistake with a combined order I’ve received the figure around 2 months later. Mammon was designed by the talented Tanaka Masanori, she turned out quite voluptuous and in combination with the 1/7 scale Mammon is a nice, big figure.

It’s a nsfw review, so this post contains some nudity and ecchiness


The first batch of figures was used to introduce the franchise, I bought Mammon and Leviathan, since both are my favorite characters from the sinful Sins origin. The second batch, which is named Maou Mokushiroku shows the characters in a bigger scale and in all their ecchi glory, again I’ve bought Leviathan and Mammon, oh and I also bought Asmodeus.

The figure offers a number of different display options, there are 2 bikini tops, a scarf, wings and optional glasses and a cowboy hat.  This version of Mammon is called Juushii Western Mizugi no Setsu, it combines cowboy elements with a very skimpy bikini. The cowboy theme is only present at the figures boots, gloves, the hat at her back and the scarf, though it actually looks better without scarf.




Mammon is a mature demon woman, who already has a children. The husband ran away and left the family with high debt, so she has to make a living by selling cursed medicine to customers in need.


What convinced me to purchase her was my general liking for the Mammon character, the figures pretty face and of course her nicely buxom and curvy body.


The figure has nice long, blonde hair with very detailed and sharp strands, as demon character horns are coming out of her head.





Mammon is also pulling at her bikini bottom, haha that really looks naughty, such a shameless demon lady.


As already mentioned, the figures face is really attractive and full of nice details. The green eyes and the distinctive Nitro+ related make up bring the figure to life. The glasses add a lot to her attractive lady charm. Mammon also has full and alluring lips painted in glossy bright pink.




The body lines are smooth and a declaration of love to buxom woman.

It’s no secret that I like boobs, also bigger ones. Nevertheless this figure adaption of Mammon is borderline, with the lifted up pose the size appears even bigger. The closer the release date came, the more I was torn if I made the right decision with my ordered Mammon.


Mammon has meaty thighs and wide hips, the sculptor didn’t overdo it with a too narrow waist for the mature character. It might be a bit unfortunate that her butt isn’t as endowed as her chest, one can’t have everything, but still it looks very good in my opinion.



After all the figure as a whole is great with a nicely sculpted body and marvelously shaped boobs with pretty nipples.The way her breasts resting on her arms, creates a convincing illusion of softness, I want to take a nap on these pillows 😊.




The intention behind Mammon’s pose is flirty seduction, her tilted head gives a very sweet and inviting expression. With her crossed arms she boldly accentuates her impressive assets.


Final Words

With Mammon – Maou Mokushiroku – Juushii Western Mizugi no Setsu, Orchid Seed manufactured a wonderfully attractive and curvy demon lady with a big amount of fanservice.

Big boobs or not the generally voluptuous proportions of this figure were sculpted nicely and make Mammon very attractive. Her beautiful and also expressive face is as attractive as the body, maybe even more. Alltogether the figure is really great and I’m very happy about it ❤️.








8 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    I’m quite surprised this series of figures got a second line. There is still nothing associated with them not anime, manga or anything of the sort. I suppose this a testament to how good the original set was that there was a demand for more. Doubly surprising since all of them where exclusives if I remember correctly.

    Why is it that all these naughty figures have such nice faces, can’t I get those on the nice dressed ones? XD It’s like, hey we know you are totally gonna look at other things but check this lovely expression too! Hahaha, silly figure manufacturers.

    I gotta say though, Mammon looks quite nice for a mom, couldn’t be able to tell she gave birth. Although looking at her voluptuous body one could say that she has a motherly body.

    I gotta ask though, why a cowgirl?

    • wieselhead

      That is the appeal of characters drawn by Nishii, I find it amusing that the 2nd line got extra lewd in terms of outfits and pose.

      Oh such a positive comment, honestly I was really feeling ashamed when I thought about taking pictures of this figure.
      When actually taking pictures a few weeks later I was really happy, her face is beautiful and this amazing curvy body. I also liked her oversized, but also wonderfully sculpted boobs a lot.

      Haha at least you understand why Im often drawn to these half nude figures, often their faces are amazing and very pretty. Yeah it’s funny how the more expressive or flirty faces seem to be reserved for sexy figures only. The regular figures seem to be limited to cute, pretty or serious expressions, without any flustered or alluring influences.

      I also like her voluptuous body, she looks very attractive
      Yeah, why a cowboy outfit… Nishii seems to be a very creative illustrator, in the end they chose the most ecchi illustration of each character for the Maou Mokushiroku lineup.

  2. Aya

    Ah This time she wear glasses and Bikini XD Frankly speaking the first one seems to focus on ass while this on boobs XP She looks great and nicely detailed but I don’t get this a Bikini cowgirl ? reminds me a bit with “onechanbara” video game series maybe at least they should add the cowboy hat just the cow gloves and boots don’t give much Cowgirl impression at first look

    • wieselhead

      I love that she wears glasses in this version I somehow missed it on the first figure.
      Yes, you could say this is true, these gorgeous boobs
      Lol it’s based on an illustration, even though it doesn’t make much sense.
      She has a hat at her back, so it doesn’t add much to her design this way.

  3. Kai

    Kinda prefer the version without glasses, but she does has a really nice face. I’m sure the attention is elsewhere though :p I personally don’t really keep up with original figures that don’t based them off of anime or games, but it’s nice to see that this line is doing well.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see for me both is appealing, but having glasses as optional feature always makes me happy.
      Ahahaha a pretty face and impressive boobs (‐^▽^‐) Well, since I mainly buy figures because they are pretty,
      I don’t really take the origin as criteria for purchases. My liking for attractive demon girls is enough (○^ω^○)

  4. Tier

    She’s a really lovely figure, and even though the boob size is way larger than I like, I wound up buying her anyway because she looks so sweet. Her backstory is pretty funny, too. I also usually don’t care much for horns but I like her horn design. Oddly, the boob sizes for the more busty characters seems to be toned down in their voice drama videos on Youtube; I kinda like those designs better.

    • wieselhead

      I was a bit nervous about my decision as the release came closer ( ̄□ ̄;)
      “maybe her boobs are too hardcore!!!”
      But in person this Mammon looks absolutely stunning, that seductive and amazingly beautiful face and her soft looking body.
      Hell, I even love her huge boobs (。’▽’。)♡. lol maybe the figures in general get a little crazy with the boob sizes, I will have to check those designs.

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