Sonicomi limited edition – Whats inside?

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Today I’ll write about a long awaited Game of mine, called Sonicomi (ソニコミ).
Well, the post this time is rather about the box of the limit edition of Sonicomi and it’s contents.
As you’ve might noticed on Twitter, Im playing this game called Sonicomi to my hearts content.

Sonicomi was made by Nitro+, the Sonicomi limited edition was available for 6,460 Yen and is already sold out as well as the normal version, thx to EMS shipping I received my copy last week.

Front and Back


The Game comes in a nice looking carton inside are the DVD with the Game, a five track Drama CD with the adventures of Soniko and her band Galaxy One, the manual for the Game, the manual for the copy protection system, many slips of paper, a guitar pleg, a card for the Nitro+ cardgame Card Masters/Dominion a picture frame like thing with a picture of Soniko inside which says “Our Memories – You and Soniko” XD Im a big Soniko fan, but Im not that obsessed with her character.


There’s also a small book inside which has some Informations about Soniko and with illustrations from the game and illustrations from several artists. This is probably the nicest extra of this limited edition. I activated my badasss scanner to show you a few examples of the pages.





I scanned a few more of the Game Box contents, the manual cover, the front illustration picture which was attached to the box and the sheet with mixed illustrations of the cute Soniko.

medium size picture


Mixed Illustrations

It was the first time that I’ve ordered a japanese Game, well I somehow expected a bit more stuff to be included in this limited edition, maybe a poster, some stickers or something like that.
On the other hand, the Drama CD is very entertaining and funny, the box is nice and the game is working after some serious cursing of mine “Fuuu!” and it is quite entertaining to play the game.
I will write about my impressions of the Sonicomi gameplay in a different post, so stay tuned.

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  1. Sevie

    Seeehr schick! Ich bekomme ja auch Twitter mit, wie gerne du das Spiel zu spielen scheinst :3
    Die ganzen Illustrationen von Soniko sehen wirklich sehr süß und hübsch aus 😮
    Und klein-Soniko sieht ja so süß aus, mit dem ganzen Teig und so *_* Ich glaube, ich sollte ihr zu Ehren mal Macarons backen :3
    Inzwischen bereue ich es ein wenig, es doch nicht geholt zu haben und nur das Artbook bestellt zu haben (welches auch noch verschoben wurde >_>).
    Ich suche auch schon wie wild nach den Bildern von Soniko im Bikini. Würde mir eines davon nur zu gerne als Poster drucken lassen *_* Aber irgendwie gibt es das wohl nicht >_< Der Scan von dir ist nun das größte, was ich davon gesehen habe xD

    • wieselhead

      @Sevie, Ja es macht soviel Spaß Soniko in verschiedene Klamotten zu stecken und sie kommt halt sehr natürlich und bezaubernd rüber mit ihrer Stimme und den Gesten.

      Das große Manko ist natürlich das es fast komplett auf japanisch ist, ein paar Brocken kann ich raushören, aber lesen kann ich rein garnichts 🙁

      Ja wirklich niedlich die Kleine, die Macarons will ich sehen, oder besser noch essen XD

      Das Artbook hab ich nich nicht bestellt, da war noch ein kleines Outfit Addon für das Spiel dabei soweit ich weiß.

      Ich hab das in 7000×10000 Pixeln wenn du möchtest geb mir ruhig Bescheid. Ich hatte die Bilder nur verkleinert da ich nicht den größten Webspace habe ^^

      • Sevie

        @wieselhead, Kann ich mir vorstellen :3 Vllt lege ich es mir bei Gelegenheit doch noch irgendwann zu >_< Wobei es ja nun ausverkauft ist,… mal sehen, mal sehen ^^
        Das es fast nur japanisch ist, ist natürlich von der Stimme her süß, aber doch sehr schade, wenn man kaum was versteht : (
        Zu den Macarons würd ich auf jeden Fall auch was schreiben, allerdings frühstens nach der Weihnachtszeit. Hab ja noch Plätzchen zu backen : D
        Coool! 7000×10000 Pixel ist wirklich sehr groß! Grandios! *_*
        Wäre echt super, wenn du mir die beiden Bilder zukommen lassen könntest :3
        Meine Email hast du ja : D

  2. exilehero

    The illustration with the bikini + thigh highs combo is super delicious!

    Looks like you’re having fun with the game. I’ve seen some of your twitter pics and the outfits you can put Sonico in are super sexy and cute.

    Aww you won’t put your picture inside the picture frame? But you’re a super fan of Sonico!

    • wieselhead

      Yeah I like that as well, thigh highs are great!
      Yup Im having a lot of fun with Sonicomi,
      you can expect a post about the game itself soon

      Haha Iam ^^ but no, no even the thought about it feels embarrasing
      Well and I don’t consider Soniko as my 2d waifu or something like that XD

  3. Chag

    Hnnnnnrrrg that picture of loli sonico is SO CUTE — even cuter after I noticed how oversized her headphones are. That bikini + thigh high combo is also bloody lethal. Oh Sonico, I’ll never tire of seeing pictures and figures of you.

    I’m still waiting for a working torrent for the game to come out, since I can’t quite justify buying a game in a language I can’t understand. I am awfully curious as to how easy progression is when I’m essentially going in blind, so I’m looking forward to your gameplay post! =D

    • wieselhead

      Hi Chag thx for stopping by
      Haha yeah she’s even cuter as a child character.
      A nice combo indeed *nosebleed*

      Thats understandable, but since Im a big Soniko fan Im willing to spend money for merchandise stuff like that,
      playing with her in a game sounded just too promising and it is fun to interact with her very well fleshed out character.
      Yeah Im working on it will be a load of pictures

  4. tanohsimini

    ah very nice ! Quite cheap for a limited edition game.

    Thanks for the scans! art looks amazing>< I love how you said you activated your scanner LOL

    haha I think you're a very big fan of Sonico=p

    • wieselhead

      I would have paid more for better goodies XD
      No problem, I hope the size was ok, haha I like my Epson PX720WD Scanner Printer combi ^^
      I also think so …

  5. Aya

    ah yeah I must admit soniko really attractive she looks cute and sexy at the same time hmm you looks obsessed with her 😛

    very nice scans thank you for sharing 😀 but seems still no picture showing her ears ^^

    • wieselhead

      I like this combination a lot
      Haha maybe Im a little bit obsessed with her,
      but I still don’t have a hug pillow and no wall tapestry with her XD

      I guess she has no ears at all *lol*

    • wieselhead

      The box is nice and has some little goodies inside.
      It’s also fun to play, even though I don’t understand much japanese 😉

  6. Kai

    Oooh… nitroplus.. whatever happen to blood and gore D; Ah scrap that, nice purchase there^^ And those illustrations are damn sexay <3

    • wieselhead

      Haha I guess they want to keep their mascot innocent, would be funny to see Soniko killing her Idol rivals with a guitar XD
      thx ^-^

  7. Duqs

    Ahhh limited edition goodies are the best. You get to be treated with tons of stuff like those illustration goodies XD.

    Curious, whats that copy protection thing there? @_@

    • wieselhead

      The first time I bought something like this, would have been nice to see more stuff inside *greed* ^o^
      Its just a program you have install before the game, it seemed to be similar to Valves steam platform.

  8. Miette-chan

    That’s one thing I love about Japanese games, they sure pack the goodies. More importantly they pack goodies I actually want.

    I think my favorite is the different artists take on Sonico.

    So far it seems like you being enjoying this, hopefully you will be able to get other endings soon.

    • wieselhead

      Haha I see ^-^

      Yeah thye could have included a few more of these illustrations inside.
      Yeah it’s fun, but also frustrating sometimes, I don’t know why I always get the same route XD

  9. Dinara

    Soniko is so cute! I really want a figure of her but my DFC loving husband just doesn’t like her enough to invest in one.

  10. Sonicomi

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