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Happy New Year and a blessed 2019, my dear readers.

As first review of 2019 I chose the stunning figure of Ashikaga Chachamaru made by ALTER. Ashikaga Chachamaru is based on an VN named Soukou Akki Muramasa, which has been released in 2009.

I actually have to admit that I don’t know anything about her character and only a little about the game she is based on, except from the several CG illustrations that are widely spread around the internet, there aren’t that many informations available. Soukou Akki Muramasa hasn’t been translated so far. The game itself appears quite dark themed, with it’s dystopian setting, it also has no problems with showing the heroines in roughed up conditions.

Nevertheless it’s a popular game with beautiful and attractive character designs, illustrated by the great Namaniku ATK. The game already provided over a dozen figures of mainly Muramasa and Chachamaru. ALTER’s Ashikaga Chachamaru is her 3rd figure adaption, she was released in early December. She has been sculpted by Amato, is scaled 1/7 and measures 22 cm in height. After putting the figure on the base no further assembly is required.

The figure has a very pretty face, the big amber colored eyes are quite expressive, I’m a fan of her thicker eyebrows. She has a slightly opened mouth with a little fang. A detail I also like a lot about the figure are the pointy ears.
Overall she has a friendly expression with a mischievous gaze, it’s really great how lively her face turned out.

Chachamaru hairstyle reminds me of everyone’s favorite vampire Shinobu. She has very long hair with pointy tips, it shows a lot of movement and is captured in a dynamic momentum. The hair is painted in a not too brash tone of yellow with darker shading here and there. The bushy fringe gives the girl a wild and attractive look.

The figures design captures Ashikaga Chachamaru in the middle of undressing with an alluring intention. She’s a girl of average size sporting an enchantingly petite an youthful body. Even though she is a petite girl, her back and abdomen shows a lot of definition. Chachamaru isn’t especially well endowed, she has a small chest and a sexy small butt.

In a way her fairy like built emits a sense of fragility, of course the figure itself is a sturdy one. Her legs are relatively long and the thighs have a nice volume. Chachamaru looks really attractive and the sporty appearance suits her nicely.

The figures halfway dressed outfit is very sexy. She has nothing to wear over her bra, I have no idea where her top went to? She wears a bra with opened up backside. She wears blue striped underwear in a girly design. with blue ribbons at the bra’s and panties front. The bottom part is a thong though. Chachamaru wears nicely designed hotpants painted in orange and brown, it shows great shading effects and realistically sculpted wrinkles.

In her hand the figure holds a long black belt, that was ought to keep the tight piece of clothing in place.
She wears sturdy looking fingerless gloves that cover 2/3 of her forearm, it gives the petite figure a slightly tough appearance. the right hand has a yellow rope wrapped around and you can notice Chachamaru’s tiny thumb.
Her black thigh highs accentuate her lovely thighs and trained calves, they also create the perfect zettai ryōiki.

Final Words
I like this figure of Chachamaru a lot, to me she is adorable and erotic, her facial expression is simply great. Together with hotpants and thigh highs her outfit looks cool. On first look there is the girly underwear but it turns out to include a set of thong designed panties. Despite from looking tough and used to fighting the petite character nevertheless triggers the “must protect” instinct.

Ashikaga Chachamaru from Alter is a wonderful adaptation of Namaniku ATK characters design. Her alluring expression is both, attractive and cute, it also conveys a feeling of danger. The figures slender and athletic body is really great. In combination with her skin revealing outfit, Chachamaru emits a lot of seductive appeal.

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  1. Miette-chan

    What a lovely figure, Chachamaru has such a charming design, I’ve been a fan of her previous figures from Wing and Amakuni. I do wonder if anyone will ever make one where she is actually fully dressed? I supposed the bride version counts.

    Nevertheless I like Alter’s take on it, the sultry expression, the nice petite but curved in all the right places sexy body, the nice T-back and thigh highs. Good job Alter!

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, she is awesome (´∀`)♡
      fully dressed she would look like the figure, but would wear a black sweater or black shirt, that would definitely look great.
      The face is so nice, being a combination of cute girl with a predator gaze.
      I was and still am quite impressed how they made her petite and slender body so sexy ^^
      T-back hahaha, ALTER can be so ecchi sometimes, but it looks indeed great.

  2. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    Hi, I just found your site through Tentacle Armada. I’ve viewed a few posts and I love what you are doing here. So I decided to post a little.

    I also have this figurine. I pretty much have the same feelings as you do about it. My favorite parts about her are:
    1) The mischievous look on her face. I can just imagine her saying something like “Ehhhhh teh teh teh teh”. Plus her cat mouth with the one fang. I see you used “predator gaze” in the comments lol. As in the sexual, or the hunter/feeding sense? Hehe
    2) The legs are perfect imo. Just the right shape. I’d say she has some of the best female human legs I’ve seen on a statue or a real woman for, that matter. Sometimes you see statues with huge tits but skinny legs, I don’t like those as much. But this one has great body proportions. The legs go great with the wide basin/hips.

    It also has a special meaning to me, because of the convoluted way I bought it, it was quite the adventure.

    Anyway, with your photography skills you made her look larger then life, she looks very imposing here, when in reality she has like 20 cm. But that’s the magic of the lens, I guess. Good work!

    • wieselhead

      Hey, thx for your visit and leaving a comment.
      Chachamaru is so cool, isn’t she?

      Her facial expression is quite lovely, really a fan of it.
      I tried to use “predator gaze” in a neutral way, since the shape of her eyes really remind me of a cat/tiger whatever. Lol you can also see it in a sexual manner, but I think Chachamaru is a good girl ;D.

      Hahaha yes, big boobs and skinny legs are not a very good combination, I really like to have some thighs.
      She is a quite pretty overall, you notice that she is a smaller girl compared to Muramasa for example,
      but her proportions are very attractive. In general I like figures with a little bit more meat on them.
      Chachamaru is sporty but also has really nice curves and as you said the legs look great on her.

      Oh I see, sounds interesting, but glad that you have her now ^^.

      Yes, I like when the figure fills the frame, the details still look great on close inspection 😀 Doing portrait shots of them makes me super happy, thank you

          • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

            Yeah, as you saw yourself, it’s a western indie (independent) animation made only from donations. It looks much better then anthing on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. That’s why it’s so impressive for me. But we’ll see if it will continue. Maybe it gets picked up by a big company like the ones I mentioned, otherwise it will take years just for the next episode. Someone else said that they should make the story short, because it would get problematic if it drags on for too long. I think I agree with that.

            Ok, enough about that, here’s something else. Have you ever seen Felidae? It’s made in Germany. If you ever have time, you should try it. It’s very good imo. Just a warning – it has lots of explicit gore, and an animal porn scene (for real lol). And the story is not bad, but I think that the atmosphere is the best thing about it.
            And a pirate link with annoying pop-up ads…or you could find it somewhere else lol – even in the original german dub

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