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Welcome to a new figure review, it’s about the 1/8 scaled magical girl Prisma ☆ Illya, I like cute magical girls a lot so I didn’t want to miss the cute Illya figure. I received this figure right after my vacation, I had to choose SAL shipping so that Illya won’t arrive when Im not at home.

Illya was manufactured by Phat Company and actually released on the 14th May in 2013.
Illya is scaled 1/8 and is 19 cm in height, she was sculpted by the experienced Mazaki Yuusuke.

Illya illu 1

Her origin is a Fate/stay Night spinoff manga called Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya where Illya becomes a magical girl who has to collect cards, sounds a bit like Cardcaptor Sakura, that reminds me that I still have this certain anime review draft, that I should finish someday. In this world Illya is living together with Kiritsugu, Irisviel and Shirou. As she is chosen by the magical stick “Ruby” things happened and Illya becomes the magical girl apprentice of Tohsaka Rin.

Judging from the first few chapters it is quite hilarious. Oh and for the non manga readers (like me) there will be an anime adaption in the upcoming summer season in a few more days.

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 18

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 19


Hair & Face

Her haircolor is faint blonde with some subtle shading, two longer pigtails appear at the back of her hair with spread strands at the tips. The hair is decorated with cute winglets, the pink shading there is quite nice. The hairstyle is very close to the manga, overall the hair could be a bit more finer detailed but it’s still nice. Magical girl Illya has a beautiful face with big amber colored eyes and adorable blush marks. The figures has a big open mouth thats amplifies Illya’s happy and playful personality, on closer inspection an upper front teeth line has been applied.

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 14

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 21

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 02

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 23

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 16


Outfit & Body

The outfit is a tribute to more classic and cute  magical girl outfits like in Card Captor Sakura.
Her sleeveless top has a cute collar with a yellowish ribbon hanging down. The half sleeves are ending in the white gloves, at the end there is a golden rim. Further below Illya is wearing a nicely sculpted double layered skirt, the top part is light pink and a bit more solid, while the lower piece is dark and frilly, yeah and not to forget it’s short. Not, it’s the wind, the wind.

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 05

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 20

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 03

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 09

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 15

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 04

At her back  is small cape with a long, wing like shape, these wings have golden crosses at the tips. Her shoes are also equipped with winglets, they are a little different than the ones on her head. She is wearing light pink stockings with a jagged rim, there is a little distance between her legs and the jags. Of course Illya would be no real magical girl without zettai ryouiki.

The outfit radiates a lot of innocent cuteness, aside from her skirt being short and the revealed underside of her left thigh, which is a nice sight for sure. But it is not too bold for a magical girl to wear. The figure has a pastel like, subtle color theme, spiced up with a lot of interesting shading.

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 26

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 08

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 22


Illya ia a young girl with a petite body, the magical girl costume suits her very well and does a good job in amplifying her youthful charm and appearance. the slender arms are really cute. Quite som effort has been used to make her legs look attractive, the uplifted leg gives Illya some modest sex appeal. Under her cape Illya’s back is a little exposed, not as detailed as I wished, but her shoulderblades are covered by her cape anyway.

The magical stick “Ruby” looks like it’s manga counterpart gold, white and dark red. At the neck it has a nice clear part and a small golden cross can be found at the end. Getting it in place was a bit tricky, but therefor it won’t fell off too easily. Sturdiness is also a word that can be used for the connection to her base, even though Illya is only balanced on one leg, it is a stable solution.

Im enchanted by Illya’s pose where she seems to float forward in midair in an attempt to land, there is this kind of flow in the pose which is quite appealing, I really like  the articulation with her waving hand and the bend leg. The figure has an appealing fluttering appearance.

Final Words

Ahh, it has been some time since my last figure review and Im all rusty this time, anyway the figure of Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma  Illya turned out quite nice. Her face is beautiful and even has nice blushmarks. I like the classic magical girl outfit of this figure a lot. I like the design and flower petal like wings of her top. It’s cute, it’s short and has a cute pastel like color theme.

After Hibari Phat Company again delivered a very nice figure that overall met my expectations. Qualitywise the figure is quite clean, there are only very few seamlines if they are noticeable at all. The colors are cleanly applied and the shading is great. From a nitpicky point of view I would say that a few parts of her dress, appear a few mm thicker than they could have been made.

Of course Phat Company is not on the same level as Max Factory or ALTER but only by a few percent, they manufactur solid and pretty, quality figures. I like this certain sturdiness of Phat’s figures, I am so bold to say that their figures are more durable than products of top manufacturers.


Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 17

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 11

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 10

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 13

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 07

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 25

Fate kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya - 01

The anime adaption is starting soon, don’t miss the adorable magical girl Illya!

16 Responses

  1. feal87

    Damn, she’s different from the series, but she’s still so awesome. *hugs Illya*
    How can anyone survive without hugging her at least once a day? 😀

    • wieselhead

      Oh really, surprisingly it’s called “manga version”. I had forgotten to mention that she has no earing.
      Haha yeah she is a great example of an adorable magical girl figure, she always gives you a smile.

  2. asdfghjkl

    iilya as a magical girl…still not sure if this is a good idea or not…

  3. kixkillradio

    I’m not familiar with Ilya but she’s sure is an adorable magical girl and will make you smile if stare at her. I’m not a big fan of pink statues but her color scheme is an eye candy and it doesn’t hurt my eyes. Did you make the heart sticks at the background? The heart design looks magical too. >_<
    My favorites are 2, 4, 5 and 23. <3

    • wieselhead

      Thats right ^^
      The colors aren’t very strong, everything is very pastel like and it suits the figure very well.
      Yeah I bought and painted them and I nearly forgotten to use them “I was like hmm what is missing here” XD
      Oh thank you, I wasn’t that sure if the background was passable enough and I had no plan how to make sticks should stand, so I appreciate your feedback.

  4. Pinkcheeks

    When I looked at the thumbnail, she reminded me of that character in W.I.T.C.H (I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that) but more pinky-fied! That’s one of the coolest base I’ve seen, like that silver jewelry thingie.. now I want this figure for myself too. T,T (for the love of ANYTHING pink XD)

    Great photography as always. I love the exposure of the photos and the vibrance is just right. The color pops at every picture and it’s make her even more adorable. I just noticed some pictures have this hint of pink tone on them or my eyes are just deceiving me coz I’ve been reading and scrolling at all of her pictures in pink.

    Oh it’s just my photographer side kicking in and giving you a well-deserved praise again for your pictures and review! Good job!

    • wieselhead

      Oh W.I.T.C.H Im not sure if Illya wants to be compared to that XD
      Haha Pinkcheeks needs pink figures =) Well, the jewelry is something I got from ebay, not sure what the real purpose is.
      Thank you very much I found it a bit difficult after the little holiday break, but Illya is a photogenic girl with a number of nice angles.
      It is not the strongest pink but the figure is all cute and sweet.

      Ah thank you again for this.

  5. Aya

    yeah I agree for a moment she looks like W.I.T.C.H character (it’s an italian comic book series published by disney).
    she seems lack of earings, but she looks pretty good and haven’t seen a figure with wide open mouth for a while

    • wieselhead

      Haha you all want me to check out WITCH, well I like CGI Tinkerbell quite a bit.
      You have good eyes, Aya ^^ I forgot to mention the missing earings, I will edit this soon.
      Happy magical girls need an open mouth haha, but it suits her I think. thanks for your comment.

  6. Miette-chan

    Oh boy, I had been looking forward to this review since you said you were buying this figure!

    Illya sure paints the perfect image of a magical girl, pink, fluffy, cute, energetic! Phat did the great job of capturing just that in figure form. The figure just screams that at me. Your pictures really did bring out the pink and fluffy part of it, I just love the hearts!

    I been very bad with keeping up with the manga reading random chapters here and there. Although I did mostly do it out of curiosity after I read a crossover chapter with Nanoha back when the first movie came out. Good thing the anime is airing next season so I should be able to get up to speed nicely.

    • wieselhead

      I see, well it was delayed and SAL shipment didn’t accelarate the process in any way.
      She is a nice looking magical girl, I agree. She has all the nice features and a lot of cuteness.
      Thanks for the compliment, Im not that happy about the placements of the hearts I had no idea.

      Ahaha a crossover with Nanoha, that already sounds hilarious 😀
      Anime is way easier to digest, I dislike reading manga even though I have to sometimes.

  7. hoshiko

    the first word came to me was “cute”. What an adorable figure. It’s a type of figure that makes you smile when you see it. And you have quite a number of those figures. You must wake up a very happy person!! Haha.

    I never own a Phat Company figure before. This looks very well done though.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she’s the essence of cute, Illya looks really lovely like this.
      haha I need my happy blushing figures around, never was a fan of too serious or cold looking figures.
      Well, not always, but very often.

      Yes, it is a good company in the figure industry.

  8. Jenn

    Goodness, her smile is as wide as the world! When she first appeared I was struck by how many nods she gives to CCS. From the shape of her staff, to the little wings on her ankles, she gives off a hardcore Sakura Kinomoto vibe. On another note, a scaled Sakura Kinomoto figure is long overdue!

    From the looks of it, Phat has improved dramatically in terms of quality. I can’t find an obvious mistake anywhere. =]

    I like what you did with her base in photo 26. It reminds me of a fancy star.

    • wieselhead

      *Lol* a nice metaphor, she has a really big mouth.
      Yeah indeed, I guess that was what subliminal draw me torwards this figure, aside from my constant affection for magical girls.
      I’ve watched Cardcaptor Sakura two years ago and loved it 😀 Theree are some old figures of her damn old…

      Yes, they improved quite a bit since they started, I like it and they recently adapted a lot of figures, that I find appealing.
      thanks, finally Ib could use this mysterious parts.

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