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A new figure that I recently received is ALTER’s Koizumi Hanayo – Love Live! School Idol FestivalSangatsu Hen version. It’s the second Koizumi Hanayo – Love Live! School Idol Festival figure, the first one portrayed her in a sailor uniform. I wasn’t a big fan of that one, I decided to get the Hanayo figure from FREEing, which turned out nicely. I’m satisfied with my Hanayo in school uniform, I was happy when ALTER announced a second figure of my dear Hanayo.

This time her version is called Sangatsu Hen. Alter also made a matching version of Hoshisora Rin, both would have looked great together, but I only could afford one. Hanayo was sculpted by Tobita Takafumi and was released in May.

Hanayo is based on this illustration from the Love Live! School Idol Festival smartphone game.

This figure is scaled 1/7 and measures 22 cm in height, as optional item she has a cutely designed microphone staff.

Hanayo wears her usual dark blonde hairstyle without any decorations, her cute face is brimming with happiness and her wonderful smile has a contagious effect. With the big reflection spot in her purple eyes one could get the idea of her being slightly drunk, but she is probably only intoxicated with joy because she became a self confident idol now.

Her expression is really sweet, unfortunately this Hanayo figures comes without glasses, I always liked her appearance as bespectacled cutie, so I would have prefered it to have the glasses option, maybe in a funky cherry blossom design.

Hanayo is wearing a shoulder free top and a frilly mini skirt. Her cute costume is heavily influenced by the cherry blossom theme, it shows different shades of pink, white and green. The amount of detail on the beautiful outfit is incredible, you probably see it yourself, but I will nevertheless write about a few aspects of her enchanting outfit.

For example her wide open sleeves; they have a frilly green inlay painted in the color of young cherry tree leafs, a different tone of green is present at her over the knee boots, the pastel green is quite nice, but additionally pink cherry blossoms are printed on it, the shiny pink soles are a nice highlight as well. The rim is decorated with a pink frilly rim.

The outfit also highlights the attractive body of the rice loving Hanayo. Her fancy skirt has a striped top layer and several layers of frill underneath, the details on it are very elaborate. At first it appears a little odd what a short skirt Hanayo wears from a slightly lower angle, her nice behind can barely be ignored. The plumpness of her thighs or other areas is quite prominent overall and gives the figure an sweet, sexy and appealing appearance.

Hanayo is articulated in a cute looking pose, which captures her during idol dancing, the lifted open arms make it look quite adorable. Her legs are showing a nice articulation as well, the highs are close together, which highlights the Zettai Ryōiki in a great way. The angled left lower leg adds some more movement to the sweet pose.

Unlike ALTER’s other Love Live! School Idol Festival figures, the Hanayo Sangatsu Hen version has a different looking base, smaller in size and in shape of a cherry blossom with pink cherry blossoms and petals printed on.

Final Words

The figure is without a doubt a very enchanting adaption of Hanayo’s character, Koizumi Hanayo is my fourth Love Live! School Idol Festival figure. I really like this style, she has a lovely outfit with a pretty color selection and an amazing level of detail. Her face is very cute and I just love her happy expression, the lack of glasses is a little letdown, but I knew that in advance. I also like that the sculptor adapted Hanayo as pleasingly plump as she is supposed to be ❤.

I’m really happy with the Koizumi Hanayo – Love Live! School Idol Festival – Sangatsu Hen version, ALTER’s Love Live! figures just never disappoint. Are there any of  ALTER’s Love Live! School Idol Festival figures you would like to see another version of? I would like a new Kotori and Nozomi figure or Nozomi in a swimsuit, please.

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10 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    I remember this figure for two reasons, one that I completely missed it along with the rest of the Love Live display at Alter’s booth and the surprisingly nice butt Hanayo is showing off with this outfit. I suppose we can thank rice for that?

    I’m glad Alter made a second Hanayo, I felt that for how popular Love Live is the figure has been lacking. Plenty of price figures but not that many really nice scaled releases. Your Hanayo looks a bit lonely don’t you think? She must really be missing her other half. 😀

    • wieselhead

      Jaha that’s what I call a shame 😀 I consider the Love Live! School Idol Festival figures to be state of the art, currently.
      Yes Hanayo is a bit rounder than her Idol team, except she might be even with Nozomi in the anime, her figure was lacking in that regard unfortunately.
      I really prefer this sweet 2nd version of Hanayo, I couldn’t have asked for more, except glasses.
      Lol ehhh maybe I can add the matching Rin,but she is not lonely, there are Umi and Nico already XD

  2. Tier

    I must admit I have no idea who this is! But she is really cute and any anime girl who likes to eat rice is fine by me. For some reason I really like the frilly things at the top of her boots. Her skirt seems dangerously short, though. I don’t own any Love Live figures myself so I don’t know that I’d like to see another version of any of them, but I’m looking forward to the figure of The Idolmaster’s Uzuki in the Hot Limit outfit; that looks really neat.

    • wieselhead

      Seriously? there aren’t many that don’t know Love Live. It is a very entertaining anime. That reminds me of a friend who was constantly raving about Idolmaster CG characters and I was just like “Who?” XD
      Hanayo is lovely and I like rice nearly as much as she. Her outfit is so nice, rather funny to see her wearing that nearly naughty skirt. That Uzuki looks quite attractive, I’m curious about the final figure.

  3. Mona-chan

    Am contemplating of adding either getting Umi – my favourite char looks great too, Nico – she looks so great love the frills, or Eli -love the colour complexities and the figure. Which would you pick (space is a big problem for me). Any reason you ended up not getting Eli

    • wieselhead

      Hi Mona 🙂
      Umi and Nico ♡^▽^♡
      I own both and they are wonderful, actually most LLSIF figures from ALTER are perfect haha.
      The Nico one is rather less space consuming than Umi. I like Nico a lot because she is my favorite character, actually.
      In terms of figures appeal Umi is breathtaking, posing, expression and outfit are really great.

      Oh, I really liked that Eli, she looks still fabulous to me.

      Sadly, I had not enough money to justify another figure purchase in December 2017.
      In November I already spend 30k Yen for 2 figures and in December I already had a
      16,5k Yen figure of Sonico on order. My beloved ones also needed christmas presents.

      Unfortunately I have no budget to get her now either.
      figure collecting is hard XD

  4. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    Well, looks like I’ll write a nother comment for today, since I’m on a roll.
    I never watched or played anything from Idolmaster or Love Live, but these figurines look so good, and with so much detail, I bought a few. I like that the clothes they wear are inspired from western-european fashion of the 18-19 centuries, so that’s a bonus for me, sort of a nationalistic/patriotic european thing…since I live in Europe, I mean.
    I have this one, but I didn’t get the matching one. I got it this year, so a little cheaper, it really had a good price for how well it’s made.
    To quote you- ”she has a lovely outfit with a pretty color selection and an amazing level of detail. Her face is very cute and I just love her happy expression”. These are the reasons I bought it. Especially the color combo. Pink and light kaki green go so well together. And also the face.

    • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

      How could I forget the box? I love that it’s made entirely out of transparent plastic. Too bad they don’t make more boxes like that.

    • wieselhead

      You are very welcome I try to reply on time ^^
      I also tried to ignore idols for some time until a friend kept talking about it I became curious.
      I really liked Im@s Cinderella Girls and Love Live! is one my favorite animes.
      Its really good how they combined meiji era elements and modern fashion and how short the figures skirt is lol.
      Somehow I regret not getting the matching Hoshizora Rin, but maybe I will get this next year.

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