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Hello everyone, this review is about the Hatsune Miku – lat type version figure from GSC.
I think I don’t need to explain it, you all know who Hatsune Miku is and what kind of music
she makes. But what is Lat anyway? What differs this lat version from the normal Miku is
the rounder and cute face, the glasses and the school uniform like outfit that she is wearing.
So far I wasn’t affected by the Miku Vocaloid hype at all. Well, I like the character design,
but in fact I don’t really like the squeaky synthetic voice in most of her uncountable videos.

Nevertheless I will present you a few videos which I found quite enjoyable, the last one rocks πŸ˜€

I actually never was interested in owning one of the many many many produced figures of Miku before, but I couldn’t ignore a certain figure in the end. The Tony Taka version with the rubber bones in the feet caught my interest at first, but at the winter Wonfes 2010, I saw GSC’s new lat type Hatsune Miku, so I thought “ok this is the one to buy, forget about the other one for once”.

Miku was manufactured by Good Smile Company and released in late August 2011, she is scaled 1/8, with just 17 cm in height, she plays in the same size league as my Melissa Seraphy and Itou Noemi figure. A little bit bigger would have been nice, because she looks like a child next to other 1/8 scaled figures, but nevertheless the figure turned out quite nice in the final product.

Miku comes with a lot of accessoires, like two bases, two mics, two red glasses and two safety pegs for the lifted foot, to give her a sturdier balance (she doesn’t need them to be honest).

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type
Hatsune Miku lat type
Hatsune Miku lat type


Every Miku figure has a monster twintail hairstyle and the haircolor is a mix of blue and green.
The lat version of Miku isn’t any different in these regards, her hair looks nice with the little bit of transparency which is added. The strands are mainly sculpted clean and detailed. Twintails are always nice to have and these huge ones doesn’t disappoint, they are long and have a nice flow.

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Body & Face

Like I said before typical for the Miku lat type model is a small round head with a cute face.
The face is cute, even though nothing special, the green eyes are big and the open mouth has a nice depth. Her face is also pretty without them, but what makes her face more interesting are the pretty red megane (glasses) which you can put in her face, after you’ve pulled out her bangs. She looks a bit nerdy with them, but in all honesty they suit her very well. I like glasses, because I wear them myself and like when girls are wearing them as well. No, Im no megane maniac XD.

Miku wears nicely sculpted headphones on top of her head, they have a nice design, the R and L letters at the sides for example are a cool detail. These headphones really exist on the market, so if you would like to get them for yourself, these are the Yamaha HP-1 Orthodynamic headphones.

I like the petite body frame of Miku she appears quite tiny I guess, especially her upper body is very thin in comparison with her arms. despite from her small size, the body of this figure is sculped in a very detailed way. Other details like the tatoo with her name on the left arm and painted fingernails are giving this figure the final touch, I can’t provide close up shots since my macro lens died at the beginning of the shooting. This figure also looks great from the backside.

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type


The face isn’t very special, but her outfit and her pose are. Miku wears a sleeveless slighty light grey school uniform shirt with an high collar and a green neck tie around her neck. The wrinkles on the shirt and the skirt look very cool and the dark grey shading on the shirt looks great.

Her skirt is really short and because of that her striped pantsu flashes from many angles, (nice!).
The skirt can be casted off in case you want to display her like that. The panties are very low-cutΒ  and so the half or even less of her butt isn’t covered. While the shirt has a pearl effect, the black skirt and the high latex boots are very glossy. GSC and the sculptor Akeji did a great job with the details and the flow of her outfit, it accentuates the dynamic appearance of her pose very well.

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

Hatsune Miku lat type

There are a lot of small and interesting details printed all over her dress which lets Miku lat type appear like a detailed figure, there were made are bigger figures with less details, I have to say.
The thigh high boots of her have a very glossy finish and a funny green sole, I guess its hard to put on these boots, I also think that they would collect a lot of sweat inside during a concert XD.

Final Words

I don’t own many GSC figures, I only have (3!) scale figures from them so far, but Hatsune Miku lat-type version is a very well made figure, she’s my second favorite from GSC in my collection.

The detailed outfit looks really great with the wrinkles, the shading and the small prints on it.
This Miku also has a great and dynamic looking pose, also her petite body is very well sculpted.
Acessoires like two nice bases, mics and optional glasses are nice extras this figure comes with.
One thing I could complain about is her small size, in real life she would only be around 1,40 ;D.

Anyway Im happy with this figure, even though I considered to cancel my preorder a few times.
If this review made you slightly interestered in the Hatsune Miku – lat type version, you can still get her for around 4080 Yen at AmiAmi and the other shops, she’s worth the money.

Hatsune Miku lat type

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43 Responses

  1. Nopy

    I remember the lat type Miku was really popular when she was announced, it’s great to finally see some pictures of a production figure.
    I actually prefer her without the glasses, but everyone has their own tastes. The slightly transparent hair is a surprise to me, I thought it would’ve been solid from the promo shots. She does look stunning though.

    • wieselhead

      There aren’t many english reviews of her, I’ve only found japanese ones. Maybe the collectors from liked her more than others ^^

      Well Its only has a slightly transparent look, but it is very nice.

  2. BioToxic

    Miku Lat version is one of those figures I’d like to have if there wasn’t already other figures out there I’m more interested in. I’m not a big Miku fan either but I certainly like this rendition of her character. She looks really cute and lively. I still can’t stand her ‘music’ though :P.

    I like the change of outfit this Lat version has. The white(light grey) / black combo is brighter and more exciting than the standard silver outfit we normally see her in. The red glasses are also neat since you can choose whether to display her with or without them. Also giving extra accessories is cool in case you break/loose them.

    ‘Pull your pants up girl!’ As much as I love cast-off figures I think I’d have preferred her to keep her skirt on.

    I’m glad you decided not to cancel her pre-order and like her. I’ve been hoping to see this review since your pre-order outlook post.

    • wieselhead

      Hi there πŸ™‚

      There also figures I’d like to have which I don’t buy in the end because of small things I dislike.

      Haha the music is a bit strange for some ears, I have to say that I prefer “real” voices.

      The shirt looks really good I think and overall her outfit looks great. I nearly lost one of the mics πŸ˜€ Oh I forget to mention that the two bases have a different design and that one mic is sikver and the second one is black.

      With skirt is the way I will display her, even though it would have been funny if her shirt was castoffable as well XD

      Ah I see thank you

  3. exilehero

    Nice photos as usual. Did you blow those bubbles yourself? I can’t imagine myself blowing bubbles then scrambling for the camera haha.

    I know lat Miku is supposed to be all about those red glasses but I kinda like her better without them. The more rounded face is cute.

    Don’t be silly Fabienne, there’s no way a cute girl like Miku could sweat. She’s a robot after all, or something like that.

    • wieselhead

      No no thats a pain in the… this way. I used a battery powered bubble gun this time, great stuff ^-^.

      Not many glasses fans so far πŸ™ Megane is nice πŸ˜€

      Haha I just used my imagination XD

  4. Xine

    Nice pictures! Lat type Miku is super adorable. She looks good in glasses and her hair looks great. She looks quite small but at Β₯4050 , I think she’s worth it. If I see her locally, maybe I’ll get her too.

    Are you getting Koisen Miku? ^^

    • wieselhead

      Hi thx for visiting again. Glad you like them.

      Haha yeah she’s lovely, I think you won’t regret it , since she’s also very well made.

      I have to admit that I don’t know “koisen” this figure. Is this the one with helmet?

        • wieselhead

          Oh I see you meant that one, haha that was a funny misunderstanding, sorry Im not to fond of japanese transcription ^^
          This Miku virtual on has a helmet
          No, the Koi wa sensou ^^ Miku is not really my thing, too agressive, but the rest looks cool.

  5. Sloth

    I love the lens flare in the last photo, makes it seem like she’s on a stage performing a gig.

    I have to admit the glasses was one of the reason I ordered her too. I’ll be hopefully doing my review of her in the future but one thing I noticed from your photos (since I haven’t opened mine yet) is that her panties are soooo low. I’m not a fan of the butt-crack look and how you can easily see her panties even at eye level. I think it’s because I see this more of a cute girl doing cute things figure and it just seems a little out of place to get such fan service looking figure.

    • wieselhead

      Oh thx I placed the 60cm softbox behind the figure, glad it turned out like this πŸ™‚

      So another friend of glasses πŸ™‚

      Well on the shelf its not that visible, so don’t worry ^^ I know what you mean, but next to my sexier figures Miku is still innocent.

  6. Zai

    I think I’m in love with this figure! We just got her in yesterday and she looks so cute and happy that I can’t help to grin every time I look at her! Luth noted that she looked small but I didn’t really notice until I put her next to another 1/8 figure.. she’s really really tiny.. !

    The colours you have used in your photos are awesome, I’ve always had a weird thing for aqua and pink together. πŸ˜€
    Great review and photos, again! The bubbles and those cool little lights make for some really interesting shots. My fav shot is probably miku_hatsune_-lat-09.jpg

    I had her on my desk without her glasses but they were on her face when I got up this morning so I think my boyfriend must have put them on, haha. I think I prefer her with them although I’m probably a little biased, being a glasses wearer myself.

    That underwear must be really uncomfortable for her, being several sizes too small and all. πŸ˜€

    • wieselhead

      Hi Zai Im really glad you are more healthy again
      Even though we just know us through the internet, I was worried quite a bit ^^

      It seems more people than I’ve expected ordered this Miku. She’s a bomb of happiness I think. Yeah she’s small but I have three other small 1/8 figures so Miku isn’t the only “dwarf” XD

      Thx a lot Im glad you liked it =)
      haha maybe Miku put them on while you were asleep.

      lol I haven’ thought about it that way, they really aren’t her size poor Miku has no money for fitting underwear πŸ˜€

  7. anonymous_object

    Ah man. I don’t really like Miku or Vocaloid in generally, but why is this figure so damn cute!? I kind of want to just order her despite my dislike for Vocaloid xD. Those glasses are just too moe!

    Thanks for the review and I enjoyed the photos. The bubble photos were really nice πŸ˜€

    Your review might just persuade me to order her. Sooo tempting >_<

    • wieselhead

      Buy her, Buy her XD
      Yeah I understand that Vocaloids aren’t everybodys cup of tea, but its good that the figure doesn’t sing πŸ™‚

      np, thank you for your praise.

      Glad I could be of help :p She isn’t that expensive sand a top notch figure on top of that.

  8. Miette-chan

    I concur, Miku never really picked my interest. I only bought the original figma so far and I can’t say I particularly like it over other figmas. The same has gone for the several scaled figures, no interest, even the ones that everyone went crazy for.

    This one, ever since I saw on some event I found irresistible. I just find her so darn cute. Plus it makes me happy to finally have a scaled Miku with her signature shimapan.

    • wieselhead

      I think we are just not the target audience for vocaloids, I mainly bought this Miku because of her outfit, twintails and the glasses ^^

      Yes, she’s truly adorable with her very cute appearance. Would you buy her ?

  9. tanoshimini

    great review as usual with astounding pictures! I love image 24, the side way shot just makes her so cute without the glasses><! The first black silhouette one is also my favourite as well, very nice XD and suits it very well.

    Is it me or is GSC making a lot of figures have really glossy stockings/leg bits? Like Senjougahara, Rin Tohsaka, Black Rock Shooter ANIME Ver^^"?

    I'm not really a fan of Miku's music or really any of the other vocaloids and most likely will never like it^^" Too squeaky and techno for my liking. I know there's other songs that aren't so squeaky and techno, just that I haven't bothered looking for it.

    I bet you're a megane freak=p I prefer her without the glasses ( I wear glasses my self) I'm not a fan of megane and never will be! unless they have a sexy touch to it XD

    I was surprised this figure was only 4000 yen or so and especially for this quality of work. Definitely worth every yen!

    • wieselhead

      Oh thx a lot for your compliments matt *blush*

      Haha Maybe its a trademark of them nowadays. Well I like the overlay effect this glossy finish creates.

      There are non squeaky songs? I guess someone lied to you XD I forced myself to listen to a few songs and liked the three I’ve added in this review.

      Lol don’t be that harsh with me, when it suits the person I like glasses ^^. Haha the owner of the glasses should be sexy, not the glasses.

      Quite a cheap figure, I don’t really know why she costs less than other figures, but maybe a small figure needs less pvc πŸ˜€

  10. MkMiku

    Great review! Hatsune Miku – lat type is my favorite version of Miku, due to Chaining Intention, which is my favorite video. I’ve never seen the 2nd video though; the background is amazing.

    From your photos, I can tell they put in a lot of quality work. I like how her glasses–and skirt–are removable, but she would look great either way. πŸ˜€

    • wieselhead

      Hello MkMiku
      Thanks a lot, Im glad that you like it ^-^
      I think this slightly different look is very appealing, its fresh and very cute.
      The dancing from the second also looked quite good with the smooth moves.

      thx again for the praise, shooting her was fun

  11. luth

    I’m glad you decided to keep her, you did a fantastic job with the pictures! To be honest, I was on the fence with her until I saw pics of her in your preorder post, so glad we got her. I wouldn’t have her with the skirt off but glasses? Hell yeah. Too bad I don’t get to see much of her, she’s hidden away on Zai’s desk (aka raging Miku fanatic).
    Nice shots with the colored light globes and loove the bubbles!

    • wieselhead

      I nearly canceled her to be honest, but I forgot where I’ve ordered her at first ^^ and thought “Oh, well who cares the figure won’t hurt”.
      Glad I could be of help somehow πŸ™‚ I also wouldn’t display her without skirt.
      *lol* you should be nice to each other and share your figures XD
      thank you

  12. CMSkyes

    I really love the photos of this statue that you’ve taken!

    I was really disappointed that Tony’s Hatsune Miku didn’t have shimapan. Although, it doesn’t really matter since I don’t typically display characters revealing their underwear, it still would’ve been a nice feature.

    That being said, I’m very satisfied that the Lat type version had shimapan <3 Although, I didn't order this one. πŸ™ I'm not too sure I like the glossy stockings, but other than that, she is a gorgeous figure. (It's also really cool that her skirt is cast-offable.. although my girlfriend would kill me if she saw Hatsune Miku without her skirt on O____O" )

    Lovely pictures, by the way!

    • wieselhead

      Hi thx for stopping by again.
      Makes me happy to hear that ^_^

      Shimapan is nice I think, I didn’t knew that it was something like a trademark of Miku, before.
      Im not really bothered by the gloss of her boots it goes well with her outfit, I think.
      hahaha really, you could play pranks on her this way ;D

      thx again

  13. Persocom

    Really love the pictures with the colors, lights and bubbles, it all fits so nicely with her and especially her base. When I first saw Lat version I didn’t really care about it because there are so many different Miku versions out there even I as a Miku fan have given up XD But seeing her now, she really looks great and part of me wishes I had gotten her.

    • wieselhead

      Ah thank you, I tought the idea would be fitting for the figure glad it turned out good enough.
      Yeah there are so many Miku related figure, but this was the second one who caught my interest and the first one I’ve ordered, she’s lovely ^_^

  14. IshokuOsero

    Lat-type Miku is one of the only good scaled Miku figures recently that I haven’t been able to get (the month was pretty full up until stuff started getting delayed, drat ). I’ll definitely be picking her up later, though. She certainly looks quite wonderful, and seems like a keeper to have in a collection. She’s so cute!

    I like how they’ve been putting out so many styles of Miku lately, rather than all the exact same sort of ones that they did before. So many of the first Mikus that came out had her original outfit on, and a rather basic/boring pose. Three of them, if I’m not mistaken, had her standing exactly the same… but from different companies. So it’s a breath of fresh air to have been getting other Mikus in the past year or so here!

    Great shoot, by the way. I love the bubbles and all the colour. It looks wonderful, and it’s certainly a fun way to shoot such a childish figure. Adorable! =3

    • wieselhead

      Oh a new face, Hi and thx for your comment.
      cute lat Miku is definately a quite pretty and well made figure.
      I have her on my desk for a few weeks and I don’t get tired to look at her and admire her cuteness ;D
      I’ve actually never paid much attention to Miku figures aside the Toni Taka version and lat Miku.

      Thx for your compliments glad that the pics are well received ^-^
      Im not a big fan of pop music or cheesy Idols, but it was fun to prepare her “stage” and shooting pictures of her.

      • IshokuOsero

        I’m a bit of a long-time lurker, I’m just not very good at commenting. Haha. =P

        I love figures that you don’t get tired of, it’s so nice. Especially when there are so many figures, and even sometimes the ones that I wait for all year, when they come they just get sidelined.

        I’m not big on cheesy idols or anything either (my weakness is just Vocaloid, mostly, haha), but it’s cute all the same. Definitely looks like it was fun to prepare, and it was a great idea and execution! =3

  15. Fabrice

    Haha i remember how extatic you were when she was first shown at wonfes a few months ago.

    One thing i sure like about this miku is that it is in a cuter version kinda way, plus with the megane.. hnngg :3

    For me the main focus point what makes this figure great is the face.. really it is beautiful!

    • wieselhead

      Haha I was all fired up I think πŸ˜‰
      But Im glad she turned out nice or even better than I’ve expected.

      Its a really sweet and overall detailed face, the slightly open mouth really adds a lot of feeling.

  16. BusterCall

    Hey awesome review! I just got mine in a couple days ago and am loving her!! She’s my first figure and she’s just adorable. One question though. I was wondering how you cast-off the skirt. Erm I was only wondering for purely…scientific reasons of course.

    • wieselhead

      thank you very much ^-^
      Oh nice, your first one, do you mind telling me where you’ve seen her first
      You can seperate the figure at her waiste, it should be no big deal πŸ™‚

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