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Hello Nyan – san, today I will show you a figure of an under aged girl in a leotard suit *cough*.

What!? Who said lolicon, I’ll sue you right away! ^o^

Back to topic here is Maria Takayama from the very nice anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

The decision of ordering her wasn’t based on my liking for the character. Maria is a ten year old nun and actually one of the lesser important side characters. She is portrayed as a very gullible kid with a liking for snacks. She got in contact with the other characters when she was tricked by Yozora to be the supervising teacher of the Neighbours Club which is the meeting ground for it’s members. Maria is most attached to Kobato’s brother Kodaka in a sibling like way.

I’ve heard about a second season, so maybe Maria will get some development or even a slightly bigger role. Anyway my liking for the character aside I was enchanted by the cute look of this figure and the style of the artist Buriki, who draw the illustration this figure is based on and also the illustrations for the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel. He is a very talented illustrator and I love the way he draws the faces of his characters in a very appealing fashion.


Maria Takayama was manufactured by Max Factory and released in the end of August 2012. The figure is scaled 1/7 scaled and has a kneeling height of 130 mm. actually she seems more like a 1/6 figure, but such loli characters always have bigger heads, so maybe it’s just my imagination.

Maria is actually supposed to be displayed with a figure of Kobato, her rival in getting the attention of Kodaka. I didn’t order this one for certain reasons I will mention later in the review.





Hair & Face

Maria has beautiful light purple hair, it is slightly transparent and has a pearl effect metallic gloss to it, the sculpting of the strands looks beautiful and the details are very well crafted overall.

Maria’s face captures a very cute and playful expression; it’s just adorable and makes me happy to look at her. Considering the level of detail of her face you actually think this is a figure 2.0 which puts the faces of other nice figures to shame. The look from the illustration has been recreated carefully, and the very detailed, shiny eyes give the figure a lifelike appearance.

There is a deeply sculpted mouth with nice dark shading at the insides and a cute little white fang. Other facial details like eyelashes, eyebrows and blush marks were carefully applied, which creates a great level of detail. Compared to other figures from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, who rather were created after the anime look, Maria with her close resemblance of the Light Novel illustrations is on a completely different level. It would be cool if Max factory would make more figures from this franchise, a nice Sena and Yozora would be very welcome.






Body & Outfit

Yeah it can’t be denied that Maria has a loli like body since she’s just 10 years ols. Yet her body is not completely undeveloped though, she has a slightly endowed pelvis and a little bit more around her chest than you would expect. The suit is pretty tight around her buttocks and crotch.

The figure doesn’t have the nun outfit from the anime, it’s the outfit Maria is wearing in a certain illustration. I might sound contradictory but I really don’t think that this outfit is appropriate for a girl of her age. This figure would have looked great in a more casual outfit as well. Anyway Maria is dressed in a tight, bright blue and shiny leotard suit an alternate version of a bunny suit.

She has a cat ear hairband with a cute ribbon on the left, also the furry parts in the ears are nice. At the back she has a tail. Underneath her dress she is wearing a light purple pantyhose, Maria even has high heeled pumps. The paintjob looks quite luxury, the blue suit has nice shading and most of her outfit has a shiny top coat; her blue dress is exceptionally shiny. The figure looks great with all the different textures, the shiny clothes; the pearl effect hair and the matte skin.


The reason why I didn’t buy Kobato was her face expression; it was kinda too sexy in a wrong for my taste.  Well, she has the same dress as Maria, but I could justify Maria’s purchase because of her innocent and cute overall appearance, had too much doubts about Kobato in the end. Mmmh maybe I should have bought her nevertheless, she’s actually very pretty.


Pose & Base

Maria has still a nice size even in this compact pose, which is supported by her knees and tips of her feet, she actually has a very well balanced stand and won’t fell over that easily. Her head is slightly tilted which gives the figure an even cuter and lively appearance. One hand is playfully turned into a cat paw pose, while the index finger of her other hand touches her cheek.

The base is a very shiny chess patterned disk, the squares have been painted accurately and the figure looks nice on it. But you could also place her somewhere else.






Final Words

Yeah what should I say, this Maria Takayama from Max Factory is an exelant figure, she offers luxurious sculpting and painting quality. Maria is really enchanting, her cuteness and the great recreation of Buriki’s artstyle, are the big points that make this figure something special. Quality wise she is one of the best made figures that I received in this year and also one of the cutest.

The outfit might be bit questionable, but I only see Maria with my moe goggles, she looks totally adorable no matter what. If you don’t completely despise figures that are based on loli characters I would wholeheartly recommend this figure, she’s fantastic and without any flaws.

I was one of the few who only bought Maria and not the Kobato figure to complete the set of these cuties. Maybe I should have gotten her maybe not. I’ll decide about that a later time.

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17 Responses

  1. Aya

    woof woof I am dog that want to bite you 😛
    she really cute like you mention
    her outfit looks shinny,and seems that’s how it supposed to be but I feel like spray top coat on it ^^

    • wieselhead

      hehe, biting is not allowed here :p

      Yeah indeed, so don’t like shiny clothes on figures ?
      I have a can of top coat next to her, but won’t use it.

  2. feal87

    She’s cute, but for some reason I can’t like her. It’s like in the anime series where I ignored her and loved Kobato….:P

    I wonder why…

    • wieselhead

      Ypou can’t like, you’ll make a loli cry, you Monster!
      Well in the anime Ididn’t like her very much, but as figure I do ^^

  3. hoshiko

    Oh, so she’s here! Nyan. Her face looks playful, as if teasing you >.< Oddly, she looks cute here but in anime, gosh I wish she'd stop talking.

    P.S I feel like eating marshmallows now…

    • wieselhead

      Yes Im quote happy ^_^

      *lol* bad cat stop teasing me
      I guess what I like the most is her face, overall this figure is very cute
      Im not sure about the dress. I’d have rather seen a more normal dress.

      I can’t remember her voice to be honest 😀

  4. Tier

    I really don’t like animal ears on anime girls. And Maria is my least favorite character in the series. Somehow, I like this figure a lot (though I like Kobato more). It looks wrong, as you say, but in my view, rather than being inappropriate, that wrongness is absolutely delicious. What strikes me even more than the tight leotards and pantyhose are their faces; the fang and the half-closed eyes makes them look very seductive; almost demonic, actually, as if they were little loli succubi.

    Man, now I kinda want the Kobato figure. And now I’m hoping FREEing makes some 1/4 scale figures of the Haganai characters, with tight leotards and fishnets. That would be spectacular.

    • wieselhead

      haha, I know, but Maria also has her human ears, the ears are just a headband.
      As characters she hadn’t much impact on me either, but the figure looked great as it was announced and it turned out more than impressive.
      I like the combination of very cute and seductive, it exactly captures the art of Buriki.
      I guess I won’t lie if I say that I’ve never seen a figure with such an appealing face, the details are stunning.
      Loli succubi ^^ Well, wings would probably suit these two girls as well.

      Im not sure about Kobato’s purchase, her figure appears a lot more seductive than the mainly cute Maria 😀

  5. Miette-chan

    Oh Fab, how could you not get Kobato? She is obviously the better out of the two girls! XP

    I think I would have bought both of them, I like complete sets even more when they are meant to be displayed together.

    When I watched the show she was one of the two characters I didn’t care for, the other being Rika. That probably has a lot to do with why I can’t muster any excitement for this figure even though it is quite nice.

    • wieselhead

      Haha no I couldn’t get her, she looked way too horny for a loli.
      Whoot say that again! Maria is the better figure of course ;p

      With the outlook of figure arrivals this month I can’t make any more figure purchases this month.
      I might get her later, but it is too early to decide that now.

      I never really made figure buy decisions based on my liking for the character, the quality and appearance is most important to me.
      I didn’t really care for Maria while watching the anime, but the figure is great nevertheless. No, no Rika was enchanting “universe”! XD

  6. Kai

    Dat fang, dat loli <3

    I saw Kobato's version and I personally think you should have bought both of them. They go well together^^ Besides, black is sexy.

    • wieselhead

      It’s so nice, isn’t it ^_^

      Yeah maybe I should try to get Kobato when my preorder list decreased a bit more, they look very nice together.

  7. G.K. Sil Kamina

    This is one that I considered ordering because she’s just so darn cute. I ended up passing since I’m really tightening my figure budget…but it sure would’ve been nice to have her. D:

    Great pictures! She looks really good with Tamaki.

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