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Today I have a review of the last Kotobukiya I own. Kirisame Marisa is a 1/8 scaled figure manufactured by Kotobukiya, her release date was 12/2009 (not for me muhaha, but more
about that later) Her origin is Touhou Project as far as I remember it’s a pc game franchise.

Marisa (4)
I haven’t much knowledge about the Touhou universe, I only know that the characters of Touhou are shown in many awesome pictures on several image boards ^^.

She was an exclusive figure again like my Usami Haru from the last review.
At that time I was possesed by the get exclusive figure demon iwantitplz.

I ordered her at toyslogic for 129,99€, the waiting time nearly killed my patience. First they’ve sent me the payment request and the day after I paid I got the message that Marisa was delayed. In the end she was shipped to me on April 19th. It’s a bad feeling when everybody else already has the figure and only you have to wait 4! additional month. In the future I will consider if I’ll preorder at an US Store again, waiting time sucks. But lets put this aside and get started.

Marisa (11)


Marisa has a very pretty face, her eyes are very detailed and have a strong expression, her eye lashes are supporting this strong expression very well. The wide mouth and the marks under her eyes are adding a friendly look to her face. In the preview pictures I saw her nose seemed a bit too spiky but in reality it looks really good. The flow of her hair is very nice as well as the mix of blonde and light brown highlight colors on it.

Marisa (18)

Marisa (7)Marisa (24)

Body & Pose

Marisa’s body resembles the figure of a teenager, she has nice looking, accurate sculpted legs and arms the rest is coveredby her heavy layered dress. Marisa has a very bended pose with her legs loosely in the air. It looks like she takes a relaxed flight on her broom. The bended pose was a bit difficult for taking pictures from some angles. I sometimes lost my temper during the shootings because some angles were not that easy to achieve.

Marisa (2)

Marisa (9)

Marisa (1)


In comparison with most of my figures Marisa’s outfit looks quite modest. Her main dress is black skirt with four big buttons which aren’t painted at her chest part, she has a white underskirt beneath and wears granny pants. Marisa also wears a big white apron over her black skirt. The white parts of her outfit have a lightly gray shading. I really like the short puffy sleeves which only covers her shoulders. On one hand she wears one flashy glove with a silver buckle. Marisa’s hat is very well sculpted, it is magnetic so you can take it off. like her skirt it also has a frill part underneath and a big ribbon at the upper part. Another great detail of Marisa are her heavy brown boots, which have very detailed bootlaces with a dark blue ribbon on them and detailed silver buckles as well.

Overall her clothes, especially the frills are nicely sculpted and show a dynamic flow. A nice extra part of this figure is the bamboo broom which is very detailed. The paintjob looks good, the laces around the brush part of the broom have a realistic look.

Marisa (8)Marisa (10)


Her base is a huge black round plate with a silver star on it. Marisa has a hole in her back to put her on the star, there is also a big white ribbon included which fits between Marisa and the star.
The star can be rotated a bit to the left and right which is very helpful for choosing a nice angle for Marisa. The star can be illuminated since an led is built in, the on/off switch is under the base
I havent used it a lot since flipping the base + Marisa for turning on the light everytime is not very comfortable. Marisa doesn’t really needs her star base her pose also allows her to sit somewhere else.

Final Words

It was some trouble untill she was shipped, but in the end I got her. I really like her beautiful hair and the deep expression of her eyes, Furthermore, I like the colors of her outfit with the vintage look of it. The black and white colors suit her well and are a nice contrast to her lively hair color. Another good part is that the pose allows to put Marisa on other things without the huge star base. Two small flaws I discovered are the not fully silver painted buckle on her glove and a small seam line at one of her boots. Oh and the broom falls off very easily. Nevertheless Kotobukyia did a good job with this figure of Marisa.

I hope you enjoyed this review a bit and that the text wasn’t too long, sorry for the dust in some pictures,I forgot to clean Marisa properly ^^.

10 Responses

  1. Zai

    I don’t think I’d have the patience to wait 4 months for a figure! But it looks like she was worth the wait.. I’m not usually into Touhou characters but she looks adorable. ^^
    Very beautiful photos too, I think my favourites are the ones on the blue material!

  2. wieselhead

    I had no patience for that either I was like “where’s my damn Marisa!” XD
    thx for your compliment about the pictures 😉

    yeah she’s lovely especially her eyes

  3. wieselhead

    @super rats:
    Oh thx for the visit and your compliment, (I’ve glued every single sequin on the tissue)
    Im happy to hear that from you, since your pictures are always so nice, honestly the pictures from your blog were one of my main reasons to start collecting figurines =)

  4. Leonia

    Really beautiful figure, and great picture. Shad bought her recently on Crescent (Yahoo Auction). I like picture “12” ^^

  5. wieselhead

    Yes she is a very nice figure 😉
    thank you for the compliment, to get picture 12 costed me some nerv
    I tried to make more nice pictures within this setup but only 12 looked any good the rest was for the recycle bin XD

  6. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    This here is part of history now lol. Looks like none of the commenters have websites any more.
    I have seen this one on ebay and amazon these months, along with many other Touhou ones, and I\’m very sure they were chinese copies – they were like 20-30 dollars each.
    But about your session here. It\’s clear how much you have learned and improved. But I still like these. It\’s rare to see outdoor figurine pictures. And I think I know why – the sun doesn\’t illuminate them as well as a special photo lamp. However, she looks really good on wood and leaves.

    • wieselhead

      Hi ^^.
      Ah I remember that figure, a bit regrettable that I sold her now, it’s a really pretty Marisa.
      I recently noticed how listings for certain older figures on Ebay were 90% bootlegs, shocking.
      When you look for such older figures you should rather try
      Outdoor photography is “too much” work XD No, to be honest it’s nice, but you have to take care of carrying the figure to a spot in the wilderness and when you go at the wrong time the light can be unflattering.

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