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Stand to attention! Good morning recruits, today I’ll show you a review about ALTER’s Charlotte E. Yeager figure, this figure is scaled 1/8 with a height of 230 mm and her release date was on 1th July 2011.  Charlotte E. Yeager is a character from the popular anime show Strike Witches.

On first look Strike Witches is all about young witches who are fighting against the Nazi’s Neuroi in a World War II setting. The Neuroi invaded europe and the young witches are the only weapon that is effective against these new agressors. These witches are from many different countries, they are all members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing which is stationed in Britannia.

All the witches have special skills to fight the Neuroi aside from their standard weaponry. For flying they are using striker units which are resembling the front half of warplanes from the 1940’s. The witches stick their legs inside of these striker units and are controlling them via magical power.

Charlotte e yeager - 28
But that isn’t all for some reason the witches never wear skirts or trousers in this anime, so there are panty shots galore XD. Under the thick fanservice layer, this show is mainly about cute girl girl relationships and friendship, the main story of the second season wasn’t that good and the last battle was more a copy from the first season, but the character driven episodes were very good.

Half of the female characters can be considered as lolis or loli lookalikes, The producers didn’t want to completely throw out guys with other preferences, so a few mature and mature looking girls have been placed into the cast like Sakamoto Mio, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Gertrud Barkhorn and the Charlotte E. Yeager. From the younger characters I really liked Lucchini, but so far I’ve seen no good figure of her, so I wasn’t that interested in owning a figure from Strike Witches to begin with. After some time I was interested in Kotobukiya’s Lynette Bishop and I noticed that ALTER’s Yoshika was a also great looking figure, but for some reason I decided to pass on both.



The prototype pictures of ALTER’s Charlotte E. Yeager instantly caught my interest and as colored prototype pictures appeared I fell in love with her look and the design of her striker unit.

Charlotte, nicknamed “Shirley” is sixteen years old and comes from the United States of Liberion like it is called in the anime. She has the rank of a Flight Lieutenant in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. Her hair is orange, her body is tall and has a buxom appearance. Charlotte likes the thrill of speed, and highspeed actually is her special magical skill. I don’t know more about her aside that she has a generous personality and is the bosom friend of Francesca Lucchini, litereally ;D.

Charlotte e yeager - 01

Now more about the figure, on her nice box we see the description of the Strike Witches anime in english and some data about Charlotte’s character and her striker unit. An instruction sheet tells you how to put the weapon inside her hand, how to exchange the propeller blades and about how to connect the figure with the base. The base is a blue circle with text printed on it. The base is connected to the figure via a small metal rod, the figure is a bit shaky when you are causing vibrations next to her, but it seems to be safe and shouldn’t be a big problem in the future.

Hair & Face




Her hair is orange and her strands are sculpted in a flaunting way, it shows a clean sculpting  job and well done shading effects. When Charlotte’s witch power is activated  she grows a pair of white rabbit ears and a tail, these parts are glued to her body and can’t be taken off. Between the ears is a rather big seam line, but it’s not noticeable in normal handling.

This figure has a very pretty face, her clear blue eyes and the small and small open mouth give Charlotte a good mooded and excited expression. Personally I would have liked to see a few faint blush marks on her cheeks to add more detail and liveliness to her apart from that pretty face.

Outfit & Body





Charlotte’s outfit has two layers of clothing, on top there is the olive military jacket which has a taunt fit from her well shaped boobs, underneath is a sand colored shirt. I love the way it comes forth underneath her jacket, the sculpting and shading of her jacket looks beautiful as well as all the small details on it, I also love her belt. The lack of a skirt or trousers appears not very bold on this figure as long as you display her from the front, this figure looks quite modest to be honest.

From the backside Charlotte shows that she’s from the Strike Witches anime, she has nice thighs and tight and sexy buttocks which are scantily covered by her white panties. They look very detailed, also her crotch area is more detailed than I would have expected it from ALTER.





The pose look like Charlotte is on her daily patrol, while having fun with one of her wingmen.
Her forward leaned upper body with the arched back, the flattering shirt and hair and also the position of her legs gives a lot of dynamic to this figure, she’d looks very good on every shelf.

I think it would have been a nice gimmick, when there where a option to display this figure with bare  legs and with the striker unit, a leg swapping feature like GSC’s Nadeko Sengoku has.

Striker Unit

I like the design of her propellar legs a lot, the metallic finish and the detailed sculpting do look very cool. The small wings, the exhaust pipes and the noseart are also really cool, it really looks like a small plane :). The Striker Unit looks like new from the factory, maybe a few weathering or dry brush effects would have given it a more realistic look. But thats owing to the anime origin.


This figure comes with two different propeller blades, a pair where you can see every single blade and an in action pair which looks like a moving propeller. I was to lazy too change them, sorry.

Charlotte e yeager - 27

Charlotte’s striker unit is based on the Mustang P51 D, a superior and powerful plane which was used by the US – Air Force in mid 1944 during WWII, it has a powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, among the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, she has the fastest striker unit. I always felt that her striker unit looked the best next to the loser planes based striker units of the the other girls ;P

The weapons aren’t integrated in the striker units, so the pilot has to carry them during the flight, like the real P 51 D Charlotte uses a M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, well the real P51 D had six.


The rifle has a nice gunmetal color with great dark shading effects, the brown wooden looking parts are also nice, but they look more like anime wood ;), a detailed belt is also attached to the weapon. One hand is detachable and so the weapon can be placed in her hand with one finger at the trigger. When you like, Charlotte can also be displayed without the weapon in her hands.






Final words

Charlotte E. Yeager is a beautiful figure from the Strike Witches lineup from ALTER, she has a pretty face and a nice mature looking, buxom body and like you can see a great looking butt ^^ With her olive jacket and sand colored shirt combination she also has a very good looking outfit. Another good point is the good looking flying pose the sculptor Makio Munetoshi had realized.

The painting of this figure looks great, especially the shading on her jacket and the metal finish of her striker unit. The sculpting is also very well done and nearly flawless, on my copy there is just a small pimple on her right buttock, it is really nothing very bad, but it should be mentioned.

I would have liked it if Charlotte had shown a little amount of blushmarks, to make her face a bit livelier, but aside from that I can’t really complain about this well done Charlotte E. Yeager figure.

What do you think, is Charlotte E. Yeager a Strike Witches figure you might like?



Thx for reading, take care everybody. see you next time with a post about my summerseason anime watch list, maybe ;D

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30 Responses

  1. James

    I wanted to buy all the Strike Witches girls but could only buy Yoshika 🙁

    Oh well, someday i’ll buy them <3

    Love your pics as always, what i like is that you never use twice the same setup, you always find some new idea to take your pictures.

    Good job 🙂

    *nice ass <3*

    • wieselhead

      Yoshika is also very nice 🙂 I would like to see a Lucchini figure from Alter ^^

      Thank you very much, well that happens more or less unconsciously, I always pick a few items from my props boxes and then I start making the pictures 😀

    • wieselhead

      should be fixed now, I was lazy and copied 6 pix to another location and then the links were broken.

  2. Fabrice

    Charlotte is one of my favorite characters in Strike witches, and im glad that there was a second season. enjoyed it very much.

    Alter fails to disappoint in terms of quality, i mean look at the paintng, its amazing, the details, colors simply spot on!

    Even the gun is so nicely done and agree, the propelar is amazing.

    Good job with the review fabienne.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she’s quite charming ^_^
      Its nice that Alter always produces such high quality figures.

      thx a lot Fabrice

  3. exilehero

    Shirley was always fun in the show but I never really looked at her with much attention before. I gotta say, she’s strikingly beautiful. I guess I never noticed because her easygoing personality always distracted me. Exquisite figure, I really like it.

    She has huge weaponry, I wonder if the magic helps to carry the weight. The rifle is pretty big too.

    • wieselhead

      She was a fun character, but I didn’t pay much attention either, maybe she had not enough screen time. Yeah the figure is really beautiful, the hair, the uniform and her striker unit are nice.

      The M1918 has a weight of 16 kg, I think without some magic the girls wouldn’t be able to carry them all the time:)

  4. Sotaku

    Awwww. All Strike Withes figures from Alter are really beautiful. I just wonder why I never bought one 😮

  5. tanoshimini

    I feel like watching Strike Witches now, after your review XD Charlotte looks very lovely when I saw the prototype pics of her. Her BUST is very nice XD

    I was surprised they were witches LOL, since they don’t resemble them at all but they have cute bunny ears!

    I didn’t know that there legs were made based off actual jet planes^^” I thought they were just random metal junk attached to their legs

    I would of definitely gotten this figure if I had seen this series

    A lovely and detailed review as usual!

    • wieselhead

      I would like to rewatch season 1 now ^o^
      Haha yeah she has really nice boobies under her uniform.

      Oh I see, they had a lot of references to the WWII era in this show even the names of the girls were related to real pilots from different countrys.

      Haha watch it! its fund and a bit silly 😀
      thx for your praise I did my best

  6. Sevie

    Hm, the painting and the quality are really amazing, like always. ALTER is great!

    Your pictures are great! Light and setting matches perfektly!

    But somehow the figure herself doesn’t suit my taste : (
    I have nothing against mechalegs, my metatron have one too, but I don’t like the ones of the Strike Witches ^^”

    • wieselhead

      Haha yes they are making nice figures 🙂
      Thank you very much Sevie.

      No problem, I also don’t like every figure on the market ^_^
      Oh you have Metatron I wanted to get her in the past …

  7. Tier

    Having taken her out of her box for more than a week now, I’m kinda warming up to her more, even though I still don’t like the ears. And even though she’s sitting on the floor while I figure out where I can put her. I agree that her striker unit is the best; I don’t even remember what the other girls’ look like but the chrome finish looks fantastic.

    • wieselhead

      Ah thats good to hear, I like her a lot ^-^
      I could imagine thats its dificult to have an animal eared figure when you dislike animal eared characters in general, but they aren’t that distracting on Charlotte imo.
      Maybe you will cut the ears off and give Charlotte a nice hat, Indiana Jones style XD

      yeah the polished metal look is really nice, I wouldn’t have mind it if they had made it even more shiny.

  8. Miette-chan

    I liked Shirley, I really liked the episode where it focused on her on the first season.

    I like the figure, good job from Alter as usual and it pleases that a sensible pose was chosen for the figure.

    Nice pictures, really like the last one.

    • wieselhead

      Do you know which episode this was? or maybe I’ll rewatch the first season anyway 😀

      I also like her pose a lot it looks interesting from many angles and that is always a good point of a figure ^^

      Oh thx a lot Miette ^_^

  9. BioToxic

    Shirley looks beautiful. I really like the dynamic pose. It looks like she’s dodging something mid-flight or about to do a quick dive.

    The metallic paint of the striker unit looks really good too. I like the sharp transition between striker unit and skin. That would have been a cool idea as you said – having swappable legs / striker unit.

    The base is neat having those character details on it. I’d like to see more of that on figures with plain bases.

    The wobbling sounds a little scary. Hopefully the metal rod she comes with is strong enough to hold her up over time.

    I’d personally like a Sanya figure, although the ones out at the moment aren’t too appealing. Eila would be nice too, maybe the prototype one from the recent Hobby Japan magazine will turn out nice.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she does look like a glamorous Shirley haha.

      This metal finsish looks really great. I think it would have looked lovely with bare legs and the tiny toes of her feet 🙂

      Oh it actually isn’t that scary only when you bump against the thing this figure is placed on like the desk or the shelf.

      Alters Sanya was also very nice, but I wasn’t that interested in her. Eila is also a cool character of this show.

  10. anonymous_object

    Nice figure ^^. Bunny girls are quite moe and Charlotte is definitely one of the best.
    You know, I liked Strike Witches and there are some really nice figures for the series but I never bought any. I think if I bought one, I’d be tempted to buy them all! xD
    Seems like Alter did another great job on this figure. She certainly looks good, especially from behind ^^;;

    • wieselhead

      Haha but she’s a real bunnygirl, without fishnet stockings and shiny dress 😀

      That could be a bit risky, but I don’t feel tempted to buy all of them, I only would like to add a Lucchini to my Charlotte, hurry Alter ^-^

      I couldn’t agree more

  11. Luth

    Nice pictures! I like the ones with the starry background (same as Melissa Seraphy?). I’ve never seen Strike Witches but Charlotte looks cool… except for the bunny ears. I dunno, the colors look so off.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yeah its the same one, sequines glued on semi transparent blue cloth 😉
      The ears may look a bit strange, but Its the style of the anime and I don’t really mind.

  12. Yi

    “I don’t know more about her aside that she has a generous personality and is the bosom friend of Francesca Lucchini, litereally ;D.”

    Loll. This made me chuckle. ^ ^
    Very lovely figure. And agreed that her bottom is both very detailed and sexy. Love it!

    • wieselhead

      thx, I also want to be a bosom friend of them XD
      Charlotte is such a pretty girl

  13. Nopy

    I’m always impressed by Alter’s figures. One of my friends has this figure and I like how they did the propellers to make it look like they were actually spinning. The gun also looks very well done.

    I think it would look a little weird if you could swap her striker unit for real legs since her legs are spread so far apart…

    • wieselhead

      Their figures always looks so nice, at least most of the time.
      Charlotte is a really cool figure, isn’t she.
      Haha well I agree , that would look quite ecchi

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