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Review time lady’s and gentlemen. After many months without any Super Sonico figures, in autumm several new Sonico have been released, so it’s time to go back to my beloved 2D girl.

Some time ago ALTER surprised everyone as they announced to produce a Sonico figure.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 010

Sonico stands for being a sexy girl and sexy wasn’t the category many of ALTER’s previous figures would fit in. Even though they started to add more fanservice like things to their line up, like Senran Kagura’s Asuka. This Sonico is based on one of Tsuji Santa’s older illustrations, that showed Sonico dressed in bikini with a bell on her bikini top and a red Santa Clause hood.

Sonico Santa illu

When reading it’s probably a odd sounding combination, but this figure looks really good.
A second head is included to give you the option to have Sonico more fitting for the beach.

In this review I will focus on the suited for the beach attire only. I have something bigger planned for the figures christmas option, but preparations aren’t completed yet.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 001

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 002

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 028

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 003

Sonico is scaled 1/7 with a height of 13 cm, she was made by two experienced sculptors, Hide and Makio Munetoshi who combined their excellent skills to create this beautiful  figure.
After a few delays, some even speculated that ALTER wouldn’t manage to release the Super Sonico figure before December, but the figure was released in early September 2014.

Orchid Seed is in my opinion the best manufacturer of Sonico based figures, but I really approve of ALTER’s first adaption of the Super Sonico character, she’s a simply beautiful figure.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 004

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 005

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 006

Sonico has been mainly portrayed as flustered or scared curvy girl dressed in skimpy and arousing clothes. Taito and FuRyu as Prize Figure manufacturers started to make figures of a more cheerful Super Sonico. Previously Sonico was only known as curvy mascot, since the Sonicomi game some years ago and the Soniani anime the girl received a personality.

ALTER presents Super Sonico in a relaxed fashion, she feels good and enjoys being around the person she likes. It’s quite impressive how cute this Sonico actually is, starting from her beautiful eyes, to the prominent blush. Sonico also fires a lovely, gentle smile that can pierce ones heart.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 007

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 008

Her shoulder long hair is simply said perfect, it looks fluffy, smooth and is carefully crafted, also the applied color gradient give it a great look. The long chunk of pink strands over her nose is quite adorable. The tilted  head and the fingers placed on one bikini strap give her a flirty look.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 009

Sonico never been thin as a stick and this is also part of her popularity since the beginning and there is definetely a fanbase for so called healthy, or girls with more developed curves. This figure here also has slightly accentuated muscles. Her her thighs are meaty and look strong.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 012

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 013

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 014

The bust size of Sonico varies quite a bit, that applies to figures and also illustrations. Sure also ALTER’s Sonico has big boobs, but the presentation turns out more modest compared to other figures of her. Maybe because she is for once wearing a bikini that is compatible with her sizes.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 015

The compact pose works very well for this kind of figure, next to the beautiful smooth body, her thighs do stand out, I really love the curve when you look from the side, as well as her wide hips. From the back Sonico has a superb big butt, it’s nice that her butt is slightly lifted up in this pose.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 016

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 017
Sonico is wearing a nice, white triangle bikini, the red mini ribbons on top and slip are really cute details, fine wrinkles give the bikini a realistic look. From the top’s middle connector hangs a small golden bell decorated with a ribbon and leafs ready for christmas. At the outside of the bikini there are very detailed laces applied, that slightly remind oneself of holiday tablecloth.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 018

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 019

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 020

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 021

This figure of Super Sonico has one of the prettiest cleavages in the whole figure realm to date, the shapely sculpting is top notch. There is some modest underboob fanservice. A cast off option isn’t part of this figure, but I won’t complain about that, since I’m more than happy to have a relaxed, relatively innocent looking, high quality figure of her for a change of things.

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 022

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 023

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 024

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 025

Final Words

Applause for ALTER and their wonderful adaption of the Super Sonico character. She has lovely hair, an adorable face and a shapely, nicely sculpted body. If you are looking for a high quality figure of Sonico that shows a different expression than being flustered here is your answer.

Taking pictures of her was seriously so much fun! cutting down to 34 images was quite difficult. As you can see, I focused on a tropical beach scenario an didn’t use her hood and base, the christmas version of this (review) will follow soon, so stay tuned.

I might review another new Sonico figure in between, though.

another review was written by Cerberus from Reflective Boundary

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 026

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 027

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 029

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 030

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 031

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 032

Super Sonico - Santa Swimsuit version - ALTER - 033


14 Responses

  1. Aya

    as expected since she is from alter her bikini isn’t cast-off, not that i care about that thought.
    Yeah her face looks more pleased and relaxed than most Sonico figure in the market, very beautiful give me a little temptation to get ahaha, and seeing the bell attached to her I wonder what if she have reindeer look on head instead of santa 😀
    anyway just curious you use a towel or it’s a real sand for the bottom beach set up ? it do looks like a fabric for me ^^

    • wieselhead

      Yeah sure thing for them not to have that option, still they did a fantastic job on her curvy curves ^^
      Sonico would be happy to live at your place, no honestly she’s a perfect Sonico figure.
      Lol reindeer horns would be hilarious XD

      It’s sand but I partially put a straw mat under the sand, like a quarter straw mat and 3 quarter sand.
      The Sandcorns got quite clingy to the figure.

      • Aya

        I really want to see her wearing combination of headphones and reindeer horn :D, I see really an amazing beach set up 😀

  2. Bakayaro

    Sie ist echt super süß geworden und deine Bilder lassen sie richtig gut aussehen. Ich habe mich leider kurzfristig umentschieden und sie nicht gekauft. Mir war sie einfach ein wenig zu steif. Ich weiß auch nicht warum. =/ Aber habe mir ja auch festgelegt, dass ich mir nur noch 2 Sonico Figuren kaufen werde und die müssen gut gewählt sein! Ich möchte einfach nicht mehr als 10 Figuren von einem Charater… obwohl, ich hab ja eine vor kurzem verkauft… dann hätte ich ja noch Platz für 3. =D

    • wieselhead

      Dankeschön, sie ist auch sehr fotogen. Och schade, sie ist wirklich sehr gut geworden und das fröhliche Gesicht ist mal was anderes, was ich zwischendurch garnicht erwartet hatte. Soso steif, in Sonico’s Händen wird nichts zu Pudding XD. Ja, 10 sind auch schon etwas viel, ich glaube so verrückt nach ihr bin ich auch nicht mehr. Verkauft habe ich schon mehrere Sonico’s, habe momentan 7 Stück. ALTER’s Sonico ist wirklich toll, wunderschöne Kurven und ein niedliches Geicht, vielleicht kannst du ja noch eine mehr verkaufen ^^ Kaitendoh arbeitet noch an einer für mich interresanten Sonico, davon abgesehen habe ich vorerst kein Interesse an weiteren Figuren von ihr.

      • Bakayaro

        Geht mir genauso. Ich habe sie lange sehr gerne gemocht aber ich denke mit der Großen Auswahl vergeht auch das Interesse. Als ich angefangen habe mir Figuren von ihr zu kaufen gab es keine die in einem günstigen Bereich lag. Viele waren ausverkauft und daher nicht gerade günstig. Und nun kriegt man Sonico an jeder Ecke und einfach in zu vielen Bikini-Varianten. Die Frau hat soviel Kostüm-Potential was leider nicht (mehr) genutzt wird finde ich. =/

  3. Tier

    Ahhhh I am weeks behind. I hate October. And I don’t really like the rest of fall or winter much either, I guess. I was about to say that this Sonico reminds me a bit of the Santa Cryska Barchenowa figure that Kotobukiya did a couple of years back, and then you save the Christmas pictures for later! It’s pretty neat that Alter did a figure of Sonico; she doesn’t seem to be the sort of character that they would do a figure of. This might sound a little odd but I like the way they did the junction between her thigh and lower leg. I’ve noticed that on some figures that are kneeling like this, it looks like the flesh of the thigh and calf fuse into a single slab of meat and it bothers the hell out of me for some reason. One wouldn’t expect Alter to do that and it’s good to see that they are still top-quality as usual.

    • wieselhead

      That is something that happens, thanks for commenting ^^ Yeah, the cold season is not really appealing, I hate feeling cold and the need to dress with thicker clothes.
      Yes, a bit, Cryska though presents her boobs a little more bold fashion. Haha sorry for that, but otherwise the review still wouldn’t be done ;D
      No, no it’s not odd, I have to say that I love her legs, so plump and sexy. When making such a figure that shows more skin, this should be prevented.
      I hope ALTER makes more buxom beauties in the future in 1/7 and a few in 1/6.

  4. Fabrice

    Very elegant and serene Sonico figure, Cant really complain much with ALTER, they generally always do a good if not great job with its figures. I only have GSC and ALTER my top 2 imo ^^

    Although its a tropical photoshoot, you should redo one with her christmas red coat as the festive season is fast approaching! Great post nonetheless nice to see you can alternate settings with her! 🙂

    • wieselhead

      ALTER’s Sonico is really great, she has a lovely face and I adore her fantastic thighs haha.
      I will do that for sure, hopefully I can manage before christmas ^o^

  5. Duqs

    Stunning photos as always and I love photo 30. Wallpaper worthy! XD Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Christmas suit of this figure.

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