Crossover Series: “Pinkcheeks x Wieselhead”

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Crossover Series - heafer

Welcome to a new post, no figure review but a crossover exchange of some sorts.

Crossover what? … A few days ago, after a little twitter communication I and my much valued fellow toy photographer buddy Pinkcheeks decided to exchange a few of our unprocessed pictures, we both had some that we hadn’t really published in a post.

Crossover Series - Kongiku 04

I’ve send Pinkcheeks safe ^^ pictures of Orchid Seed’s Super Sonico PKG version and I received pictures of ALTER’s beautiful Kongiku and two bonus pictures.

Pinkcheeks posted the pictures she processed here on the facebook page. isn’t on Facebook yet, I post my edited pictures here, click to enlarge.

Crossover Series - Kongiku 03

Crossover Series - Kongiku 01

Crossover Series - Kongiku 02
I was very happy to be able to work with these wonderful pictures, since it’s a figure I unfortunately don’t have in my collection and also because I admire Pinkcheeks photography.

While I did something indoors, Pinkcheeks took pictures within a beautiful forest.

I don’t know how you think about it, but for me post processing pictures is a pleasant activity and I really enjoy it when the steps don’t consume too much energy and workload.

Crossover Series - Hachikuji

I really, really like how my Sonico pictures look after Pinkcheeks postprocessing now they look like what I had in mind when I took these pictures.

Don’t forget to take a look

I hope you don’t feel like I did something horrible with your pictures Pinkcheeks XD I applied the changes to make the pictures look like I wanted. After all I feel like buying  Kongiku haha.

Thank you for exchanging pictures with me, it was a lot of fun, maybe we can repeat this fun exchange once again…

Crossover Series - Momohime

10 Responses

  1. Pinkcheeks

    Hahahaha i LOLed at the “safe” part XD If you sent me like, R18 photos I definitely can’t post it on my page HAHAHAHAHA

    ..and OMG WOW! Kongiku looks super gorgeous! You managed to control the exposure from the ones I sent! You did an awesome job! I totally love the vibrance! She looks so good! You should definitely get her! Oh and that Momohime photo, it was actually a tricky shot that I couldn’t ever edit because if the strength of the sunset’s cast, it’s really hard! Now she looks beautiful, this is also what I wanted to achieve!!

    I’m happy you like my work on Sonico! Though I’m thinking you’ll send me a variety of photos hahahaha but still congrats to us for this successful crossover thingie, err, series!! ^_^ Thanks for agreeing to my awesome idea HAHAHAHA and yeah! I’d definitely do this again anytime! 😀 Thanks so much buddy!

    • wieselhead

      Thats hilarious XD Well, as I took these pictures with the setup I left her clothes where they belong.

      You can’t imagine how happy I am to hear your kind words, I imagined you would curse me lol.
      But yeah I tried my best to make her look prominent before the background. It’s a great figure, I tried to give the pictures a sense of early autumm, like her kimono implies. The forest is wonderful, was it nearby?
      I found a seller at mfc, maybe I can get her ^^.

      Haha yes, the Momohime picture was a tough opponent, it’s a good picture but it had a lot yellow and orange tint,
      I used color balance to solve that and let it appear darker, short before sunset.
      Yes it was definetely a good idea.

      True I could have send you more different shots, but I just used what I shot recently haha

      Thanks to you as well ( ^∇^)

  2. Aya

    LOL “safe” ahahaha ^^
    Love the outdoor pictures, you guys always give a lot of effort on the pictures awesome 😀

  3. Miette-chan

    Oh man, I’m a bit jealous here… just sayin’.

    These photos look great, those Kongiku photos are just to die for. Is this why you suddenly want Kongiku all of a sudden?

    • wieselhead

      jealous? Ah I’m a little jealous that I had no chance to take pictures of Kongiku 😉
      Pinkcheeks took very pretty pictures, I instantly wanted that figure ^^

  4. Hoshiko

    I like that Hachikuji photo.

    You know what you should do a post on a before and after thing. Like before processing how does a photo look like and after processing how does it look like. Hehe, I’m curious, really. I’m REALLY curious!! Because I normally only adjust the light and contrast. I do nothing else cuz I don’t know what else I can do >.<.

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