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So that is the last post of this kind, to end these vacation posts, I will show you a few of the figure photos I’ve taken during my stay in France. I took three figures with me cause I didn’t want to miss the chance to capture them in these nice south European scenery. It was really hard to decide which figures to pick for the vacation, but these three were the chosen ones.

Haruka Amami – Cu Poche from Kotobukiya

Takamachi Nanoha – Swimsuit version from Alpha Max

Kanbaru Suruga from Good Smile Company

I mainly took outdoor pictures because of better light conditions. For most pictures I have used my Sigma AF 28mm f/1.8 EX DG lens and to have more freedom with the aperture settings, I used a weak ND filter , one of the advantages of it is that you can work with a reduced the depth of field, it prevents the pictures from being overexposed when working in very bright light.


Haruka Amami

Haruka was my trustworthy companion this 2 weeks, she is good for carrying around and offers a great poseability. Additional to that her cute presence is something really enchanting (>◡<) Even in chibi deformed anatomy you can do all kinds of poses with her thx to long limbs and strong ball joints. The magnet feet turned out very helpful. I had a lot of fun with Haruka.

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 55

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 44

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 43

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 42

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 41

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 49

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 53

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 54

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 45

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 50

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 51

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 48

France vacation - figure photo - Haruka 52


Takamachi Nanoha

I reviewed her some time ago, but it was also a good decision to take the figure with me to France. On the terrace or next to the pool (it’s really good to have one) Nanoha proved what an exceptional beautiful swimsuit figure she is, I think she looks just stunning outdoor. The nice sculpting of the figures body and face really gets more prominent in nice natural light.

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 30

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 31

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 25

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 35

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 33

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 26

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 27

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 28

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 34

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 37

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 32

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 38

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 29

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 40

France vacation - figure photo - Nanoha 24


Kanbaru Suruga

The last scale figure girl is Kanbaru, compared to the other two figures I didn’t do much with her, but tried to create something as I discovered an interesting tree. I really like the picture where she is sitting in the oak tree, it wasn’t that easy to find a tree Kanabaru could lean on with her elbow. In terms of location I unfortunately didn’t have that many ideas for this figure, maybe Kanbaru doesn’t like the countryside or I was too lazy to try harder.

France vacation - figure photo - Kanbaru58

France vacation - figure photo - Kanbaru 59

France vacation - figure photo - Kanbaru 60

France vacation - figure photo - Kanbaru57

And so this post is coming to an end. Thanks for your attention, I hope this few vacation related posts were a little interesting, for my next vacation I will take some figures with me again for sure, since it is nice to capture them in a different location than at home or the near landscape.

– Fin –

Next time there will be a review of the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA figure…

I’ll try to publish it very soon so stay tuned!

18 Responses

  1. kixkillradio

    Haruka!!! Oh my! I love those outdoor photos of Haruka. She looks like a little girl that loves to play around. >_<

    Nanoha is a nice choice to take with you on your vacation. That swimsuit outfit of hers works too well with beach/pools. I love the first photo of Kanbaru on a tree. She seems too absorbed with the book she's reading while enjoying a nice weather. 😉

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha yeah Haruka is so cute, the deformed proportions really let her appear like a little girl, she’s such an enchanting little figure.
      It was good that I discovered this place at the tree since the figure had a good balance there.

  2. NY Otaku

    Lovely outdoor photos, looks like you had some nice weather to get some good shots in. I especially like the Kanbaru photos, her sitting pose seems to fit well in different settings. The one of her in the tree is my favorite. Looks like Haruka was fun to shoot since she is so pose-able and also has magnetic feet.

    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much, yeah weather was 90% great during my stay. Ah Im glad to hear that, even though I nearly had no idea for her, the one with the tree is quite nice.
      Yes it was funnier than I expected, posing Nendoroids is horror for me, Im always breaking them ^o^

  3. Jenn

    Aaah, looks like you had tons of fun! I love the silly photos of Haruka. She’s so energetic. And Nanoha looks gorgeous under natural light. Her easygoing expression fits perfectly with her poolside shots. The more photos I see of her, the more I want to pick her up. I haven’t taken any figures with me on vacation yet (I’m a bit paranoid of losing them), but it seems like an interesting endeavour. Nothing like a new setting to get those creative juices going!

    • wieselhead

      Yeah that was great, a shame that I was limited to three figures, though 😀
      Haruka is hilarious, it’s nearly like she is alive and does the poses on her own.
      Nanoha is super charming, she also looks quite stunning in the sun, more than I expected her to be.

      But you should, it’s a great opportunity. I always put them in the box for transportation, Well I nearly lost some Haruka parts near the canyon *scary*
      A few miles later there was a cafe with metal rod at the cliff, but it was 700m high and so I canceled the idea of a picturefor Haruka’s safety.

  4. feal87

    Nanoha! *hugs her tight*
    Damn with that background she looks even more awesome (I still prefer the loli version though…:D)

    • wieselhead

      Aha she was the best of show at the pool, I was happy to capture her like that.
      I had bought the loli version from Ques q back then, now I have too many other orders.

  5. Nopy

    I didn’t know Cu Poche figures have magnet feet. I should get one some day just to see how they compare to nendoroids.

    I absolutely LOVE your Nanoha pics by the pool. She looks absolutely beautiful. My favourite shot is Nanoha 33.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, they do, It is a cool figure class.
      I love my five Nendoroids, but posing them never was fun for me, since they fall over easily ^^
      Compared to nendoroids the limbs are longer and more usable, the sturdy joints also do their part.
      It’s like Kotobukiya payed close attention to the limitations of Nendoroids while creating thheir Cu Poche.

      Ah thank you for letting me know, I was surprised how good she turned out.

  6. Fabrice

    Nice pictures, These figures sure are lucky!
    Lovely background use and the lighting.

    The nanoha pic of her in the water is especially to praise about 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much, yes Im a good owner 😀
      The natural light was damn great, in germany it is somehow different, well in this year it seems like there will be no summer anyway.
      She wanted to go in the water badly haha

  7. Miette-chan

    I love taking figures out and about, as you know very well. All the things you said about Haruka is why I like taking figmas along with me. I really like the Nanoha pictures, I went from kinda wanting her to really wanting her. She will probably be a celebratory purchase for me in the future. I do wish I had taken scaled figures with me on trips specially when I visited Toronto, Canada a couple of years back, so many nice backdrops that were just perfect for some of the figures I own.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, this is fun ^^ I think it’s bad to ignore such opportunities just because there might be people who could see you doing unusual stuff .
      Oh I see she grow on me even more after the vacation, I even gave her a place on the main shelf.
      Well I never expected that Nanoha would perform like this, she just override my imagination, the sculpting must be really good.
      A missed opportunity, but they take up some space, which limitates the number to transport drastically.

  8. Aya

    eww I missed your holiday trip posts

    Haruka , she’s so cute 😀 but I think Iove Kanbaru Suruga sitting on tree the most

    • wieselhead

      Only a little ^^
      Yup she’s my chibi angel, hmm I still have to review her oh oh.
      Thx, she’s so cool as figure, I lovecher eyes.

  9. hoshiko

    While I love all the photos, I love Haruka’s photo more! You captured the essence of fun and has more relaxing feel to it and it should be cuz you were on vacation. Now, I’m waiting for mine >.<

    • wieselhead

      Thx well, I also like Haruka the most, she was so much fun, nearly like a living being. Ypu just have to love her smile ^^
      Oh, have you ordered her as well? really?

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