Yagyu Jubei – swimsuit ver. – AmiAmi zero

Time for a new review and today we take a look at the Yagyu Jubei – swimsuit version figure.

The figure was recently released by AmiAmi zero, a company known for pretty and sexy figures like Menace from Queens Blade or Hinako from the silly but cute Issho ni Training Ofuro OVA.

Jubei the sexy godess of the beach which I review here is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 15 cm. The release occured in early October this year. Yagyu Jubei arrived after 3 1/2 weeks with SAL shipment, if I had known about the many delays of my other figure orders I had chosen a faster shipping method. Anyway I’m very happy to be able to write a new figure review again.

There have been a number of Yagyu Jubei figures, but I fell in love with this one after I’ve seen some unofficial pictures from a certain fair. She is part of AmiAmi zero’s Hyakka Ryouran swimsuit line Hattori Hanzo was the first one Jubei the second one and Tokugawa Sen will be the next.

This Yagyu Jubei wore this outfit in the beach episode of the Hyakka Ryouran anime where she was wearing this exotic bikini. The outer appearance of Jubei is that of a fine women, but she’s rather an airhead and has the mind of a child in the story, I can’t say that she’s one of my favorite characters, but I like happy girls, be they silly or airheaded, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Hair & Face

Yagyu Jubei has a wild and rather complex hairstyle with dynamic strands, a twin ponytail with a knot in between and antenna strands at the front. The hair is painted in a straight red, I think the colortone is very well chosen, it’s not too gaudy and not to dark either. There is no color shading, but since the detailed sculpting already creates nice shadows it’s fair enough. The sculpting of the hair is detailed and clean overall. As optional item Ami Ami zero included the black samurai themed hairclip Jubei is wearing all the time, you have to put in place by yourself, it’s equipped with thin doublefaced adhesive tape since it’s very sticky there is no real danger of loosing it.

A alluring face expression with slanted eyes and a lustful mouth, would also have been a fitting choice considering the overall apppearance of this Jubei figure, but with the recreated expression of childish, cheerful innocence this figure is true to her origin in the light novel and anime show.

The round face is showing dark eyebrows and striking blue eyes with subtle blushmarks below.
Jubei has a tiny nose and is presented with a deeply engraved open mouth the lower lip is slightly sculpted and is painted with a nice faint glossy finish, she’s actually very cute like that.

Body & Outfit

The figure is without a doubt very sexy and has a very well defined body with broad hips and a sexy waistline and other nice curves, the details on her belly look really appealing, one would like to poke an tickle her :D. The very good sculpting can also be found at the back, the round butt looks especially great, further above she also has  nicely defined scapulas. The accurately applied shading effects on her body accentuate her sensual features even more. The figure has a kneeling pose with a attractive arched back, with one hand she is playfully stretching her bikini slip (๑¯ω¯๑)

What I always like about figures are single sculpted fingers and the sculptor Ozawa Shingo put a lot of attention to these little fingers they look quite lifelike. The toes also appear very detailed and like the nails on the fingers they are painted. The posing of her left hand is no homage to the German Metal festival “Wacken“. In Japan this sign means something like “I love you”.

Yagyu Jubei has quite the revealing bikini which is nice, the level of detail is really good, I really like the seamlines and wrinkles. The thin bikini material is very well recreated overall. The slip has a tight fit and so not much is left for imagination at her private parts. A castoff feature is also integrated in this figure, the bikini top comes off easily, but you have take off the head and arms before. The white rope bracelets do a good job with hiding the area where the arms seperate.

Her breast actually aren’t as big as expected, sure the arched back lifts them up quite a bit, but underneath the bikini top they appear “normal” sized compared to some legendary cleavage figures in my collection. I really like the shape of Jubei’s breasts, her nipples are in a neutral state and are painted in a pastel pink color. With such a bright red bikini you would think about some nasty paint transfer all over her body, but fortunately that’s not the case with this figure.

To dress this redheaded darling up again there are little spikes made of wire at the ends of the straps of her bikini who slide in into the holes of her bikini pants, in most pictures I was too lazy to put them back into the holes, but it’s possible to display her in more proper way like I did here.

Final Words

I’ve ordered this figure mainly out of curiosity and actually had subdued expectations, so now I can say that she turned out a lot better than expected. Jubei has a cute face and her well defined body is just hot and sexy. This figure really has a superior body sculpting and the overall quality of her is also very good. This was my second figure of Ami Ami zero and Im quite satisfied again.

Since this figure is so detailed Ami Ami zero could have easily sculpted her at a bigger scale, like the with first Hyakka Ryouran figures they’ve made, but since the actual lineup is done at 1/8 it can’t be helped. Despite all the praise for this Jubei there are a few not so good points; the base for example is very, very simple. I expected a bit more than clear blue disk with no engraved text.

Another not so nice part is the stability of her pose a little more rough vibrations when she’s placed on a desk or an while taking pictures on uneven floor makes her flip over easily.  Well, she’s not completely instable, when left alone on a shelf, the figure won’t cause such problems.

More pictures below…  Ah well I took a lot =D








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  1. Aya

    oh this bikini appear in the anime didn’t know about that ^^ haven’t watch it yet.
    She looks good the bikini also thin won’t make them looks like pad or diaper 😀 nice addition

  2. hoshiko

    First thought – she’s curvy. This is indeed a sexy figure. I didn’t know that sign means “I love you”. I always thought it’s with the thumb up as well. Maybe I got it wrong.

    Just out of curiosity, did you bring her to the beach for pictures or did you pour sand in a box along with your props? Very creative =).

    • wieselhead

      Hehe obviously she is ;D

      I’ve once seen that in a visual novel like this, the situation in that scene was a little weird, but I guess it can be used as heartsign with or without thumb.
      Unfortunately not, it’s late autumn here and the sun also didn’t play along. The floor is sand on a table, the background is a poster and the hut was selfmade.
      The hut wasn’t very stable and a case for the trash afterwards 🙁

  3. izlom

    She has such a beautiful back line. *Nosebleeds*
    Thanks for the review, it is very bright and rich photos.

  4. exilehero

    Her breasts are smaller than expected?! Haha you have skewed standards.

    She has some damn nice curves :D. Especially her back, I like the dimples on her lower back.

    That bamboo and netting do a really good job of making the photos feel like a beach. I might have to borrow that idea :P.

    • wieselhead

      Hehe no, no. It’s not like I expect that every women or figure has to have big boobs.
      I just had in mind that Jubei was more busty in the Hyakka Royouran anime.

      Thats for sure ^^ Ahh this is called “dimples” this word didn’t come to mind when I was writing the review.

      Thank you very much, I really wanted a beach hut for the shooting.
      Well, after the shooting the bamboo hut broke together *damn* 😀
      yeah, yeah feel free to make one on your own.

  5. Zai

    She looks so much better than the prototype photos of her.. I’m starting to think Ami Ami Zero just take really bad photos, lol.

    I like her happy expression a lot, I love figures that look like they are having fun and even though I didn’t like Jubei’s character much in the series, I prefer her as more playful than serious.

    The thing that blows me away the most though is her body sculpt, wow! Especially her back, she’s got a fantastic back. I don’t usually display figures cast off but I think I would with her. That probably makes me sound like a pervert but they did a really good job!

    • wieselhead

      Yeah indeed, they make even worse promo pictures than Orchid Seed XD
      My previous figure from AmiAmi zero looked quite horrible with the skintone, but in person she was wow wow wow 😀

      Well, Jubei was kinda dumb, but at least a happy girl, the sculptor captured this very well.

      Im very satisfied with the final product, shading and sculpting are just awesome.
      Haha no no, I am the pervert XD. Well, her Bikini is that small that the castoff isn’t really necessary to admire her sexy back.

  6. Kai

    “One would like to poke an tickle her”
    I wouldn’t just stop at tickling (・`ω´・)

    I love the curves and her body stature. It’s carved especially well, and she looks sexy 😀

    • wieselhead

      Haha, well it would be a nice warmup at least 😀
      Yeah she has lovely curves, this Jubei is a great and especially sexy figure overall.

  7. Tier

    I don’t own any figures from Amiami (the maker rather than the retailer), and I’ve been curious about their quality. Jubei looks very cute and I think I actually like her better clothed than cast-off; her underboob is really sexy. She looks imbalanced without the underboob.

    It’s good to see that Amiami makes very nice figures; I was kinda interested in their upcoming Houki figure, up until I saw the price tag. I guess they dropped the price to something a bit more reasonable but well, I don’t really like Houki as much as Cecilia or Charles, so hopefully they’ll make figures of them, too.

    • wieselhead

      Ah well they made this godlike Menace figure and I think it is their best figure up to date. After I purchased Menace I got some trust in their figures,
      Jubei dosn’t reach the same quality like Menace, but she’s pretty nice nevertheless. I’ve also heard that their Hinako turned out pretty nice.
      They make nice and sexy sculpted figures now, like the big Sanade Yukimura or other ones. I would buy from them again ^^

      Judging from the front, I also prefer her dressed, but her sexy back is another story.

      Personally I think this Houki won’t turn out good, it’s just too complex for a not that experienced company like ALTER for example.

  8. feal87

    Jubei! I loved this anime series back in the days and it’s nice to see that they’ve made a rather good figure as well…*_*

    /me takes her home!

  9. Visual Fanfare

    I didn’t realize she was cast-offable, that was interestin to see. Looks like you really like this figure – I find that when you like a particular figure, you typically take more – and when I say ” you” I mean that in a general sense, not you in particular. LOL

    I passed on this figure as I already had Alter’s first swimsuit edition and thought that was enough Jubei for me.

    I find her air headed nature don’t reflect her looks, if just by looking at her, she looks like a girl with a strong will and sharp minded – and a good fighter (to me anyway). But, at least she’s cheerful. ^_^

    • wieselhead

      Otherwise I hadn’t ordered her of course ^^

      Mhh Im not sure if I really like the face of her that, but I really like the attractive body sculpting of this figure.
      Haha I always write much, but some figure motivate me a bit more, so that I can easily write more words in a review 😀
      Well, you know, I still try to limit myself to one figure per character, Sonico is the only exception so far.

      You think so? To me she looks like a happy airhead XD

      thx for the comments recently =)

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