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The enchanting Soniko, mascot from Nitro+ gaines more and more popularity these days, she also received an own artbook treatment recently. This Sonicomi Art Book was published by Softbank creative and the release date was in the middle of December 2011.

It was sold in two version, there was the Sonicomi Art Book Premium Box which included an extra towel and a CD that included a few bonus outfits for the Sonicomi game for around 5524 Yen and the normal version which came without any extras had a price of 2800 Yen. At first I somehow wasn’t that interested in getting the book, but in the end I tried to get one copy of it.
I was able to find one of the last copies at cdjapan, at that time I thought there was just one version of the book, but it turned out as a misunderstanding, so there were no extras for me πŸ™

Anyway, it turned out as a very nice artbook, but first lets talk about the technical aspects, the book has a glossy cover and consist of 144 A4 pages. The illustrations are high quality prints.
With a size of 30 x 21.5 x 3.6 cm and a weight of 1014 gramm it’s one of the bigger artbooks.

The illustrations aren’t all of the ecchi kind, its balance between cute and sexy pictures, most of it are illustrations from Tsuji Santa, but there are also some render prints from the game engine.

Scanning the pictures takes less effort than do a photo of the pages, therefore I activated my badass scanner once more, to show you some of the nice illustrations of the Sonicomi Art Book.





















Even without extras Im very satisfied with this artbook, the book as well as the prints have a very good quality, it’s first class Soniko merchandise of high valence. The illustrations vary from cute and innocent to quite ecchi ones, but there are no nude or hentai like illustrations included.

Unfortunately both versions of the artbook are already sold out, but I hope you liked this little artbook review. I already have another artbook of an french artist up my sleeve, Stay tuned ^^.

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  1. Nopy

    I’ve tried scanning and photographing artbooks before and went with photographs. Scanning them involved trying to lay them flat on the scanner and I couldn’t do that without breaking the spine of the book, causing some pages to fall out.

    Anyways, the illustrations look great. My favourite one is of Sonico with the water gun, but the one of her sleeping on someone’s shoulder is nice too.

    • wieselhead

      I tried both and scanning was a bit more comfortable, I just have to scan
      Yeah thats a little problem, I tried not to bend it with too much force.
      The sleeping one is very cute ^^

  2. softz

    Hi hi! How are you, my friend?
    You do have a soft spot for sonico huh ^_^ Nice images. Thank you for sharing.

    • wieselhead

      Hi, nice to read you again, I feel good at the moment, blogging keeps me quite busy, maybe should also take a slower pace.
      how have you been in the last few months ? Does your wife come back soo?
      Yes ^-^ I love this 2d character, even more when I starteed to play the Sonicomi game.

      np, thx for stopping by again softz =)

  3. Zai

    Nice! Love her Madoka cosplay.
    She’s so so cute. Thank you so much for taking the time to scan them in, really enjoyed looking at them all.

  4. Miette-chan

    So many rather interesting outfits Sonico is wearing in these illustrations. I think I would like to see figures of several of them.

    I think I like the picture with drink and the two straws, nice expression from Sonico there.

    Also, lol, Sonico Madok, quite a big difference with the original there.

    • wieselhead

      I like that they also used less risky clothes in half of the illustrations, I would love to own a casual dressed Soniko.
      Thats a cute one <3

      Yeah the outfit is ought to be for a petite girl, not for curvy Soniko, I would like to unlock the dress in Sonicomi.

  5. Chag

    Niceeeee, thanks for sharing these! I really do like how Sonico’s skin is permanently coated with baby oil — SO SHINY!

    By the way, I’d love to know how what happened to her pants here — did her butt suddenly hit a growth spurt so violent that her jeans exploded? Oh Sonico, your butt is a wonder of the world.

    • wieselhead

      thx for stopping by
      Hehe no problem, yeah thats nice Tsuji Santa always illustrates her that way ^^
      Just the idea of an horny illustrator I guess, it looks quite strange.

  6. BioToxic

    Very nice artbook, perfect for a Sonico fan like yourself :P. It’s a shame you couldn’t get the special edition with extra items for the game though.

    I would have expected to see more game rendered shots but the illustrations are equally as nice. Of the ones you’ve shown 17 is my favourite. She looks so cute and unsure of what to do with the crossed straws :lol:.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yeah I guess I love her ^^, I recently received the candy pink color version of the Soniko bondage figure.
      Ah, don’t worry, there were other sources to get the stuff for the game XD

      There was nearly a quarter of render art overall, but I selected more from the illustrations.

  7. Visual Fanfare

    Hehe, you really like Sonico, don’t you?! πŸ™‚ What I don’t get is how come in some of the pictures her breasts look normal while in others they’re HUUUUUUUGE?! XD

    I like seeing the pics you put up on Twitter from the game, keep it up! =P

    • wieselhead

      I can’t hide it, especially as I started playing the game, I fell in love with her, the way she is acting there is just adorable.
      Thats indeed strange, maybe Tsuji Santa can’t decide what he likes more, In the Game she says that she has an F-cup ^^
      Ah thank you, maybe I can unlock some more endings soon. thx for stopping by

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