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I recently received a certain artbook from one of my favorite artist on deviantart gueuzav (Xa), he’s a french illustrator since 8 years and his style somehow combines the western comic look with anime. He also was the head designer of the MMORPG’s games DOFUS and Wakfu which I haven’t played so far. The book contains […]

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This Sonicomi Art Book is about the cute pink haired mascot of Nitro+ Soniko, it was published by Softbank creative and the release date was in the middle of December 2011.
It was sold in two version, there was the Sonicomi Art Book Premium Box which included an extra towel and a CD,
that included a few bonus outfits for the Sonicomi game for around 5524 Yen and the normal version which came without any extras had a price of 2800 Yen.

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