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boku wa

This second season of  Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai delivers a good continuation with some surprising events, after Yukimura turned out to be girl and the perverted scientist Rika turned into a quite charming girl, Kodaka is in the middle of a difficult bishoujo harem.

In the latest episode 10, there was a great scene between Rika and Kodaka happened on the rooftop, where Rika told him to make up his mind about a cerain thing. She actually said

Rika 1

“I think it’s time you take a step forward. Afterr all, we’re already all …”

Well, I had to think about the words the viewer didn’t receive in that scene, it could be…

1. “in love with you”

2. “friends”

3. “waited long enough”

I would set my bets on the first choice, since it seems obvious that all the girls are in love with him. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT turned again to be much different from other harem anime, first Kodaka wasn’t the generic, stupid harem lead and now one of the girls tells him to make up his mind.

For the first time we see that Kodaka, actually wasn’t dense about the feelings of these girls, but he didn’t want to face it. He enjoyed to have the Neighbours Club members around him as friends, lets be honest aside that all of them are a little weird and that there sometimes was some fighting, they seemed to had a lot of fun with their activities. Kodaka appears to be scared of the side effects if he decides for one of these lovely girls, he is scared of loosing the bonds which were made up to now and that these times of lighthearted fun will vanish from his life.

Rika 2

I can relate to him a little, once I had a female childhoodfriend (yeah that is not only anime fiction) as things got more serious with the childhood friend I had the same doubts as him, even so I was totally in ove with her I feared that things would change. Well, but I guess it’s even harder if more than one girl is in love with a boy. Kodaka doesn’t appear to be someone who wants to break hearts. I think all the girls of the Neighbours Club are very adorable:

There is the demure Yukimura, who is cute as hell, but since she’s not that talkactive, her chances are rather low. She also doesn’t act very ambitious in getting Kodaka’s attention.

Rika 3

Yozora is a little problematic character and is a little hard to deal with, but recently the number of defeats she gained torwards Sena thinned out her hard shell and made her more vulnerable, her dere dere side is quite lovely I have to say.

Rika 6

It turned out that Sena was also a childhood friend with Kodaka and their parents even set up a arranged marriage for them. Sena’s wins over Yozora, changed her a bit and now she is more self conscious. Well, I don’t have to mention how pretty she is.

Rika 4

What surprised me in this season is that Rika became an important character, I always liked the crazy scientist, but now she turned into a much more charming person and also Kodaka seems to really like her, since he complimented her through this whole season. He never did that with the other girls.

Rika 5

Howeve things will turn out, I love this anime Im looking forward to the next episode even though I doubt that we see any real decision in that season. Go Rika Go Rika!

What where your thoughts about the happenings in the 10th episode and which of these girls are your favorites, please share your opinion in the comments.


10 Responses

  1. hoshiko

    Well, we can all guess what Rika actually said. Maybe we’ll know soon enough?

    As for the Rika, I totally agree with. She had such huge transformation in this season. I’m liking her more and more and Yozora less and less. To be honest, I didn’t even like Rika last season. Maybe that’s because she’s too perverted? Haha. She toned down a lot. >.<

    • wieselhead

      Yay a comment 🙂
      Ok, I admit it seemed much obvious hehe.

      She was the perverted comedy clown in the last season, but now she appears more likeable and down to earth than the other characters.
      It’s still a shame that Yozora became so depressed and is treated badly, I guess she always had a bad personality, but something is different.

      I actually always liked Rika, peverted or not 😀

  2. Nopy

    I was really surprised to see that Kodoka actually knew that all of the girls liked him, I thought he was just thick-headed like most anime characters with a harem. The most shocking thing for this season for me was that Rika was actually that cute. I had originally put her on the same level as Yukimura, but now she’s neck and neck with Yozora and Sena.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, totally surprising, that he knew it all the time, you rarely see such sharp guys in harem anime.
      Hehe, she turned out as most normal attractive girl of the group recently, she is an adorable girlfriend candidate.

  3. Bakayaro

    Gerade eben die 10. Episode geschaut. Wenn man es genau nimmt, passt in die länge des weggelassenen Wortes kein “Tomodachi” rein. Auch vom Sinn her kann es eigentlich nur eines sein. Schließlich braucht man keine Dramatik auf diesem Level um zu sagen, dass alle Freunde sind. Rika gefiel mir vom Charakter her seit der ersten Season. Sie war lustig und irgendwie habe ich auch eine leichte Zuneigung zu perversen Charakteren. In der zweiten Season wurde sie wirklich von Episode zu Episode niedlicher und lässt Yozora und Sena schon hinter sich.

    Ich bin sowieso positiv überrascht wie Boku wa Tomodach ga sukunai meine Geschmäcker beeinflusst. Durch Kobato habe ich auch Loli-Charaktere mögen gelernt. Sie ist aber auch wirklich niedlich wenn sie schüchtern ist. ;D

    Ich bin gespannt was uns auf den voraussichtlich letzten 2 Episoden erwartet. Der kleine Rotschopf ist sicher nicht umsonst aufgetaucht. Auch die von Yozora gehasste Studentenrat-Schönheit, welche von ihrer äußerlichen Erscheinung nicht den Eindruck eines Nebencharakteres macht, lässt mich weiter spekulieren. Es macht den Eindruck als würde sich nebenher weiteres Material für eine neue Season aufbauen. Ich bin gespannt!

    • wieselhead

      Haha, ja das stimmt natürlich, es muss ja um liebe gehen, obwohl ich ja nix gegen Freundchaft zwischen den Mitgliedern ^^
      Ich verstehe was du meinst, ich mochte sie auch von Anfang an, sie war ja schon ziehmlich niedlich mit ihrer Art von Perversität.
      Komisch das Rika die zwei Ober Ladies auf ihre Plätze verweist, sie ist niedlich, intelleginter und irgendwi auch charmanter als alle anderen.

      Ja, irgendwann mag jeder Loli’s XD ob das jetzt auf niedlichkeit oder anderen Sachen beruht, Kobato ist mit ihrer anhänglichen Art wirklich bezaubernd.
      Persöhnlich mag ich die iree Maria aber ein wenig mehr, zusammen sind das aber auch supersüß.

      Ich hoffe das sie den Harem nicht noch vergrößern, als mögliche Freunde der anderen Charaktere sind mir die neuen aber Willkommen.
      Ja eine dritte Staffel gibts bestimmt, bei der popularität muss das einfach sein.

  4. feal87

    Just watched the episode. Will Kodaka actually decide who to date with this time around? I doubt it to be honest, but let’s keep watching till the end and see what happens! 😀

    *steals Sena and Kobato*

    • wieselhead

      Hehe this season our watching rythim is a little different, I always watch Haganai on fryday.
      It sounds really unbelievable that he will choose one and that the neighbours club works after that.
      On the other hand I would love to see that Kodaka picks Rika one of the girls.

      Do it and I give you Yukimura as well ^^

  5. Negacion

    Well well, i did not watch season one and start with season 2. Was attracted to this Rika since the beginning, so i do some google+ing to find out some spoiler if there is some.. Of course i hope Kodaka will pick Rika but the wiki said Rika is just a supporting character.. which kind of trouble me. And.. the ending theme.. only yozora and sena appeared.. Don’t fail me Haganai Next !

    • wieselhead

      Oh, you should definetely watch the first season, since it a lot of fun to see how the group came together.
      I also like Rika a lot, she is the best among the girls and I would love to see that Kodaka chooses her.
      Yeah I just noticed the “supporting character” tag, thats a shame.

      I guess we shouldn’t expect too much.

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