New Preorders part 12


A few preorders piled up again and today I will tell you about my latest orders, because of an unexpected figure it got more expensive than I planned. April seems to be a cursed month.
Even more if the Bath Time – Hinako won’t face any more delays. On the one hand Im looking forward to photograph her on the other hand I’m slightly embarrassed by her level of nudity.

At the end of this post I will show you the updated Preorder Roadmap and other appealing figures that are already up for preordering or the ones which were just announced recently.

Treasure hunt preorder


Tamaki Kousaka from Max Factory was released in June 2010 and is long sold out. I’ve actually seen her one or a few years ago, I really liked her cute and innocent appearance but her boobs appeared a little too big to me at that time so I forgot about her. A few weeks ago I’ve seen her again on a certain website and I initially thought that I had to get her no matter what.

Ebay prices were horrible and there was nothing on Mandarake, after a lot of whining on Twitter and MFC I somehow gave up 🙁 Luckily a week later my friend MastraCustom sent me a note that he spotted this certain Tamaki at Mandarake for 12,000 Yen, a quite fair price so he didn’t had to tell me twice and I took my chance. The additional shipping cost of 3,250 Yen where a kick in the nuts, but I badly wanted this Tamaki. She’s scaled 1/6 and has a kneeing height of 180 mm.

Last Minute preorder


Sandaime Muramasa from Max Factory is already released and I ordered her at the german shop Figuya who still had her up for preordering. As friend of a classic short maid attire I was very interested as this figure was announced, I don’t know much about her origin and even less about Sandaime herself, but oh well the figure already was convincing enough on her own. This figure is scaled 1/7 which will be the same scale as of the Kurono Kurumu maid figure from Orchid Seed that I will probably receive in June. You can never have too many Maids :p

Anyway I actually gave this purchase a lot of thought, I wasn’t sure how her skintone would turn out in the final product and I wanted to see at least one review of her before my final decision. The reviews of Nightmare and Exilehero convinced me to order her, I guess it wasn’t wrong to place another order for April. Nowadays you rarely have the luxury to wait for a review of a figure to decide about a purchase, you have to trust the promo shots or the figure will be sold out.

Regular preorders


Maria Takayama from Max Factory will be released in July, so far she’s my only preorder in that month. Maria can be combined with a Kobato figure which comes in a similar dress, you can get her seperately. Both have their own base, but each is big enough to provide space for these two.

Ahaha oh god the dress is so wrong for a young girl like Maria, anyway I like the cuteness of her face and that she resembles the artwork of Buriki very well, unlike GSC’s Yozora (1st bash).
I can’t help myself, but Kobato Hasegawa appears even more illegal and the somewhat horny face expression doesn’t make it any better. These two figures are ought to stay together, but I guess Maria must stay alone. Well, I have enough 1/7 scaled figures which can be her big sister.

Kan’u Unchou from Daiki Kougyou will be released in August, since I paid upfront for Miku & Nagisa which will be released in the same month, I can afford this 12000 Yen figure without worries. Kanu is scaled 1/6 and has a height of 280 mm not considering the length of her spear.

I know about the flaws of the Ikki Tousen animes, but I became a fan after I marathoned the first three seasons one after another, Hakufu and the other characters kind of grow on me.
There have been a few more appealing Ikki Tousen figures, but this Kanu will be my first figure of that franchise since Orchid Seed hasn’t started to finish their long time on prototype status figure Chouhi Ekitoku. Finally get this figure done Orchid Seed and take my money! (2nd bash).

In general I prefer figures with a cute or friendly face expression, but with her piercing angry look Kanu hit my buttons, she looks so badass and sexy in this figure incarnation. In history there have been bad and very good figures from Daiki Kougyou, I hope this Kanu is one of the first.


Blanc Neige from Orchid Seed will be released in September, surprisingly this one is not castoff able unlike most of Orchid Seed’s figures. On her ice base she has a quite elegant appearance.
Her clothes are also very appealing with the tight light purple suit and the over knee boots.

The face looks a little empty without a slightly trace of blush, I hope this will change in the final product otherwise I would consider to cancel my order for her in case something more appealing will be announced. The figure is scaled 1/7 and has a sitting height of 185 mm. Blanc Neige is sculpted by Arai Kyousuke who also made this  Seena Kanon figure in 2009 for Orchid Seed.


Maybe Baby List

– Figures I’m interested in, but not sure about the purchase at the moment.


Alisa Amiella – scale: 1/7 – manufacturer: PLUM – release date: July

After I made a good experience with a previous figure from PLUM Im positive about the quality of this up coming figure. Alisa has a good bodysculpt and design, I really like the outfit with the red and black color tone. The face also leaves a good impression, maybe I’ll order her as well.

Nanako – scale: non scale – manufacturer: Orchid Seed – release date: August

Unfortunately I’ve passed on the first color version of this figure, recently a new color version of Nanako went up for preordering, I prefer the texture of the blue school swimsuit and the contrast of the white stockings. The loli figure itself is very appealing and cute, I really consider to get her.

Honma Meiko – scale: 1/7 – manufacturer: Max Factory – release date: August

Max Factory created a very nice and appealing figure of Menma, her style is a little different from the anime, but she’s still Menma. I like the tropical flair of her outfit and it looks great how she nibbles on her popcicle. I have no problems with buying loli figures, but I can’t help myself, this petite and slender Menma looks kind of illegal, something says too young and somethings say time for getting laid XD  Wahh! what am I saying I better pass before I get any weird ideas.

Stocking Anarchy – scale: 1/8 – manufacturer: ALTER – release date: September

My impression on the anime were kinda mixed, but unlike Panty, Stocking always was the character I liked. The wicked angel comes in a super sweet outfit and a vivid blue pink hair color. There is also her big busom and the friendly face expression. Everything about her quite tempting

Bikini Nanoha – scale: 1/7 – manufacturer: Ques q – release date: October

I actually planned to get this 1/4 scaled loli Nanoha from Gift, but in the meantime Ques q colored their prototype from last Wonfes. Nanoha is also wearing a bikini, but I prefer the cute and innocent design of this one from Ques q. I also prefer the adorable face expression and the 1/7 scale fits better into my collection. Preorders weren’t opened so far, maybe soon.


Preorder Roadmap

– Figures I’ve already pre ordered this year

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32 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    That Tamaki Kousaka figure is famous. I’ve seen it almost everywhere. Lucky you to be able to finally own one. =)

    Haha, I was wondering why you ordered only Maria and not Kobato and then I saw your explanation. When I saw these two at the WF reports, I was surprised….

    • wieselhead

      It seems many people got her in that year, but I wasn’t very interested in her at that time, maybe it was too ecchi for me XD
      If I had ordered Tamaki earlier it would have been cheaper, but anyway Im happy about getting this rare an pretty figure.

      In their normal outfits I’d rather picked Kobato or even both, but this figure of Kobato in the latex suit, makes me feel uncomfortable.

  2. fabrice

    That sure is a heck of a preorder list you have there!

    while i think all are not my type I just love the panty and Alisa Amiella looks very nice.

    Man you have lots of figures coming in, I wonder how you do with room, i demand picture! XD

    • wieselhead

      It piles up quite often, doesn’t it :p I preordered a few of them many months ago *wait…wait…wait*
      Ah I thought so ^^ Im rarely very compatible with many other collectors. It’s Stocking not Panty 😉

      It looks less cramped than you would expect, pics might come soon.

  3. Nopy

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re getting Maria but not Kobato. I would’ve gone for Kobato if I had to pick one, she’s just too cute.

    • wieselhead

      I prefer Kobato as character, but the problem for me was the face expression, it appears more aroused than cute and in combination with the outfit my head says *wrong-wrong-wrong*
      I want my lolis to be cute and innocent, while wearing cute outfits 😀

  4. Kai

    dat Tamaki Kousaka! <3
    I would love one of those actually but since I'm living with my parents, I need to avoid buying figures like those D: I mean, it's even so much more revealing and "extreme" then all the Beach Queen figures combined.

    • wieselhead

      She’s beautiful isn’t she? ^^
      As I started collecting figures I avoided sexy figure, because I didn’t want to appear like a pervert XD
      Soon I noticed the charm of slightly sexy figures with great curves and didn’t saw it as anything bold.
      Well I would never buy too explicit figures to shock my parents or myself.