New Preorders part 15

This is rather an update than a New Preorders post, but I won’t preorder a lot of figures anymore, at list for this year. Thx to the delays that occured I will get 4 figures this month  ;D

These unexpected delays collided with my previously set shipping methods  and so I just received one figure by the end of the previous month I got really bored during this 4 week waiting time. Even the Cheerful Miku which was released on the 14th September took more than two weeks until it was shipped to any western country, Im still waiting. And what happens when Im bored?

Right – Im looking for figure that are already available, which lead to the following purchase.

Ordered Figures


Fate/Hollow Ataraxia – Saber Maid version

Im actually not a real fan of Saber, but I don’t hate her either. As a friend of Maid attires I really like this Fate/Hollow Ataraxia – Saber Maid, she’s pretty nice as scantily dressed maid. The revealed back, the short skirt, sexy stockings and the ruffles everywhere, its a quite appealing combo. I also like the confident pose where she is holding the cool looking mop. This Saber was manufactured by ALTER in 2008 and is scaled 1/6. She should arrived in the next few weeks.

I found this Saber in AmiAmi’s preowned item corner for around 4800 Yen, it actually was good price. The deal had one little flaw though, I thought I was ordering the Ataraxia – Saber Maid R version, which was released recently, but ordered the old one instead *facepalm*.

Thats actually the first time that I’ve order the WRONG figure. The old Saber Maid version shouldn’t be so bad, in case I don’t like her I will sell her on ebay and get the one I wanted.


Maybe Baby List


These following figures are just from my Maybe Baby list (figures that I might order next), but I guess I will order the one or another from the ones listed below.

Kurokami Medaka

Max Factory recently became my favorite figure manufacturer, I love their Mugi, Maria, Asuka and Muramasa. Even though my impressions from the Medaka Box were a bit mixed, aside from that I like the crazy, big boobed weirdo student council president Medaka with her unique look and style. I especially like the wild appearance that the spiky hair and slanted eyes are giving her.
Max Factories Kurokami Medaka is scaled 1/8 and the release is scheduled for January 2013.
She has no cast-off option, unfortunately XD but the different armbands can be taken off.

Since I liked the Kurokami Medaka figure from Megahouse from the last Wonderfestival as well, therefore I would like to delay my order to give the other Company a chance for convincing me.

Dollfie Dream Dynamite – Miko

I guess I’ve turned crazy after 2 weeks of seriously taking care my last assignments, but yes I want a pretty Dollfie now. This one is scaled 1/3 and has a crazy height of 57 cm, I like her hair and the lively face with the blush marks. The only problem left aside from being able to get her, is the price of just ¥44000 *orz*. The loli Dollfie would be a bit cheaper, aww maybe I like lttle Rena a bit more  (>◡<)♡. Where could I get both anyway? a vmf50 would be easier to get and sexy.

Amami Haruka – Cu-Poche

This is Kotobukiya’s first figure from the Cu-Poche line is my beloved Haruka from the Idolmaster anime, she’s something like a more poseable ball jointed Nendoroid with magnets in her feet. I found Haruka’s advertised poses very interesting and the deformed face looks so stupidly adorable. This Haruka comes with three faces, 6 hands, wings, a halo and a microphone.
The release date of this little poseable monster is scheduled for April 2013 I’ll probably get her.

Kousaka Tamaki – Bunny version

I never expected to buy a bunny suit figure nor a second figure of Tamaki, but this one appears to be very nice. While not being a fan bunny suits, this Tamaki literally rocks that outfit with her nice body and the cool pose, also her seductive smile is a nice detail which gives this figure a nice appearance. This figure will be made by Orca Toys. It is the first figure of that company, which is related to Okayama Figure Engineering, they make extreme hentai figures. Bunny Tamaki is scaled 1/5 and will have height of 230 mm, the upper body has a cast off feature.


Megahouse decided to turn the whole cast of Aquarion Evol into a figure lineup, overall this anime appears better received by the Japanese audience. I watched the predecessor Sousei no Aquarion and also liked this new anime which aired this year. You could say that MIX was my favorite female character next to Yunoha. I’ actually never expected that someone would make a figure of MIX. The figure is sculpted in her casual dress, yeah Aquarion Evol was a quite colorful anime, but I think it’s a cute outfit. MIX also has her “big bangs” and is wearing neardy glasses.

I like her friendly face and also heard something about a second face option, but Im not sure if thats correct. MIX is scaled 1/8 and her release date is sheduled for the first month of 2013.


My slightly decreasing Preorder Roadmap

Yagyu Jubei already arrived, Miku and Saber are already on their way. With Stocking, Kanu and Hibari October should be an awesome month. I guess there will be at least 2 delays like last time.


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20 Responses

  1. Halbred

    Of all these, Kurokami is the most appealing. Tamaki is nice too, but for some reason that bright red is killing me. I’ve only got the Bishoujo Power Girl and Orchid Seed’s Asmodeus on the docket, but I’m sure that will change soon. 😉

    • wieselhead

      She’s nice isn’t she, Im really curious for the one from Megahouse. The red is quite agressive, I’d rather have her in a white bunnysuit, but overall I like appearance of her. Hehe Bishoujo Power Girl looks cool.
      More nice figures are incoming ;D

    • wieselhead

      Schöne Liste, das Layout ist sehr gut. Wir haben ja ein paar Gemeinsamkeiten und du hast auch das bestellt was ich eigentlich auch sehr ansprechend finde wie zb Nymph und Kuroyukihime mit dem Schwein.
      Maria hab ich schon zuhause, ich bin schon ganz grelle auf Stocking, so cool und farbenfroh, einfach spitze.

      Ne, das passiert mir eigentlich nie, hab ja auch fast nur Figuren im Kopf, ok auch noch anderes XD
      Ja zu viel in einem Monat ist immer etwas unangenehm, deshalb habe ich letztens auch einiges gecancelt, im nachhinein wurden aber alle gecancelten Figuren verschoben *lol*

  2. Miette-chan

    Such a light list, need to ramp up!

    I considered getting the new release of the Maid Saber, after all it is one the first figures I became interested years ago. Such a shame that too much going on during this month to order her so I decided to pass on her.

    A dollfie you say? At least you are not after one of the licensed characters or a dollfie that has been previously released otherwise it would cost you a pretty penny even if it was from Volks directly. I look forward to see what you would do with one. Hmm… I should buy some clothes for Nanoha it has been… a while.

    • wieselhead

      After this month I should be in the safe zone again to justify new bigger purchases.
      I always had little interest in her, after seeing the really fair price I took my chance, if I only had paid more attention to the versions. Yeah this month is hardcore, but
      you could also get her later on Mandarake or AmiAmi, the old maid and maid R are on the same price level, maybe my review will convince you then :p

      Yeah somehow I want one, so it’s a advantage when the doll character isn’t licensed, yes make Nanoha happy with new clothes.

  3. Aya

    I just get my saber alter maid last month back then never interested with the normal one but seeing them again recently either the old one or the R version, it start took my interest, they seems have good detail the duck face very cute too now I feel like to have one too…
    for dollfies they will cry for cute yet expensive clothes T_T for consideration as I see, it’s much easier and cheaper to find loli/mini dollfie clothes and accessories 😉 don’t need camping on volks website or bidding war ahahaha they looks cuter and surprisingly not sold very fast ….. and I don’t think you need rush for them as they are standard model, I am sure they will be restocked quite often in the future.
    also want amami haruka cu-poche but it’s quite long wait I am not pre-ordering hope they have in stock later as long I am haven’t lost my interest next year 😛

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha I see well a cute and big Saber Maid is always nice. You could display both together like here
      Unlike me, you should get the new R version, she should be less yellowish and overall has a more natural skintone.

      I have totally no knowledge of the Dollfie sphere, but it’s good to here that I might be able to get one more easier than another model ^^
      She’s really cute, this Haruka, its a bit till the release date, I think she will be available shortly after the release as well.

  4. Tier

    That is unfortunate about Saber Maid. I think a lot of those older figures have a lot of charm, but I guess they would probably lose a lot of that charm if the company makes a new and improved version of the figure. (There’s this old GSC figure of Saber that I really, really wanted back around 2007 or so, but I never got it, and looking at it again, while I still think it has charm, it doesn’t look nearly as good as I remember it looking).

    You should definitely get a Dollfie … comrade.

    I think I want to get that Tamaki figure, and I’m pretty sure I will, unless something bizarre happens (like Orca Toys decides they don’t want to sell to gaijin, like Orchid Seed). The thing is, I don’t know if I really need more Tamaki figures in my collection, and now that you say that they have some relation to Okayama Figure Engineering, that’s a bit concerning, since I’ve never been interested in their figures and given that they make the sort of figures I ought to like, that’s saying something.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah somehow it is, but just because I missed the slightly improved Version, her skin looked nicer and the hair looks more natural.
      I still think I can live with the older Version, it’s not like the rerelease makes her look like crap, hopefully ;p

      Oh you don’t recommend me a vmf50 instead? I would like one cool doll, but the price is so high, I have to be drunk when doing the purchase 😀

      I still don’t get Orchid Seeds decision or the whole story about it, do they want to get broke or what? Do you know more about it.
      Im still a little hesitant about this figure, she looks very nice judging from the promo shots, but 1/5 might be too big for my tastes.
      I wouldn’t mind to get the upcoming Sonico maid from Freeing if she recreates my image of Sonico, but since Im not very attached to Tamaki Im not sure,
      I will decide about that after all my October preorders came in. I actually don’t have more preorders for this year ^^

      I should have hidden the connection, well the figures of Okayama Figure Engineering are very H, but don’t look really appealing overall, mhh ok the bunny ear loli was quite funny and didn’t looked too bad.

      • Tier

        I always recommend vmf50 dolls! They are great indeed. I know nothing about Dollfies, I must admit, and I am just teasing about them, since there was a time a couple of years ago where they were more fashionable than common.

        I have no idea what is going on with Orchid Seed. I’ve got three guesses: maybe they are xenophobic nationalists who hate gaijin, maybe they want to make arrangements for overseas sales themselves or with a group like AAA Anime (who handle most of the Japanese figure distribution in the US), or they’re specifically angry with Amiami. None of them really make any sense, though, and I’m hoping that whatever happens, international buyers don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to buy Orchid Seed stuff.

  5. feal87

    44000 yen? Oh dear god, adding taxes and shipment to that dolphie would make it reach around 600 eur…:|

    Still she looks quite awesome…:D

  6. feal87

    Not sure if my message disappeared somehow, but let me rewrite it.

    40.000 yen for that dollfie? That means 600-650 eur including tax and shipping, even if it’s gorgeous…I…still…too much! >_<

  7. softz

    Good day 🙂

    None of the new figures catch my eyes. The Saber looks a bit yellowish.

    But the dollfie definitely does the job. I almost bidded for one initially. But, I didn’t due to the price. Maybe, I should click the CC button 😀

    If you do get a dollfie, I’d be very much looking forward to the photos 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Ah senor softz is there, hi how are you?

      Haha ok, I hope thats no accusation ^^
      Yeah she does in these old promo shots, hopefully it’s not that extreme in person.
      I would like to have one, won’t you sponsor me? I’d give you all the pics you want 😀

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