New Preorders part 17

Hello everyone, time for the first New Preorders Post in this new year 2013. I ordered and preordered a few things recently, a little bit of restraint is still present, but that might change soon and I will be back into the devastating Passionate Collector Mode!

last minute orders

Yoshi Hotori from Native – You know, I have this “No pantsu No purchase” rule and even though it hurt, I decided to pass on this figures because of her exposed rear. But Im only human and even my restrain has it’s limits, after MastraCustom, Tier and Bakayaro “rubbed” their purchased Hotori under my nose, I was quite angry that I hadn’t ordered her before like they did. Well, in the end I tried my luck at the german figure shop Yorokonde and surprisingly I got the very last copy for a fair price. I actually wouldn’t have mind the figure to be more dressed, since her nudity wasn’t the thing that convinced me get her. I like the long twintails, the pretty face and the outfit of this figure. I kinda feel dirty though, let’s see if I can display her anywhere.

Yoshi Hotori was released in June 2012 and the figure is scaled 1/7 with a height of 23 cm. This January month actually shouldn’t end with two purchased figures, but it can’t be helped now.


new figure preorders

Chouhi Ekitoku from Orchid Seed – After I was kind of dissapointed by the outcome of this figure at first, after a lot of seesaw I gave in and finally ordered magical Chouhi. I rewatched Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny recently and found quite a liking to it again. I like the wild and loud character of Chouhi a lot and in this cute costume, Im kinda enchanted by this figure. Other than my first impression I really think that she looks like the Chouhi Ekitoku I know. She is cute and a little  naughty, Which as nice combination I like how her pose is focused on her cute butt.

Chouhi Ekitoku is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 18 cm, the figure should have been released in December 2012, but was delayed to early spring of 2013, I guess I should receive her in March.

Cat Lap Milk from Native – I passed on too many nice Native figures which where released recently, partially because of the lewdness of their figures. But this figure should be mine, since she is wearing optional panties, Im relieved. I like maid outfits as well as cat ears, so I didn’t need much time to make this purchase. Cat Lap Milk offers many different cast off stages. It’s really hot how her big boobs with the pointy nipples are pressed on the transparent floor/wall.
This figure looks really naughty with her flushed cheeks and her little tounge out and the whole milk on the floor situation, but I like this figure. It is said that a second pair of boobs for a different display option will be included, even though I don’t know how this will work in the end.

The figure is scaled 1/7 which makes her 180 cm long and 12 cm in height. Like everything from Native, Cat Lap Milk is a exclusive figure that has to be bought with the help of a proxy buyer, the release is sheduled for July 2013.

Okumura Yukio G.E.M MegaHouse – Ah yeah, Waver Velvet won’t be my first figure of a male character, I bought Yukio from Ao no Exorcist, what I really enjoyed to watch instead. Initially I planned on getting his brother Rin, but I didn’t liked how his faces turned out, I guess I couldn’t have looked at it without feeling annoyed after some time. Well, Yukio comes with a kind and handsome bishounen face expression, which was one of the reason I considered this purchase at first. He also has a serious alternative face and also an optional arm will be included.

I think he looks very bad ass  in his black long coat and his Springfield M1911A1 guns. I never expected to get a male figure, but I think it’s worth to give this figure a try. Okumura Yukio is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 23 cm, the release is sheduled for the 29th January 2013.

Jingai Makyo Ignis of the endless winter  from Orchid Seed – I don’t know the Game she is based on, her personality. I haven’t even followed her development at first. But I think it’s a very pretty looking figure, it seems like she’s something special that I didn’t want to miss. I like her elaborate white outfit, that looks like a combination of a wedding dress and straitjacket ;D. Joking aside, I really like so much about her design, red hair, pointy ears and a very pretty face. Ignis is also castoffable, the transparent bodytight is quite sexy and she has pretty boobs.

Whatever silly game happened between AmiAmi and Orchid Seed during the last year, on the bottomline AmiAmi is selling Orchid Seed figures again. In my “The figure year 2012 in numbers” post, I find faulty that I haven’t bought enough Orchid Seed figures, that should hopefully change in 2013, maybe they can finish one of the big Sonico’s. This figure of Ignis was accounced three years ago and now her release is sheduled for the end of February 2013.

I’ve ordered a GK figure

Mashiroiro Symphony – Sena Airi from Gathering/E2064 – I rember that I saw this GK a few years ago and I wanted it quite badly, one proxy tried to grab one for me but it didn’t work since the GK was sold out in seconds. A few more months later this proxy offered me the unfinished GK, but 160$ appeared a bit much to me. At the end of this year I saw this finished GK of Sena Airi at E2046 for a fair price. I gathered all my courage and hit the order button, partially because I wanted the figure that I couldn’t get a few years ago, let’s call it delayed gratification.

Mashiroiro Symphony has a lovely characterdesign and very pretty schhool uniforms and I like how it was adapted in this GK figure, let’s hope that she comes close after these promo pictures in the end. Sena Airi is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 21cm, they could give me no info about a release date,but it shouldn’t take too long, so Airi should arrive somwhere this year.

Maybe Baby List

Nisemonogatari – Karen Araragi from GSC – Here is the lovely Karen on a steamroller, but wait holy shit! her retail price is around 11238 Yen, I don’t know what about her is worth that much money. It’s a nice figure but c’mon. Anyway her release date is sheduled for July 2013.

Racing Miku 2012 version from FREEing – Yeah that’s the latest Racing Miku figure and she turned out rather cute, I think her wide face is really cute, the upper front teeth line is so nice. I like the design mix of space princess and grid girl a lot, she is showing a lot of skin, even more with her transparent parts. She is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 26 cm, her release date is sheduled for June 2013. The retail price is 12190 Yen *lol* whats up with these prices recently!?

Surprisingly this figure won’t be produced by GSC, it’s a collaboration of Dragon Toys (Daiki Kougyou) and FREEing. I find Racing Miku 2012 quite appealing and I will consider her purchase.

Se Kirara – Kawamura Yuu from Max Factory – A more possible purchase may be the enchanting Yuu from the Se Kirara game, as I saw her yesterday morning I fell in love with this lovely figure. There is so much life in this dynamic pose and look at that beautiful face of her.

Yuu is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 21 cm, her release date is sheduled for May 2013. With a retail price of 7429 Yen she’s rather cheap compared to these other two. I love you Yuu.



preorder roadmap

preorder roadmap 17 copy

22 Responses

    • wieselhead

      Ja, das hoffe ich doch ^^
      Ich wollte sie nun letztendlich doch sehr gern haben, auch wenn es gegen meine Regel ist.

      Haha, wie konnte das denn passieren? fast schon so viel wie ich letztes Jahr gekauft habe.
      Aber du hast da einige tolle Figuren im Program, Karen möchte ich auch irgendwie, aber der Preis gefällt mir so garnicht.

  1. Nightmare

    I wouldn’t worry about displaying Yoshii, though perhaps not at direct eye-level of your visitors if their tolerance levels are low. I’ve never had someone comment on her or any other explicit figure in my collection but I’m guessing some people are more sensitive than others.

    Orchid Seed are up to shenanigans, they keep reassuring people that figures will be released a certain month only to repeat themselves the month thereafter. I don’t mind delays, just the misinformation given by companies in regard to release dates.

    Native did, in my opinion, nail the painted version of the Cat Lap Milk. Oftentimes when figures are sticking out their tongue they appear to be suffering from a physical disorder rather than expressing an emotion. Characters with sexual intentions or hidden agendas seem tricky to translate from illustration to sculpt but Native are generally doing a very good job with that.

    I hope you’ll be happy with your garage kit figure, I’m still too hesitant to give E2046 a go with their pre-painted offerings as, if compared to PVC figures, are still a bit too costly for my taste.

    Based on AmiAmi prices, Karin is about 2-4k yen more expensive compared to the Bakemonogatari girls before her. Personally, I don’t think Karin’s design is that more intricate than what is found in the aforementioned figures but I do think it’s a great creation overall. While I’m looking forward to Karin I can’t wait to see the prototype of her sister which with some luck will be displayed during the upcoming WonFes.

    • wieselhead

      Well, from the side she is probably ok.
      I received no bad comments from visitors so far, only amusing remarks.

      Yes they seem to be a bit arrogant or at least their company appears that way.
      I don’t really mind the delays that much, though.

      Yeah, she looks great like this, such a pretty face ^^
      It still appears more than sexual and ecchi overall.

      Ah yeah Im slightly scared to be honest, but it’s a chance to get this gk painted and assembled.
      I pray that I will be satisfied with her. I’d rather chosen Airi as PVC, but there is none 🙁

      I also like Karen’s design overall, she’s really cute, but the price doesn’t seem right at all.
      It is no complex detail on this figure, only bulky sport clothes, I don’t get it.

  2. Jenn

    I ordered Cat Lap Milk too and I’m really looking forward to her. Her base is clever, and they did an excellent job on her nipples. *-*

    Ah, good to see someone else who LIKES Miku’s face. I think Racing Miku’s 2012 design is my favourite so far. Too bad she has a steep price. Hopefully GSC’s version will be more affordable. Fingers crossed!

    I want Karen really bad, but her price also bothers me. She looks good, and her base is HUGE, but considering Sengoku and Kanbaru had equally intricate bases and retailed for 2000 yen less, I’m not sure why Karen’s price is so high (other than maybe inflation…?). Looks like a lot of 1/8 figures are getting bumped over 10k mark in 2013. =’P

    • wieselhead

      Yay! She has something irresistable about her.
      I also like her pressed nipples, so smexy XD

      Yes she looks so cute in this latest adaption, the first looked like a weirdo, the second one a little yandere, but the 2012 version, has the cheerful innocent look what I actually prefer on figures. I doubt that GSC makes a own one, but we will see ^^

      Yeah I don’t want to pay that much for her, GSC became greedy X< It beecame more expensive, but oh well unfortunately enough people are paying these prices There are still cheaper surprises like Yuu from Max Factory.

  3. Nopy

    Argh, so many nice figures, especially that Hotori figure. That Sena Airi figure looks amazing, I hope you do a review of her when she arrives. I have been saving up for when I go back to school, so that means I won’t be able to purchase any more figures 🙁

    • wieselhead

      And I tr cutting back, haha that never really worked so far 🙁
      Hotori arrived today. Yeah I hope she will look like that, I guess we both love the Mashiroiro design.
      I will review her for sure, whenever she arrives. Oh that sounds quite sad, the schools over there are quite expensive, huh?
      With the proper education you can get better paid jobs and can buy again in the future ^^

  4. hoshiko

    Ah, I really thought Waver’s gonna be your first male figure but Okumura Yukio isn’t bad. That figure looks really cool. That’s quite an outfit he has it going over there.

    I’m not really a fan of Karen’s figure. Maybe it’s her pose I don’t like. The streamroller behind her rocks though.

    I lol’d when you mentioned that Cat Lap Milk figure will come with a different pair of boobs. It just sounds weird, that’s all. Will be looking forward of your pictures of her when she arrives.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, but somehow I wasn’t that convinced after all. So yeah it’s Yuki, hehe I liked this anime more anyway.
      Oh, really? Well it’s ok to see it that way, the bulky clothes are maybe not your taste.

      Hehe, I think tghey will be squeezed and normal, even though I can’t imagine how this should work.
      It will be some time until then.

  5. Tier

    Hotori Yoshii is definitely a great figure, you will enjoy her a lot.

    I was kinda surprised to see Orchid Seed making a Chouhi figure, since I don’t recall them making any Ikkitousen stuff before. I guess everyone makes Ikkitousen stuff, though. I’m still hoping that Roshuku Shikei gets a figure, sometime.

    I don’t usually buy figures of dudes but I kinda like the way that Yukio figure looks, and I thought a little bit about buying it, too. Then I decided that I could instead use that money to buy a figure of a hot female character instead, and that would be a better use for it. Also, he looks vaguely like my older brother did when he was younger, and that would be kinda weird to see on my figure shelf.

    • wieselhead

      Hehe yeah she is lovely and her face i so cute.Even though she is showing her little boobs,
      ass and beaver her oveall appearance is less bold than I had expected.

      Me, too and I was happy about it. Mhh they rarely make more than one figure of a show.
      There is that Yui from To love Ru and Panty from Panty & Stocking.

      Hehe thats pretty rare, that bishoujo fans buy male figures I think. Yukio is actually a character for fangirls,
      but I like the characterdesign as well. Yeah I also prefer hot, cute girls, but I wanted to take a look at the G.E.M line from MegaHouse. A figure of your brother sounds quite awesome XD

  6. Kai

    A guy figure, I haven’t collected a single one myself, though I actually ordered an Accelerator figure a while back, together with the Saber Beach Queen, think it faced some problems, I dunno where the heck the Accelerator figure had gone to now >_>

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I decided to get a bishounen figure for once, he doesn’t look too masculine, but still quite handsome, he even has cool glasses ^_^
      Accelerator will be released after February 14th, I guess they’ve delayed this figure.

  7. Adam

    I can relate to your initial reservations regarding Native’s Hotori. She looks very nice–love the colors and the pose–and I’d love to add her to my collection, but I do try to keep my collection relatively tame in the interest of social pragmatism and I feel that Hotori, as with most Native creations, is a little too ecchi for me to be comfortable displaying her on the shelf.

    Thanks for pointing out that E2046 is doing a Gathering version of the Airi GK. The original Volks GK definitely caught my eye more than most because of the gorgeous uniform design, but at the end of the day it was GK-only and I don’t do GKs. I’m still a little leery of E2046’s stuff, but the few reviews of their products I’ve read have generally been positive. I’m keen to see how Airi will fare in your review.

    • wieselhead

      Well, she’s nude at both sides without any opional parts to cover, which is actually a no go for me.
      I can’t say that I didn’t try to resist this purchase, but after the many reviews I was convinced.

      The naked pussy isn’t that obviously “in your face” as I feared at first. It’s there on closer inspection
      Im really happy that I received her now, overall Hotori is really adorable, I like her petite look figure and the beautiful face.

      Youre welcome, I was kind of stunned as I saw this Airi as finished Kit at E2046, I always wanted this lovely figure of Airi.
      Lets see how she will turn out in the end, Im still a bit scared.

  8. Aya

    Congrats for the orders, Finally Yoshii Hotori \:D/ Chouhi Ekitoku really unique an adult magical girl, cat lap milks looks really gorgeous
    from the maybe list I like Kawamura Yuu it looks mild on my eyes 😀

    • wieselhead

      Thx, Yoshii is lovely. Ahaha actually she’s too buxom for this kind of dress,
      but that is also very cute aspect of this figure somehow.

      I guess I will order Yuu earlier or later, she looks too nice.

  9. Miette-chan

    Oh, ho, ho… you are one naughty boy, so many cast off figures in this least. I’m very much surprised you managed to find a Native figure for sale like that. Also, OMG a male scaled figure no way! To be honest I would like a nice male figure but most have been a little to pandering to the ladies or meh in terms of the sculpting and posing for me.

    Seeing at is the new year and all, I think I should do a new pre-order list too it has been a while for me.

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha now that you mentioned it, I lookks so obvious.
      When I buy tame figures like I did last year I feel like lying to myself 😀
      Sure, they are nice as well but I prefer the sexier ones.

      It was actually sold out, but I asked nevertheless and yay they got one left in storage.
      Well, I gave this a lot of thought, I actually dislike a certain type of male anime character.
      Yukio is a nice combination of handsome and cool and I think he’s a kind person.

      Ah yeah that would be interesting to see.

  10. Fabrice

    Wow thats going to be some pretty busy next few months for your wallet as well as your cupboard, is there still space left? actually wouldnt mind seeing a cupboard post hey? ^^

    The figures are well typical wieselhead types lol especially the first three “inviting” figures lol
    As you saw in my diary post I ordered Karen like you, I think whats left from my collection is bakemonogatari and now Nise will take over ^^
    The miku looks nice, I knew you would like it, shes so cute like the other miku megane figure!

    luckily may and june is free so that you can recharge!

    • wieselhead

      Haha for sure, but Im used to it more or less.
      Most of my figures are on shelves, Im planning to show my room(s) very soon.
      Yes, I have still some space, sometimes I put older figures in the box and also sell a few.

      Yeah inviting ladies, it’s back to the boobs… ehh, roots, the castoff stuff is a nice feature, even though I mainly use this in shootings.
      I still struggle with purchasing Karen, she’s so nice, but I don’t really get the huge price of her.
      Hehe yes, she is so cute with her big smile and twintails.

      Yes, but Im not sure what will come up in these months 😀

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