New Preorders part 6

Hi everybody,
time to update my new preorders, here are three more figures out of my latest preorders.

Aisaka Taiga – Tiger Costume version 1/8 scaled from ques Q

The first one is this 1/8 scaled Aisaka Taiga – Tiger Costume version from ques Q, I don’t know about the production quality of ques Q but I really liked look of the prototype. I like the petite and slender body, another nice point of her is the playful and funny pose, well she wears only a few clothes and the outfit can only be considered slutty. I ‘m a bit into cat eared characters, the tiger related details are very cute, Taiga comes with an additional pouting face and an additional tail. Her release date is in June

Hatsune Miku Lat type version 1/8 scaled from Good Smile Company

The second one is this Miku Lat type version, I planned to order the Hatsune Miku Tony Version but, a few days after GSC showed Lat type version at Wonfes I fell in love with her.
She has an voluminous hairstyle, a cute face with optional glasses and overall her pose looks cute and energetic. The outfit looks also very nice, I think the white shirt suits her very well and fits to the other parts of her outfit. This Miku comes with red glasses *megane* *megane* and a second microphone. The only thing Im a bit concerned about is her small height of 17 cm I hope she will fit to my other standing 1/8 scaled figures without looking like a small headed dwarf.
Her release date is in August if everthing will go as planned.

Itou Noemi 1/8 scaled from Kotobukiya

The third and last preorder is this older but lovely Itou Noemi which I just discovered a few weeks ago at the sales section of Hobby Link Japan, first I tried to resist, but in the end I wasn’t able to pass on her and so I ordered her today. I like the way she hides herself behind her maid uniform while standing in her underwear with her nice white stockings. Its nice how the sculptor captured her pose in such a dynamik way and the face with the blushmarks from embarrasment. because I ordered her at a local store,she should arrive at the end of this week ^^.

I have a few more figures with a high prority on my wishlist which are all from Kotobukiya and scaled 1/6, Nymph, Kuroko Maid Version and Misaka Maid Version and last but not least Kouno Harumi, but at the moment I can’t decide what I’d really like to have.

And here are 3 figures from my older New Preorder posts which I can expect to arrive in the last week of April, the Super Sonico “Twins” from Yamato and Orchid Seed, Im curous about which one will look better in the end and the lovely Morishima Haruka figure from Amagami SS in the black swimsuit from Max Factory even though I somehow expecting some delays.

I’ve already written what I like about these three figures, so this time I will spare you from too much text from me. To complete this preorder post I’ve also canceled two figures which will be released this month Eleanor Mercer and Nagi Sanzenin Nendoroid.

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24 Responses

  1. BioToxic

    The recent burst of figures available for pre-order has been quite exciting. I’ve had to limit what I order sadly.

    I’m interested in seeing Hatsune Miku Lat type version, I wanted to get her but decided against it for now. She looks really cute with her glasses. I guess I’ll be finding out if missing out on her was the correct choice in August.

    I look forward to seeing the Super Sonico figures.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah its really bad when there are too many nice figures, my limit will be space in the future, I will need a new house XD

      Im looking forward to seeing them myself ^^

  2. Nopy

    The Taiga figure is interesting, but I was put off buying it because it just doesn’t look right. I have a poster of the original illustration and it looks different from the figure.

    I thought about ordering the Miku Lat type too, but I think I have enough Miku figures for now. I look forward to your review of Noemi, I like the promo shots of her, but I haven’t seen an actual review yet.

    • wieselhead

      Yes it’s a bit different than the illustration, but I have to admit that I don’t really like the illustration.
      I think the figure looks cooler ;D
      Ah I see, well I have not a single Miku in my collection.

      Noemi looks so nice, Im in love somewhow ^o^
      I couldn’t find a single review of her either

  3. Zai

    Taiga looks really cute and I love that she has an alternate expression and tail included. Her little kitty ears are adorable too. πŸ˜€

    Mmm.. I ended up falling for the Lat Miku too! Initially, I wasn’t interested but after awhile I found myself looking at her photos all the time until I just had to have her! Soon I will have a very Miku dominated collection. >.<

    Both of the Soniko twins look lovely, we ended up going for the Yamato version because we thought the legs of Orchid Seed's Soniko look a little bit short or something. Was a hard decision though..

    • wieselhead

      Yep she looks great, and she will be my first nekomimi eh tigermimi figure πŸ˜‰
      Lat Miku should turn out great, but Im a bit concerned about her size.

      Haha orchid Seeds version looks she has some short dachshund legs, I agree XD

  4. Tier

    Noemi is really cute; I didn’t even know that that figure existed until I saw it in HLJ’s bargain bin but I have to admit I’m kinda tempted myself. I’d probably get her if I weren’t completely out of room for new stuff but I have to decide where I’m going to put Nadeko, big-head Fate, and Eleanor. I guess I ought to start putting some of my older figures back in their boxes to clear off some shelf space.

    • wieselhead

      The purchase of Noemi wasn’t planned at all, but I couldn’t resist she’s too cute and I like the slightly Fanservice of the pose πŸ™‚
      Yeah at some point a collection causes such problems :I I don’t have as many figures as you, but I had to put some figures back into their boxes, well its better than selling them off.

  5. Ashlotte

    I was incredibly tempted by Taiga as she does look extremely cute, but I’m not THAT big of a fan of her character so I figure I’ll take my chances that she hits bargain. :p

    Lat however was so very ordered in a second!

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see, well Im not a super big fan of her either, but in this case the figure itself made me want to get her πŸ™‚ Haha lat Miku is really tempting that’s true

  6. Aya

    Cute Taiga, well cat and tiger are a bit related wish can see dog looking figures in the future, I also order that Lat-Miku hmm 17 cm most of my PVC have Loli looking I think they would fit each other lol.

    • wieselhead

      Haha I can’t ait to get my Tiger Taiga
      I like your new Avatar, its so pretty πŸ™‚

  7. Yi

    Ooh nice bunch of figures. Miku looks really cute with glasses. And Haru is super sexy!

  8. GREW

    Some nice preorders you have there.

    I also like Hatsune Miku Late type. But I think I will go with the reissue of the normal from GSC. I don’t have her and really want her in my collection. Even tough I don’t listen to her music really.

    • wieselhead

      Thx GREW πŸ™‚

      The reissue isn’t bad either, good that there are so many Miku figures, to match the different tastes. Same here I rarely listen to her songs.