New Preorders part 3

The Year is nearly over but more and mores nice figures are showing up lately.
So four more figures appeared in my preorder list to steal my money ^o^

Hachikuji Mayoi

I always liked Hachikuji in the Anime Bakemonogatari and her snail like look
Kotobukiya made a nice sculpt out of her which resembles her character quite well

Manufacturer – Kotobukiya
Scale – 1/8
height – 180 mm
Release date is in November 2010


I have no knowledge about her origin Lineage II, but I think Dwarf is a very cute figure.
I like her look with her girly outfit and her twintails, the base and her bow are also very nice.
The cute and happy face is also my liking, it reminds me somehow of Saki from Eden of the East.

Manufacturer – Orchid Seed
Scale – Non Scale, 1/7
Height – 210mm
Release date is in December 2010

Takamachi Nanoha – Casual clothes version

Kotobukiya strikes again, I am no big fan of Nanoha’s character but putting that aside this figure was love on first sight. I own many figures with flashy outfits, but I always wanted a cute figure with casual clothes like this. So this Nanoha figure was an instant get for me.

Manufacturer – Kotobukiya
Scale – 1/8
height – 165mm
Release date is in January 2011

Creators Labo #028 Super Soniko Babydoll version – non DX

After I saw the gray prototype at Wonfes I’ve eagerly awaited an official anouncement from Yamato. Since there were two Versions of her I decided to order the cheaper one without the guitar,the bear and the fridge.I think I don’t need this stuff for 5000 Yen more.

Manufacturer – Yamato
Scale – Non Scale
height – 210mm
Release date is in February 2011

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  1. Sloth

    I think it will be hard for any manufacturer to top Ktobukiya’s adorable sculpt of Hachikuji. I love the sidestep and that oversized bag she’s carrying.

    Dwarf is also very cute, but she doesn’t remind me of Saki :p Her dress and weapons are unique and her base looks good too.

    I’m surprised you’re not getting the DX version of Soniko. They would have been great props for your photoshoots! The only down side I see is you can’t put the guitar on her and make it look like she’s playing it.

  2. softz

    I finally manage to get hold of an internet line. So, you have pre-ordered all those listed above? The full set of Soniko looks cool. I’m still considering, since I’ve spent quite a lot on my airfare, and more to spend.

  3. Zai

    I’m so torn on that Soniko figure! I really like the accessories but they’re so expensive and I’m not sure if I like them enough to wanna spend that extra amount on the DX version!

    Mm.. I think that Mayoi is very cute. I like it much more than Kotobukiya’s other Bakemonogatari figures!

    Dwarf is adorable too, I really like archers and characters that use some type of bow. ^^

  4. wieselhead

    sometimes Kotobukiya can exceed itself with their figures.
    yeah I planned to buy the DX Version, but it’s so expensive and the stuff doesnt blend in that great.
    I must see pictures of the final product before I change my order to DX

    @softz: hey softz nice you found the time for stopping by in your vacation.
    I ordered all of them, quite a lot I know 🙁
    but sine they will be delivered over the next 4 month I have nobudget problems.:)

    the extra amount is quite high
    so I only bought the non DX Version for once.
    Maybe I’ll need some official pictures of the final product to change my mind.

  5. samejima

    I like that super sonic babydoll ver too, she’s TOO sexy but too bad my wallet ain’t that accommodating to her price tag. 🙁

  6. wieselhead

    mh you have time save money until February 😉

    @Aya: sorry to hear that. Well
    When all my preorders arrive I nearly reached my limit in terms of space.
    I think I have to put some of my other figures back in their boxes or sell some of them.

  7. Tier

    I was initially kinda confused to see two Sonikos for preorder … the more expensive version has some neat accessories but I don’t know if they are worth 4000 yen more. I’d probably go for the more expensive version if the guitar were a Jackson or Ibanez or something but as it is, I’m probably going to go with the cheaper version.

  8. super rats

    Of these, I’ve ordered Dwarf, mainly because that’s the oddest looking Dwarf ever. When I think Dwarf, that figure is totally not what I think of, but it is cute.

  9. GREW

    Nice preorder you have there.
    I actually like Dwarf, maybe the name of her is a bit… fail… but the figure itself is pretty nice.

  10. wieselhead

    I was confused, too maybe it sa new selling strategy.
    If they had come up with a room like base
    Id probably bought the DX Version with all her stuff.

    @super rats:
    I agree her name is not well chosen
    such a cute creature deserves a better name
    since her origin is mmorpg it seems like she’s only named after her battle class =D

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