New Preorders part 4

Figures these days look more and more irresistable. I tghink someday I will run out of space. On Sunday I was able to sell two old figures of mine, if there are are more nice figures coming out next year, I think I will have to part with some more old figures, to provide more shelf space for the newer ones. It can’t be helped. Well, at the end of this  month Dwarf from my Open Preorders Part 3 post should be ready for shipment. Im really looking forward for her.

Now to my new preorders, I lately ordered a bit sexier figures,  I think reading Tier’ blog has left some influence on me or its because of the cold season, well this time the figures which caughed my interest and have been ordered by me are a bit sexier than usual. Together with Dwarf I now have 3 Orchid Seed figures on order, I never had a figure from them, so I hope their quality will turn out like the prototypes suggest.

Eleanor Mercer Orchid Seed
*cough* Oh well would you believe me that I don’t like such big boobs? probably not when Im ordering such a figure. Well her boobs aren’t the reason I’ve ordered this figure of Eleanor. I like her happy face, the blue bright  eyes and the freckles as well =) The curvy waist and her little bit chubby body are also quite nice. The scale is 1/7 and the release date is in February 2011

Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan – Hobby Japan /Keumaya

This is a quite expensive one, I dunno why I really ordered her considering the very high price.
I must be crazy or a bit retarded. Nevertheless I like her space saving  pose, her detailed and
flashy outfit as well as the cool equipment like the needle shotgun or the large mecha hand.
She is a non scaled figure around 19 cm in height, her release date is in June 2011.

Super Sonico Bondage Version Orchid Seed
Yeah I already have Yamato‘s Super Sonico on preorder, but the Bondage Version looks so nice in her hard rock outfit her pose and body are looking really hot and I really like her leather like black/white colored  jacket. She has a cast-off with several variations, so there are many possible ways to display her. She is scaled 1/7 and comes with a black guitar and will be released in April 2011

Chris 2009 Santa Version  – Beagle

She is another figure from the artworks of Range Murata, not really a preorder, because HLJ lately had her in stock for great 30%, I always liked this figure  but her price was to high as far as I know she normally costs around 100 USD. She is scaled 1/7 and will arrive with the speed of SAL shipment =D

I ordered this lovely 1/8 scaled Ringo Renmai Nagi GK as well
kannagi nagi

unfortunately there never was a PVC figure of Nagi that I really liked, which is quite a shame, since she was an interesting character with a pretty and cool outfit of the Kannagi anime show. I was happy that I was at least able to find this Garage Kit. *lol* I only have to search for someone skilled who will assembly and paint her for me in a satisfying way, because she comes as an unpainted model kit, she is scaled 1/8 a release date isn’t announced so far.

There are some other figures which caught my interest, like Dizzy, Fate-casual clothes, Nanako and Rin, but so far only these 5 more figures I’ve mentioned earlier in this post are added to my preorder list.

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  1. GREW

    Oh there are some Ero-figures there.

    But I’d like to have one of the Painkiller Nurses too. But oh well. Nagi looks nice.

    I will have around 5 preorders until now.

    • wieselhead

      Hi GREW
      Im not really proud about this, but I liked these three ero figures a lot so I had to order them
      hehe I love Nagi =)

  2. Luthren

    Oooh, nice garage kit. I don’t think I could be brave enough to get one of those, even if I hired someone else to do it. Almost got the Hyper Nurse myself, although for that price she had to be perfect and I didn’t like something about her pose. Glad you’re getting her though, I get to experience her through your photos!

    • wieselhead

      Hi Luthren
      yeah if the Nagi gk will look like in the pics when shes’s done I would be very happy.

      Well, as long as they have clothes at the crucial parts Im brave enough, but I must admit that I had doubts about ordering Eleanor, but I can cover up her boobs with some clothes if I fell too embarrased to display her XD

      I hope I will like the Hyper Nurse figure,
      I may not think about her price anymore.
      Maybe I should have spent the money on another figure 🙁

  3. Tier

    I am glad to be of help! They all look great, though I’m kinda wondering how people who ordered Erina from Hobby Search are going to pay, since they say they won’t take Paypal for her and yet the only payment method they accept is Paypal. I’m glad they toned down her breast size for her figure since even though I like larger breasts, her breasts were a bit too large in the original artwork.

    I kinda wish that Kotone-chan was in 1/6 scale since the original Keumaya figures are in that scale and the Hobby Japan version isn’t going to match. Unfortunately I don’t think I can afford her anyway since Goto Matabei’s preorder opened right at the same time.

    You should totally get Dizzy, she’s going to be the best 1/8 scale figure of all time.

    • wieselhead

      Hi Tier thx for stopping by.
      Well I ordered her at AmiAmi ;D
      It is nice that they’ve shrinked her bust size to an acceptable level, but its also nice that her faces resmbles the one from the original artwork quite well.

      I was glad that they’ve made Kotone close to 1/8,because most of my figures are scaled 1/8. Now I can wait until june

      I considered to order Goto Matabei, but I didnt feel enough love for her after I received the news that she is an Exclusive run.
      Maybe I will order the hottie Yagyu Gisen or
      Naoe Kanetsugu from the hyakka lineup.

  4. super rats

    I like Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan, but I almost never order anything that is listed as non-scale. I don’t know why, but it’s one of those stumbling blocks for me…particularly when it’s expensive.

    • wieselhead

      Hi super rats thx for your comment.
      I completely understand that, when paying such a high price its really important that you like the figure enough.
      the size is an important criterion as well

  5. softz

    That’s a huge list! You really got yourself some big Christmas pressies, or rather pressies throughout the year huh. From your list, I only ordered Rin, having high hopes for her. Anyway, the Nagi looks very beautiful. I kinda like her after watching Kannagi. I guess I’ve not seen a nice figure of her other than the one you show here. Great choice! The rest… I guess no “too revealing” figures for me, my mum will be a nagger. Hahaha…

    • wieselhead

      hi softz thx for your comment
      I probably won’t order Rin for the moment
      because Im unsure if I really like her enough.
      This Nagi is nice isn’t it I cant wait for her release date.
      hehe no ero figures for you ;D
      Well my parents don’t really care they only say
      “Oh a new figure” and my mom helps me to modding clothes to cover them up if neccessary XD

  6. Yi

    Lovely pre-orders! I really like Kotone-chan. She looks like she’d be a lot of fun on display. So many elements and so much action in that figure.

  7. Nopy

    There are some ecchi figures in your list, reminds me of the spending sprees I used to go on. If it was hot, I’d buy it.

    I’m thinking of getting Rin too, but I’m not sure how the actual figure will turn out. I’ll probably wait until it comes out to see a few photos before deciding.

  8. anonymous_object

    Hmmm, I agree about the lack of quality Nagi figures. I did buy the FREEing 1/8 figure since I thought it was the best available but it’s not a particularly well-made figure either. Nagi needs more love from the figure companies! Good luck with the GK. Will be interested in seeing how that turns out for you ^^b

    • wieselhead

      Yeah Im looking forward to receive the gk parts soon, but I won’t build her myself because I have no decent airbrush skills 🙂

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