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Hi everyone after Ikoku Meiro no Croisée , Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel , Ro-Kyu-Bu and Usagi Drop, today I can present you the 5th review of an Summerseason 2011 anime. Its about Blood C a show I always was looking forward to see the next episode, usually Im on bad terms with horror movies, but I made an exception this time. I guess I fell in love with the main heroine.

This anime centers around Saya, together with her father she lives at a shrine in a very rural and contemplative village. She lives her daily live as a teenager, but at night she has to take over the task of her passed away mother, slaying ugly monsters, called Elder Bairns. It is said that they eat the people of the village since ancient times. Saya’s weapon against them is a sharp katana and her own strength. She appears like a normal girl ok, she’s enchanting. Hehe it’s like I created the characterdesign, she’s a beautiful, black haired girl with glasses. She has a happy and kind personality, with a worldly innocent charm, she can be quite clumsy and is easily distracted.

[singlepic id=1447 w=320 h=240 float=none] [singlepic id=1454 w=320 h=240 float=none] When slaying monsters she can defy them, but can only kill them when her hidden powers awake and her eyes turn red. In the fights she never appears superior torwards the monsters as I would like to. The fact that Saya is no tough fighter, can also be seen after the fights, aside from her wounds, she appears emotional disturbed and her body is shivering, which is quite painful to watch. On the other hand it creates a very dark and scary atmosphere, “Saya don’t die

[singlepic id=1448 w=320 h=240 float=none] [singlepic id=1450 w=320 h=240 float=none] The person in charge of the monster design did an excellent job, these were some really bizarre and ultra scary creatures. They look really disguisting so that they gave me a feel of real terror and scared me everytime they appeared. Things get even more scarier when the monsters start to appear at daylight. Saya instantly faces them  tries to protect the people standing around, but she isn’t strong enough to fight and protect at the same time, in the end everyone nearby gets brutally slaughtered, Saya is a horrible hero in that regard 😀

[singlepic id=1449 w=320 h=240 float=none] [singlepic id=1452 w=320 h=240 float=none] The first half the show isn’t scary all the time, there are also calm and funny moments. Well, the fun part which I’ve actually enjoyed a lot ended soon and things get really gruesome and sinister.
Soon it appeares like Saya and the things which are happening around her are not as they seem to be, the anime takes its time to bring light into the shadows and the randomly inserted mysterious monologues of the narrator, but the last two episodes finally give us a few of the needed background informations and a big story twist, it all makes sense in the end.

[singlepic id=1457 w=320 h=240 float=none] [singlepic id=1446 w=320 h=240 float=none] I hadn’t expected that this show would turn out that brutal, I was surprised. In the last episode Blood C literally celebrates gore and violence, I think that was the most disguisting stuff I’ve ever seen. I was close to puke haha. Of course it was censored to be aired on TV, but they showed enough to let you imagine what was happening, this anime is definetely not for sensitive beings.

[singlepic id=1456 w=320 h=240 float=none] [singlepic id=1455 w=320 h=240 float=none] And that from Clamp a studio which made stuff like Cardcaptor Sakura and Kobato, haha what were they smoking. If I had known that this show would take such a boost in case of disturbing violence, I probably would’ve never watched this show, it was nearly more than I could handle.

Blood C reapt a lot of critic like, having plotholes, being poorly paced or Saya being stupid.
Like I said earlier everything makes sense in the end when you’ve paid attention to the details.
This anime is ought to be the prequel of the upcoming Blood C Movie, which will air in june 2012, so its natural that they can’t give us all the informations and answers we would like to have.
I only disliked two episodes and the over the top brutality at the end was a bit hard for me.

Overall Blood C wasn’t bad from my point of view I actually liked it a lot,  Clamp style heroine Saya is adorable, the lighthearted scenes at the beginning were quite entertaining, the later episodes of the story became more thrilling and scary. Thanks to the cooperation with Production I.G. the fights are very well choreographed, full of action and looked epic, also the animation style looked very good and created a deep atmosphere. Saya is an interesting and likeable “heroine” and a very pretty one on top of that. I also liked the astmospheric background music and especially the op song from “Spiral” by DUSTZ  was nice, one of my favorite opening songs this season.

I will watch the Movie because I think the impression as a whole will good, even though there will be a long waiting time until june 2012, the show aired to early if you ask me.

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  1. exilehero

    This is the show I was the most curios about from last season. Mostly because of a post you made about it :p. I really like the main girl’s character design so I wanted to watch it.

    You got close to puking? You’re such a softy Fab haha.

    I’m still kinda of interested and that opening makes it look that much more interesting. But I have so much other stuff to watch! AHH I feel so conflicted!

    • wieselhead

      I liked this show, some people said it was crap, but those basta didn’t paid attention to the story I think.
      Well, you can watch it when the movie is released, cause you have to watch both then.

      haha I don’t watch splatter, so Im not used to it, bloddy hell XD

  2. tanohsimini

    haha I knew this anime was gruesome when I first saw promos of it, so wouldn’t be surprised with the really gruesome last two episodes. Hopefully you’re fine now^^”

    I think it’s cause of the collaboration with production IG that it ended up pretty gruesome.

    Will you be watching the movie? I bet it’s going to be more gruesome

    I skipped this show as I’m more of a fan of guys being the main character^^” Plus it seemed short with its 12 episodes.

    You sure love your megane’s XD She really reminds me of hanagawa from bakemonogatari

    • wieselhead

      I actually like a little bit of blood especially when the bad guys kick the bucket, but killing innocent people that way makes me sick ^^
      Haha I was just shocked for two days, at least they’ve killed no children, Im looking at you Fate/Zero!
      I want to watch the movie as soon as possible, but I will keep in mind not to develop a liking to side characters then, they die or turn bad for sure.

      A spinoff with Hanekawa aka white cat Yeah XD

  3. Persocom

    I’ve not even watched one episode of this yet, though I’m sure I’ll be compelled to eventually because I generally like CLAMP. I’m not much on gore either so I might have a hard time stomaching some of it too..

    • wieselhead

      At first Saya is the typical Clamp heroine ^^ and she looks gorgeous.
      Ah you too? yeah it was a weird experience to see such bloody stuff.
      But I liked the anime albeit splatter and horror isn’t my genre at all ^-^

  4. Nopy

    Blood C actually sounds a lot like CLAMP’s older works which were actually very dark and bloddy, nothing like the happy series they had in 2000-2010.

    • wieselhead

      Haha yeah super bloody anime, but there are also cute scenes with Saya.
      Saya is such a beautiful character, lol I make a digression ^_^

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