Manyuu Hickenchu – anime review

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Sometimes there appear manga with an hilarious sounding setting you’d never thought of and sometimes it happens that this works will get an anime adaption, like Manyuu Hickenchu, a 12 episode long anime, made by Hoods Entertainment, who also made Seikon no Quaser. I would describe it as an ecchi roadmovie in an traditional japanese setting with comedy and a bit drama.

Blood C – anime review

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Blood C centers around Saya, together with her father she lives at a shrine in a very rural and contemplative village. She lives her daily live as a teenager, but at night she has to take over the task of her passed away mother, slaying ugly monsters, called Elder Bairns. It is said that they eat the people of the village since ancient times. Saya’s weapon against them is a sharp katana and her own strength. She appears like a normal girl