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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a 12 episode long anime that was adapted from a light novel. It was produced by Xebec, which is known for shows like To Love Ru! and Pandora Hearts. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san was also part of the spring season 2012 and aired from April till June 2012.

There already have been short ova adaptions of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san; Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love and Haiyoru! Nyaruani, but Xebec finally brought us a full anime season.


As short intro of the world of this show ; Aliens are attracted to earth, because of the rich entertainment industry, super hero shows, manga and games are very popular in the universe. Most of them visit the earth in disguise to get their share of entertainment, but there are also bad aliens who travel to earth to commit crimes, the Planetary Defense Organisation is there to protects the peace and enforces the law.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a little inspired by the Cthulhu myth, there are a few locations which also appeared in the story. The story of this anime centers around Nyaruko, an agent of the Planetary Defense Organisation, Nyaruko is a Nyarlathotepian and appears in the shape of a pretty girl. One night the quite normal teenager boy Mahiro was chased by a scary winged demon, in the last moment he was saved by Nyaruko, she fell in love with him on first sight.

In order to protect him and surveillance the planet, the Planetary Defense Organisation sets the main base for operations on earth into Mahiro’s house, mainly to his dissagreement.

Nyaruko is a always hyper and cheerful character she’s also a quite bold and ecchi alien girl, who would like to do any kinds of things with Mahiro. Her approaches torwards him appear somewhat silly in a hilarious way, it’s just like she enjoys to tease Mahiro as much as she can, but she is just too embarrassed to approach him in a normal way. As a matter of fact her actions doesn’t have the desired effect on Mahiro who always uses a fork to keep her on distance XD

Mahiro just wants peace in his every day life, but as soon as he gets in contact with Nyaruko, his peaceful days are over. He is quite annoyed by her crazy and bold personality and acts always a little grumpy torwards her. He doesn’t hate her but he deals with her in a tsundere like manner.

In the first few episodes Mahiro and the earth are targeted by different villains, in these episode Mahiro gets in contact with KukoCthuko alien and Hastur, the deity of the wind. All of them move into Mahiro’s house and he has to deal with the ruckus these upbeat aliens create.

Kuko always speaks in a silent voice and loves videogames. She is obsessed with Nyaruko and approaches her in a creepy manner. Despite her innocent and cute appearance she acts even more sexual and bold than her big love Nyaruko. She is causing the yuri vibes in this show.

Hastur attended the same space kindergarden and space elementary school with Nyaruko and Kuuko. He has the appearence of a young girl, but it is mentioned that Hastur is actually a boy.

Within the characters a love interest tangle is created, Nyaruko ♡ Mahiro, Kuuko ♡ Nyaruko and Hastur ♡ Mahiro. The show follows the comedy adventures of the 4 characters. It is a straight yet crazy comedy show with a little romance and ecchiness. In the middle there are also a few short romantic scenes between Nyaruku and Mahiro, but it isn’t developed much further here.

The anime also makes use of many references from popular animes like PokemonGundam, and even older animes and super hero shows I never heard of. Luckily it doesn’t follow the “it’s funny because it’s a reference” pattern, which often appears forced and boring in other comedy shows. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san makes good use these references and combines them very well with the story of each episode, these scenes are just hilarious XD.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is none of these easily forgettable comedy animes that are passing by each season. This show actually was one of the best comedy animes which I’ve seen in a long time, be it the setting, the crazy comedy or the likeable and quirky alien characters. The comedy caused me some serious paroxysms of laughter, honestly I was cracking up regulary. The setting is already hilarious, but also the likeable characters make the show overly entertaining.

The technical aspects are also good, the animations are nice and solid and the characterdesigns are very appealing. The comedy is directed and timed very well. Opening and Ending theme are both very good, the Opening might be weird but it’s quirkyness makes it damn catchy.

I would recommend Haiyore! Nyaruko-san to every fan of good and weird comedy.

11 Responses

  1. feal87

    This was probably the best comedy series in who knows how many years.

    Long live Nyaruko, Kuko and Tamao! 😀

    P.S. Le’ts hope for a second season…:P

  2. Miette-chan

    This past season I was very, very bad at keeping up with anime in general. Except for one show, this show.

    I originally watched it on the premise of borrowing from the Lovecraft lore and exihero’s recommendation. It was a good choice on my part to go on to watch this show.

    I must admit though, I was not so thrilled after the first episode. I couldn’t for the life of me stand Nyarko. Well, that all changed as the show went along and while I still think Nyarko could stand to settle down a bit more she became one of my favorite characters in recent memory. Crazy premise, nice nods to Lovecraft mythos, nice cast of characters and a reasonable protagonist made a nice enjoyable show for me.

    • wieselhead

      I see, thats good to hear ^^
      In this season I always fell asleep before I start to watch anime, hopefully tonight I can watch a bit.

      Nyarko was quite over the top, I like such upbeat and weirdo girls nevertheless, her calm moments were enjoyable as well as the crazy antics.

  3. duqs

    Tons of Kamen Rider references and general anime references all over the place. I suually skip shows like these, but Nyarlko kinda won me over :)))

    • wieselhead

      They handled the references comedy in an entetaining manner, there are not many animes that can do it that well-
      It was a lovely comedy show.

  4. Nopy

    I really loved this series, Nyaruko was just too funny. All of the references to other series helped make it enjoyable too, even though I couldn’t get most of them.

    • wieselhead

      Nyaruko was a really awesome character, pretty, crazy and bold. But I also liked the other characters Hastur and Kuko.
      There was a load of references only the crew might know all the things XD

  5. Ugo

    This series is so boring with the useless MC guy sucks, although the Nyaruko is an awesome character though.All in all this one is boring as hell.But if they kill the MC guy this would be awesome.

    • wieselhead

      This show is of course not everyones cup of tea, the main male character was quite prude.
      I still liked the naughty humor of this anime and weirdness.

  6. patterson beard

    Dude this anime sucks I started reading Lovecraft at 11 and I’m 14 now but this anime has no respect to the Lovecraft mythos no cosmic horror or voids opening up to your damn nightmares
    This is not at all Lovecraftian
    it pisses me off because it makes the whole thing seem like a joke which you could do but not with Nyrolethotep The being which has no plesent human form not of a race and is a god
    Now it is fair for a god to maybe force someone pretty much to be with them since you know their a god they do what they want.

    It took me awhile to find this loving His stories so much so this was a HUGE let down to me

    Please god let someone in japan respect Lovecraft he is and, was a genius.

    by the way Nyarkou was so annoying not cute or original just a bad pretrial of a terror god who shape shifts.

    Sorry if I’m being a dick this was just a huge let down to me not clever just lazy so close r\to being tentacle porn and, sorry but fuck that read a story then watch the show you’ll get the it’s not even a parody it’s just bad it would have been cute if they used generic demons or what ever but not incomprehensible beings.

    so this was bad I am sorry I really am a nice person I just have never been able to bitch about this anime ever to anyone also the king in yellow Hastur is something that wanted to make people crazy by watching a play not a gay little boy who has a fucked up crush on the main charter not cool man.

    It’s not that he’s gay it’s the age gap creepy.

    sorry just bad to me check it out if you want after reading or listening to some of H.P. Lovecraft’s work.

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