My Wonder Festival 2011 Summer favorites

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The Wonderfestival 2011 Summer excibition started on 24th July 2011, unfortunately I couldn’t be there like someone else I know :p At least you can see most of the stuff which is shown there on the internet as well, without queques and scramble. I searched and checked out a few sites and blogs with pictures and infos of new figures and prototypes the whole morning.

I found many nice and promising figures, lets start with the manufacturers in alphabetical order.


Aegis from the game Persona 3 Portable in the Aegis – ART WORKS Version, she will be scaled 1/6 , her release is sheduled for fall 2011. I don’t think I will order her, but she looks quite pretty.

ALTER - Aegis ART WORKS Ver. - 1_6 - 01

Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos, I’ve never seen the anime but the pose and the outfit give her a very cute appearance, she will have  two exchangeable faces/hairstyles and is scaled 1/8. Charlotte Dunois  realease is planned for 2012

ALTER - Charlotte Dunois - 1_8 - 01

This Nanoha – holiday version figure is scaled 1/7 and shows her in adult from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS anime, I like the outfit with the jacket and bikini and the laid back look of her pose. Also the flow of her hair looks great, her release is also planned for 2012.

nanoha vacation 1_7 - 01

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw that both Megahouse and ALTER had  very pretty Merry Nightmare figures at their booths. The anime adaption of Yumekui Merry was far away from perfect, but Merry was always a character I liked and I loved her white visual key related outfit. I like both versions so far, I would like to see them colored soon so that I can decide.

Alter - Merry Nightmare - 1_8 - 03

AmiAmi zero

Hinako from the Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko Ova. Mhhh haha oh well what should I say. I think this chubby girl has nice curves and is overall very cute in her soapy bathroom dress. Additional to that her pose looks so lively, she is scaled 1/7 and will be released this year. ecchi ecchi ;D

AmiAmi z - Hinako bath 1_7 1


Gift’s realisation of a Super Soniko figure, she is scaled 1/6 at first I was fired up to get her, but I think I’ll pass here, it’s not the way I want to see her character and the enchained arm would make me feel sorry for her everytime I look at her. Gift made a nice sculpting and a pretty base but for me the whole message of this figure is just too much for me.

Gift - Super Soniko - 1_6 - 01

This 2nd Soniko from Gift, is the Super Soniko – Summer Version, this figure is scaled 1/8 and wears a scanty beach outfit, there was a GK of her in the past and now it was turned into a PVC. If I’d like her face in the final product, the possibilty that I’ll order her is very high

Gift - Super Soniko Summer Ver. - 1_8 - 01

Good Smile Company

Saber from the upcoming Fate/Zero anime comes with a damn motobike how cool is that?! Saber will be scaled 1/7, she is sheduled for 2012. That is such a promising prototype, well done 😉

GSC - Saber-Fate-Zero - 1_8 - 01

What made me really happy was this Millhiore F. Biscotti figure from the anime Dog Days, I wished for it and GSC delivered her in the long princess outfit, I would have preferredMilhi in the short princess dress or singer dress, but I’m happy that she’ll made anyway. Her face is just *hnnng*. She will be released in December 2011, I’ll order her for sure.

GSC - Millhiore  - 1_8 - 01

There will also be a Millhiore F. Biscotti Nendoroid with her big bird Harlan, both look extremely cute, but I don’t think I will order these two, even though they are super adorable. So far there was no release date announced for this Nendoroid.

GSC - Millhiore N  - 1_8 - 01.jpg

Who needs Hachikuji Mayoi, Oshino Shinobu from Bakemonogatari is made of pure cuteness 🙂 There was madeca GK of her from the lovely illustration where she sits on a mountain of donuts and now Im happy that she will be availabe as completed 1/8 scaled PVC. She’s so cute !ordered!

GSC - Oshino Shinobu - 1_8 - 01

It seems GSC that has high goals this time and they also showed a great Makise Kurisu prototype in a dynamic running pose. Makise Kurisu is from Steins;Gate and the figure will be scaled in 1/8.

GSC - Makise - 1_8 - 01

Last Wonfes Arsene from the anime Tantei Opera Milky Holmes was still an uncolored prototype, but now she is a fully painted 1/8 scaled beauty, I probably won’t buy her, but it makes me happy that they’ve put so much love into a side character, she’s hot and her outfit looks fantastic.

GSC - Arsene - 1_8 - 01

Honestly speaking aside from Madoka and Sayaka I found GSC’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica prototypes well sculpted but rather boring. Anyway I like the 1/8 scaled Madoka in her pretty and classical magical girl outfit and the girly running pose is really nice. They also did a good job in putting her 2d face from the anime into a super cute face , for me she is a very appealing figure.

GSC - Madoka - 1_8 - 01


I like Nanoha nearly as much as Soniko XD Here is the young Nanoha from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st movie in an 1/8 scale. She is in her school uniform, obviously she overslept and is in a hurry to go to school. She has a very cute face with a bread in her mouth.

Kotobukiya - Nanoha - 1_7 - 01a

The second 1/8 scaled Gokou Ruri figure from Kotobukiya turned out very well, she looks awesome in her casual dress and this pose which shows a lot of her personality looks fantastic, *damn* she even has cat ears. The anime Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai was not my thing but at least she was a character I liked. Her release date is in November 2011.


From Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Kotobukiya showed a figure of the popular character Takamura Yui in an 1/7 scale. She has a beautiful loose fit kimono and has an ancient japanese umbrella. Her release is planned for the years 2012. Judging from the sculpor this figure will probably turn out very pretty.

Kotobukiya -Takamura Yui - 1_7 - 01


luth pointed my nose at this Elfriede figure she is from Native’s Creators Collection and will be made in a 1/7 scale, surprisingly she seems to wear panties unlike many other Native figures XP.
I guess I won’t order her, but the pose and the wrinkles of her outfit look very interesting.

Native - Elfriede - 1_7 - 01

Another Soniko figure ole ole! Here we a have Soniko – bath time version, how shes steps out of her bathtub. This could a figure from Native I would like to buy if I like her painted face and Natice would not put too much details at her *meow* area nor add another kinky detail to this figure.

Native - Soniko bath time - 1_8 - 01

Max Factory

Sandaime Muramasa from Soukou Akki Muramasa is a beautiful maid/waitress  figure from Max Factory. Her face is pretty and the pose emits something like gracefulness to me. She is scaled 1/7, her release is planned for December 2011. I’ll probably order her, because I really like beautiful figures in this kind of dressup. Also her darker skincolor might be an interesting detail.

MF - Sandaime Muramasa - 1_701

I don’t feel much for Hatsune figures by default, but I like the more unusual designs of her like the 1/7 scaled Hatsune Miku HSP Version. Her more chibified head is a nice detail as well as the pose. I guess I would cancel my lat Miku version for this more creative looking Miku figure.

MF - Hatsune Miku HSP Ver

Finally here they are, the 1/8 scaled Se:Kirara figures, Shizuno Izumi will be released next year 2012, this lovely girl wears something like a school uniform/ lingerine outfit, maybe its castoffable haha 😀 I like her, but maybe I’ll wait for a figure of Akiyama Nozomi.

MF - Shizuno Izumi - 1_8 - 01

Last Wonfes Max Factory had this Asuka with the cool and interesting face expression up their sleeves, I like this 1/6 scaled Asuka – Test Plug Suit Version and now she’ll be released in November 2011 YEAH! I will probably order her, the pose and the hairstyle are just too nice.

MF - Asuka test suit - 1_701


I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw what Megahouse had at their booth, a good looking Merry Nightmare figure ^-^. The anime adaption of Yumekui Merry was far away from perfect, but Merry was always a character I liked and I loved her white visual key related outfit it is so stylish.

Megahouse - Merry Nightmare - 1_8 - 01

Orchid Seed

In my last Soniko – Babydoll version review I’ve mentioned that I would love to buy a Soniko figure with a happy face expression, and what I saw at the Orchid Seed booth nearly made my eyes wet. They announced a 1/7 scaled figure from one of my favorite outfits of Soniko.
Soniko looks so cute and happy there. ! how awesome ! Please hurry Orchid Seed.

Orchid Seed - Soniko cheerleader - 1_7 - 02

Orchid Seed made a different color version for their Soniko – Bondage version which was released a few month ago. She looks so cute in this colorful outfit I wouldn’t have expected white and light blue suit her so nicely and her blushmarks seem to be more prominent.

Orchid Seed - Soniko pink b - 1_7 - 01

Orchid Seed also had chibi figures at their booth called Super Sonico Collection x Mota, I want the one with the guitar, but so far there wasn’t much info or a release date mentioned for this set.

Orchid Seed - Soniko chibi - 1_7 - 01

I could have listed a few more figures I liked, but I think this selection is enough, overall I think that this Wonderfestival of summer 2011 was very good, there were a lot of great looking figures and prototypes, more than last Wonfes. I guess I will order 3 or 4 or a few more figures from the one I’ve listed here. Thx to all the companies, Im glad to see that you use your gains for creating creative and interesting new figures every year.

Have you seen a few figures at this Wonfes that you would like to add to your collection?

Pictures are from moeyo, cutanews, dengeki online, akibahobby, figurefm and foobarbaz thx

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25 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    I love Alter consistently making figures of characters I love. That Aigis and Nanoha are definitely on my watch list and will more likely pre-order them when they become available.

    Milhy surprised me did not expect GSC to do Dog Day’s figures, probably will get the figma as that is more of my kind of thing.

    Kotobukiya, thanks to you I will end up owning what? 7 or 8? Nanoha figures. That Kuruneko figure is really nice too and she is up for pre-order already tempting.

    All things considered this Wonfes was very exciting for me, saw a bunch of figmas I want to get and several scaled figures that caught my eye.

    • wieselhead

      yes Alter had a great lineup, this mature Nanoha looks so good ^^

      Milhi is just too cute ^-^, honestly I thought I would never see a figure of her, I will get her for sure when the paintjob turns out like the sculpt.
      Yeah I thought so;)

      Oh so many, I also like Nanoha a lot, but only one figure of her. Haha maybe I will have 6 Soniko figures soon 😀 Kuroneko looked impressive in comparison with the older one from Koto.

  2. tanoshimini

    I loved all the figures at wonfest. Is it me or are they going crazy with the soniko figures XD? not that I’m complaining but they look damn sexy and great.

    Megahouse has been doing quite great figures lately.

    Takamura Yui is so lovely!!!! and also Sandaime Muramasa!! omg>< I dislike what they did with oshino shinobu. She doesn't give off a moe feeling in the anime

    • wieselhead

      Good to hear that you’ve also liked it ^^
      Yeah so many Soniko figures haha thats dangerous for my budget. At least I want the cheerleader and the bath version in case I’m brave enough XD

      Sandaime Muramasa looks so beautiful, I was enchanted by her appearance in an instant.^^

      Well they made their bakemonogatari figures consequently from the DVD cover illustrations.

  3. Nopy

    Some of the ones that caught my eye which you didn’t mention were the Erio nendoroid and the Totooria Helmold figure from Phat company. There was also a Ruri Hoshino nendoroid petit, which I will try to get as many as possible.

    The Milhi figure also looks nice, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get her yet.

    • wieselhead

      I saw this Ruri Hoshino , she looks nice and I think you should order her =)

      I think I like Milhi a bit more, cause I really would like to get this figure of her ^^

  4. BioToxic

    Quite a few figures caught my eye this WF. Mostly from Orchid Seed strangely enough o.O since I don’t currently have any figures from them. Some of their “plan to make” figures from the concept art could be really good (Yui Princess Lover, Kureha and that girl with the coffee cup (I know the game she’s from, just don’t know it’s name ><.

    • BioToxic

      Argh, looks like my comment got chopped. 🙁

      Saber with the motor bike is going to be expensive! But totally bad ass.

      Makise Kurisu looks nice. Hopefully once painted she’ll look just as good.

      Arsene is hot and absolutely amazing in my opinion. She’s hands down my favourite figure shown at WF. I’ll be pre-ordering her instantly.

      I’ll be keeping an eye on Naoe Kanetsugu from Alter. If she isn’t too expensive and exclusive I might get her.

      There was loads of Sonico figures on show. The chains one is a bit strong, but the others look quite nice.

      Argh, so many Madoka figures ><.

    • wieselhead

      Orchid Seed became a very good company their slightly or more sexy figures are beautiful and when they will turn out like my Soniko, they should turn out great 😉

      The idea with saber on a motobike is really great I would like to see this figure painted soon.

      Ah nice that you like Arsene that much, the figure design is very cool ^_^

      I fear that this Naoe Kanetsugu will also be an exclusive which would really suck.

      Haha yeah quite strong *cough* not something I would have expected from Gift 🙁

      I only like the GSC figure fronm Madoka so far.

  5. Tier

    I think my favorite figure on display was FREEing’s Shiratori Amane, which was very surprising since Anata no Shiranai Kangofu is pretty old and forgotten by now. I like Toshihide Sano’s art a lot so I’m glad to see them make a figure of her. What makes me even more happy is that it’s 1/4 scale, which is amazing. Fate/zero Saber looks great too; I’d been thinking about picking up the older Max Factory one just because Saber looks great in a business suit, but now I’ll just wait for GSC’s instead.

    • wieselhead

      Oh Yeah this nurse figure looked damn nice, but a bit too huge for my room, even though a figure of this size has its own charm ^-^

      I think you should pick the GSC one, she looks a lot better

  6. super rats

    I dig both Alter and MH’s Merry Nightmare. Those along with bike Saber are my faves among those listed here, though the girl with the antique umbrella is appealing too. I like those umbrellas.

    I do find myself interested to see almost all of the Native and Orchid Seed stuff painted. I’ve lost track of what was/wasn’t new for WonFes, so some of what caught my eye might not be all that new.

    • wieselhead

      Both Merry’s looked really nice, Im wondering.
      which one I should pick in the end. A lovely umbrella, I agree

      Yeah I like most of their upcoming stuff even though figures from Native were always a bit too bold for me to get them for myself. Orchid Seed keeps it slightly tamer ^^

      Don’t worry I don’t expect that people are as good informed about the figure news as I am 😉

  7. Sevie

    I saw a lot photos now. And i really love all the Sonico figures >_>
    It’s awesome, how many will be released *_*
    But also so expensive xD
    I’m looking forward!

    • wieselhead

      Soniko is great, isn’t she. I really want the cheerleader figure of her, she’s just too cute =)
      I also liked to see so many Soniko figure, I’ll try to buy not all of them, I don’t want the very ecchi one from Gift for example ^^

  8. Fabrice

    Im disapointed. Such lousy Alter news (except that Merry Nightmare, maybe)

    the only thing that really caught my eye was GSC’s figures, the saber looks cool but dam the package is going to be huge with the bike,

    as for the bakemonogatari ones.. no need to say anything = ordered!

    • wieselhead

      I wasn’t that dissapointed with Alter, but GSC, Max factory and the others had more interesting stuff at their booth. Merry and Charlotte Dunois were a surprise, but the other stuff was more for fans of the characters than really interesting.

      GSC had so much nice stuff this year, I like many figures, I have no bakemonogatari figure from GSC so far but Oshino will be bought for sure 😉

  9. softz

    Hi hi.. Good day!

    Wow, there seems to have a bunch of nice figures coming out huh? I can’t wait to see unpainted sculptures get painted. The Millhiore F. Biscotti Nendoroid with her big bird Harlan looks very cute! I’m not amazed with Saber’s face from the photo. I hope it’s because of the photo since I haven’t checked much. There are so many super soniko huh..

    Do keep us updated of what you have P.O. them though you mentioned that you’ll be getting some of them already. 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Hi softz
      how are you?

      Yeah so many promising figures
      I think the whole Saber on bike thing overshadowed her face a bit, but I guess it will look better when it is painted ^^

      It was a great wonfes for Soniko fans, I have to say

      Yes I will do that, I’ve already ordered the Asuka figure, I’ve listed in this post.

  10. Luth

    Late to the party but nice choices! I really liked GSC’s new stuff, Saber Zero is kinda cool but i’ll wait to see what its like painted before I get too excited.

    I really like how the Native figures are turning out. I’ll probably only get Elfriede but the others look very nice too. Even if Sonico has a well sculpted *meow* area, she has the towel to cover it up.

    I was really impressed with Izumi’s scaled figure, didn’t expect her to turn out that nice. She’ll probably be cheap and that will tempt me. The Max Factory Asuka looked really really nice in Mikatan’s recent post, transparent paint is an awesome effect. Ohno, dont cancel Lat Miku, she’s so cute and cheap! And glasses! Tbh, the new HSP version doesn’t do it for me though but that’s my opinion.

    • wieselhead

      haha no problem. surprisingly I liked a lot from GSC’s stuff 🙂

      I would really like to get a figure from Native
      mhhh I think my *meow* area sounds more embarrasing than writing the real word XD
      I hope the towel covers her up enough there, on the other hand I don’t have to display Soniko from behind.

      Izumi looked quite nice, but I doubt that I’ll buy her, rather one of the others girls ^^. Asuka is already ordered waited since last wonfes for her 😀 Im not sure about her purchase anymore, but Im not sure about canceling her either. Well I love chibi heads

  11. Yi

    I think my most anticipated figure here is probably Takamura Yui figure. So interested in seeing that kimono and umbrella. I hope the final product will be gorgeous.

    • wieselhead

      Ah I see
      She has a beautiful traditional outfit, hope they’ll give her a matching pretty face 🙂

  12. Arctic_Kitsune

    From what you shared I’m lovin’ the Merry figures. If they were Figma types I would of snatched them because I’m not really into statue figures.

    Also nice in seeing Saber on a bike ha. The rest of what caught my attention were Shinki related.

    • wieselhead

      Hi there ^^
      I guess Alters Merry turned out best, she has a prettier face
      Ah I see Im the opposite, because Im not so good with posing 🙂

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