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This figure of Fauna was manufactured by ALTER and released by the end of July 2007. This figure is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 180 mm. I recently bought the first release version that came with an original illustration card from the AmiAmi preowned section. At the begining of figure manufacturing it was still cool to make figures based on ero games, even for the big companies. ALTER  produced all three Megachu! heroines under the hand of Kouzuki Hajime.

Fauna’s origin is the well received ero game Megachu! that also got itself a three episode long ova with Fauna as the main heroine. Fauna and her angel coleagues are send to earth to deal with a rising danger thats coming from a normal boy, who will turn into a demon someday.
They actually should kill him, but because of her kind and friendly personality Fauna feels pity for the boy and tries to get rid of the evil seeds,  with other methods, you can probably imagine.


Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 005

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 011

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 016

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 004

Hair & Face

The hair of this figure looks really good, it is light pink and has a detailed sculpting and show a good sense of flow. The bangs look especially nice on her. On her head there are some small wings attached. Fauna has a very appealing face, her happy face expression, I like her more prominent pink eyebrows quite a bit. The round blue eyes capture the appeal of the origin very well, the sparkle effect is so pretty. Even though the mouth could be a bit more detailed, it suits Fauna’s happy appearance. Blush stripes over her cheeks give Fauna an extra cute touch.

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 006

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 002

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 010

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 015

Body & outfit

Fauna has an attractive body, she’s actually  a slender girl with nice looking legs and a modest bust size, looking at todays anime the two extremes of very flat and quite huge are most used these days. Her jumping pose is and adorable part of this Fauna figure, her lifted waving hand is so nice, a funny side effect of her angled legs is that you actually can let her sit on slim items.

The outfit of her is a combination of space cadet and anime school uniform, I like the detailed look of it. Most parts of her dress are white, but the purple shirt underneath is a bit shiny which adds a transparent effect to it. I like the design a lot with the sleeves and the frilly part of her uniform the figure looks beautiful. These super thin black lines were applied very clean another thing that adds detailism to her dress is the strong usage of shading, it looks very good overall. I also like the bulky short boots that she is wearing.

The “belly button tight” dress is not that realistic, but it looks very well. Under her uniform Fauna is wearing a miniskirt, it isn’t too difficult to take a peek underneath ah yeah polka dot panties are nice ^_^. Aside from a ero game origin this is a modest figure, ok there apparently is a cast off option, but I have noticed this way too late. Plasticparfait can tell you more.

Fauna’s base is a litle undewhelming, compared to Fauna’s design, it’s just a plain clear blue disk with a metal rod, on the bright side it is reliable, sturdy and keeps the figure in place.

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 020

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 018

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 017

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 012

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 003

Final Words

As I saw Fauna for a very cheap price recently, I couldn’t say no to her, I always liked her design and then I finally could add her to my collection. The figure is really cute in an enchanting way.

In terms of quality and execution she is actually more than very well done considering that her manufacturing date was in 2007, she looks great and there are no obvious flaws. The design of her outfit is very pretty and Im a big fan of her adorable appearance, the face turned out so nice, also the sculpting is quite convincing. It’s an old figure I would recomend to get unconditiontally.

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 021

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 019

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 014

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 013

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 009

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 007

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 008

Fauna - Megachu!- ALTER - 001

22 Responses

  1. Aya

    I didn’t know alter have fauna only remembering the max factory one ^^ She’s very cute and still have blush stripes that rarely used nowadays

    • wieselhead

      Yes, Max Factory made a Fauna figure as well, in a cute summer dress if I remember right.
      But I always liked Alter’s one a bit more in this dress. She’s a super cute figure, these stripe blush is often used by Kotobukiya

  2. hoshiko

    Woooo…this one has an eternal youthful and very girlish vibe about her. And yeaps, I agree the base could’ve been better. Given her pose, they could have her sitting on something like you did in your pictures. But this is an old figure right? I could be wrong, but I think figures with unique/bold base only started recently so I guess it’s okay.

    Are you going to complete the set of three?

    • wieselhead

      Indeed, Fauna looks like a lovely girl. Well, I don’t care much about plain bases, if they provide stability and has a reasonable size.
      Yeah she is 6 years old, actually. Some manufacturers still use these simple bases, they seem to be caught in the past 😀

      No, I never was a fan of completing sets. I always seem to pick one figure that I like the most from a set and leave it that way.
      Like with Oshino Shinobu, Maria Takayama and so on. But I have two figures from Hyakka Ryouran, but there are so many figures from that origin, that it was nearly inevitable.
      Im also interested in getting more Senran Kagura figures 🙂

      • hoshiko

        Okay…I’d never think that she’s a 6 years old. She looks older than that but still youthful.

        I see, I see. I never complete a set too, even though I thought of it before when I just started collecting figures. After a while, I decided I’ll only buy the characters I love best. There’s no need to get them all. >.<

  3. feal87

    Quite an awesome figure, this is really a figure I would love to buy/own. She looks so cheerful and energetic…I love her already. *_*

    • wieselhead

      Yeah she’s great and the prices for her are cheap now, buy her ^^
      Fauna is a really adorable girl, ahaha that’s good since she needs a lot of love 😉

  4. Miette-chan

    Man talk about old school figures! Fauna huh? I always remember the other figure of her by Max Factory because back in 2007 and 2008 when I was discovering figures I got to see a lot of her thanks to Danny Choo.

    I think I like this figure more though, she looks so vibrant even if Alter still used more subdued colors back then too. I really like the way you can see Fauna’s navel through her clothes very alluring!

    Now you got me really curious about the cast off since you didn’t show it. Speaking of which, I wonder though why the bigger companies like Alter or GSC stop bothering with cast off. I suppose with their more elaborate figures nowadays they don’t need such gimmicks.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, sometimes it can be rewarding to take a step back and look at old figures which were popular in the past.
      Danny sho wcased all of these lovely figures back then, quite influencing in my first collector year.

      Fauna is really adorable with her happy appearance, and a little sexy ^o^
      Well, her shirt came off. No cast off can save time and money, I assume.

  5. Kai

    I’m sure you will be able to buy her with quite an insanely cheap price as it’s a pre-owned anyway ;p I really need to browse through amiami’s pre-owned section more reguarly. Every time I go there, all the figures I want are always sold out >_> I had to buy one figure which is luckily still available in full price, even though there was a pre-owned one ;p

    Anyway, she looks good^^ Her jumping pose make for some awkward moments at time though, and dat mini skirt and dat polka dots pantsu <3 xD

    • wieselhead

      Well, not always preowned = cheap depending on the popularity of the figure.
      Yes, it can be fun to search for good deals, sometimes you have to be fast.

      Fauna is a darling, I love her pure cuteness.

  6. Otakumouse

    YAY! Another classic figure! I watched all episodes of Megachu back in the day 😛 and Fauna was my favorite character! My Fauna figure was the one manufactured by MF and I just realized Alter’s version looks really great too!

    • wieselhead

      Hehe yes I got a few older ones before the start of 2013, but that was the last review of a recently purchased older figure for once.
      Yeah Fauna was kind and cute, the other girls were more of the side character kind. They both seem to be nice figures, but I prefered the “space” dress.

  7. Nopy

    I remember seeing Fauna way back when I started collecting figures. I can’t believe you were able to get your hands on one. She really does look amazing, it’s hard to tell that she was made in 2007 when the quality is so good.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, it’s been some time. Fauna appears now and then on mandarake or at AmiAmi for good prices.
      She is still one of the most adorable figures you can get

  8. Tier

    Ahh, the days when characters from relatively obscure properties would get figures. I miss those days. I cannot really say I was surprised to see that GSC and MF are already rolling out a crapload of Vividred Operation stuff. I should take more pictures of my older figures, since I have a lot of sentimental fondness for them. They may not be as high-quality as some of the newer figures but they still have a ton of charm.

    Looking at Alter’s figures from 2007, this reminds me that I ought to look around for their Masane Amaha figure … I never got it and that was a figure I really wanted for a time. (Unfortunately for me, I was fresh out of school, unemployed and broke in 2007 so I couldn’t get it back then.)

    • wieselhead

      Yes, I miss that as well, but at the moment the focus is mainly on anime or Japanese rpg’s instead of gal games.
      Aha Vividred is weird and bad, have you seen the beach ep? that was so retarded, but I like the silly lead girl and the yellow friend of her ^^
      Fauna is still very convincing for a kawaii lover like me, I mean she’s super cute.

      Ah Witch Blade Masane.
      Well, she should be available on the aftermarket

  9. Fabrice

    Lovely figure although she wont be something ill get but still wonderful to the eye.

    What i love and I repeat is the fact you added your own touch in those shots, did you actually build that stone seat or am i just misreading something? ^^

  10. softz

    Lovely figure. She has nice pair of legs… slightly exposing her pantsu… haha. I don’t particularly fancy her face. Other than that, she is great!

    • wieselhead

      I also like her a lot ^^
      Oh too bad, well her mouth doesn’t look too good from lower angles.
      Aside from that I love her wide open, happy mouth.

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