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Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Header

Today we will take a look at the Gotou Matabei – Kenki version figure from ALTER, which was released in January 2016. She is scaled 1/8 and Takahashi Tsuyoshi was the sculptor in charge, he already made a figure of Gotou Matabei in 2011, which was a Hobby Japan exclusive.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 04

Hyakka Ryouran was a rather hot and popular thing among figure interested people, even before the anime started to air it’s first episodes.  ALTER and the sculptors created some really spectacular figures, of visually attractive and fashionable dressed samurai girls.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 01

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 02

On a sidenote, with Hattori Hanzo, my first Hyakka Ryouran figure I started to review figures.

The animes of Hyakka Ryouran were no masterpieces, but the interesting artstyle and the extremely likeable cast and their amusing interactions made it very entertaining for me.

In 2013 another lineup of figures from Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride appeared, although the latest figure adaptions recently subjectively got less attention, but that also might to do with the number of active figure reviewers these days, yes I’m looking at exactly you XD.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 06

Gotou Matabei was a well thought out purchase, in fact it took so long, that I was lucky that the figure was still available after the release date, apparently she’s still in stock here.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 14

Despite her size Gotou Matabei was a very silent character in the anime, but always loyal and supporting as guardian of Sanada Yukimura and member of the group.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 09

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 10

Matabei has a pretty ponytail, the hairstyle is nicely done, it’s very detailed and shows a good sense of motion. Her anime hair color is silver blue, but someone decided to make it purple since her first figure adaption. Since I knew that in advance I won’t argue about it. In her ponytail ribbon a Tantō (short sword) is added, it’s a pretty decoration for her head.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 11

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 08

The figure has nice facial features with a cute nose and expressive eyes, depending on the viewing angle, the figure conveys a feeling between embarrassment and poutful, the eye brows give her a cute touch. I didn’t really expect that she would be so much on the cute side.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 12

What I really liked about this figure was the way Gotou Matabei posed, with the giant calligraphy brush , which is actually a weapon with a retractable spear head. I like the way she is holding her brush. Sticking out her beautiful plump  butt, gives her a slightly provocative and sexy touch. The ample curves around her hips are accentuated by strong shading.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 19

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 05

My preferences of womans measurements is widely spread, nevertheless with my growing age I noticed that the interest in buxom women increased a little. Gotou Matabei is a big girl with a mature and  motherly appearance. I like that she has wide hips and bigger thighs.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 26

In general the Hyakka Ryouran girls wear a combination of samurai era clothes and elements of modern japanese fashion, Matabei has a exceptional traditionally styled outfit.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 15

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 18a

The figure portrays Matabei in her transformed Kenki version outfit, she wears a traditional looking, short white jacket, held together by a black belt. Under her jacket she seems to wear a black bodysuit. She shows some cleavage with her nicely shaped and moderate big boobs.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 21

The forearms are covered by black armguards. The lower parts of her mainly bare legs are covered by knee socks like shoes, I would prefer thigh high, though. Around her hips she is wearing a classic fundoshy not very elegant for a lady, but her marvelous round butt can be admired better this way.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 22

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 24

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 09

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 16

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 23

Final Words

I really like the figure, she has a cute face, pretty hair and with her outfit, brush weapon and buxom body she is very pretty and interesting. I also like her articulation with a pose that is putting more focus on the figures backside, which is rarely seen. she is visually attractive and shows some sexy highlights. Also her size is nice for a 1/8 scaled figure with her sturdy physical appearance she is closer to 1/7 scale. Gotou Matabei Kenki version is a nice figure, like all Hyakka Ryouran figures, it’s nice that the quality is a reliable factor from ALTER, I don’t mind certain imperfections, but this figure looks marvelous from nearly every perspective.

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 28

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 03

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 13

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 27

Gotou Matabei - Kenki Ver. - Hyakka Ryouran - ALTER - 20







12 Responses

  1. Aya

    So this the master samurai ver XD 5 years is a long wait ahahaha (3 if you count the anime ). the butt definitely the attractive point of this one 😛 looks like those silicone peach hip butt you always wanted for the doll XP

    • wieselhead

      Oh, I guess it is ^^ Ah, I was actually surprised this figure was planned, since Matabei really is a sidecharacter ;D.
      I agree, it’s so nice and round, I wanna spank her gently. Oh I don’t know if it is in the same class as the figure.

  2. Miette-chan

    Ah, Hyakka Ryouran sure gave to way to some rather interesting figures. The combination of traditional Japanese aesthetic with a modern twist has to be one of my favorite motifs. The anime while very stylistic and interesting to look at sure turned out to be a bit shallow, such a shame in that regard. I guess it’s still a win if it lead to more figures being made such as this
    The original Yagyuu Jubei is still my favorite, the only one from the franchise that I own.

    Gotou Matabei looks pretty much on par and showcases the rather nicely curvaceous bodies seen in the show for the most part. I specially like your use of rim lighting, all I could think as I looked through the photos is… nice butt!

    It was also nice seeing you first post, you sure have come a long way since then. Although you started off better than I did that’s for sure.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, that combination was a big hit for Hobby Japan and ALTER as main manufacturer of the figures.
      Now the 7 Deadly Sins are popular with their ecchi and lewd fashion combinations XD
      Sometimes anime projects feel rather off, though Hyakka Ryouran is based on a light novel.
      After I sold 3 I only have Maeda Keiji and Gotou Matabei left.

      I found Gotou Matabei iresistable in the end, indeed one of the first class figure butts ;D

      I don’t know if I started better, back in time when it started I was commenting around like a madman and I assume it wasn’t unnoticed.
      And obviously I edited the Hattori Hanzo post a few years later haha.

  3. Tier

    Samurai Girls/Bride were kinda bad, and Queen’s Blade was sort of corny too, but I really miss those shows compared to all the awful light novel adaptations we get these days. I was still sort of hoping 7 Deadly Sins would get an anime (I guess it technically did, just not one based off the Hobby Japan characters) but it probably wouldn’t be that great, either. Fortunately the character designs are really nice; I think Matabei has my favorite design, for obvious reasons, though I agree that thighhigh socks would be better. Still, you can’t go wrong with this sort of pose, especially when Alter is making the figure and especially when Matabei is the subject; they didn’t go too far away from the idea they had with their first version of her, and that was a smart choice.

    • wieselhead

      From a certain point of view these show really lack an elaborate scripts, still I can enjoy such shows for their characters and interactions.
      I actually would love to see much more Queens Blade and more funny lewdness lol. I learned that light novels aren’t that high class as stated years ago, some adaptions are fun nevertheless. The (fake) 7 sins anime apparently is rather on the good side, an anime of the demon girls would probably end as borderline hentai 😀
      Haha I see, her bigger butt is really an eyecatcher, fortunately I like everything else about her, too. Ah thats true, both figures have a butt focused design.

      btw thank you for checking back on all my recent posts, I was quite surprised this morning to get so many comments per day.

  4. Pinkcheeks

    Wow, such an asstastic figure she is! Really does remind me of Yaggyu Jubei though but Hyakka has her own charm. 🙂 Portrait orientation works really best for you and I like the transition of tones on this set, so lovely and warm on the eyes. The backdrop is amazing too! Are those real bamboo shoots? 😮

    • wieselhead

      Haha, you wrote “asstastic” I guess she is ;D The figures of this lineup are all very nice I think.
      Ah yes, I feel more used to portrays and it actually is what I like the most ^^
      Thank you very much, sometimes using a strong tone with the ambient light is fun, though preserving the figures colors to some degree is my intention.
      It are dry bamboo sticks sprayed in green, I glued everything on board that should recreate a littl bamboo forest.

      • Kai

        Assellent figure :p

        And yes, as always your backdrop set is amazing. I don’t think I would ever pull off that much effort just for my figure photos, lol.

        • wieselhead

          lol, that ass is really nicely sculpted ♡^▽^♡
          Awww thx for the praise, it’s really fun to shoot figures in some context.
          Oh, you can never know before trying it oncy, maybe you turn out talented at arts and crafts, too.

  5. Steve Chen

    You didn’t carry Inshun? Another excellent Hyakka figure.Great reviews as always. You and Tier are TOPS!

    • wieselhead

      No haha, I liked Inshun, too. Unfortunately I can’t buy every figure I like.
      Anyway, the Hyakka Ryouran figures always look visually appealing and attractive ♥
      Oh, thank you very much for the compliments, I’m happy to hear that ~ヾ(^∇^)

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