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Another old figure review for today, Echidna caught my interrest as I started my daily Flickr check I stumbled over a few pics from Toy_Photographer. He made this old figure shine very well and I thought that I had to hunt it down. I found a cheap one on Mandarake very quickly.

There are many versions of Queen’s Blade Echidna figure, but I bought the 2P version with the clear purple base. The figure was released in June 2007, the early years of the figure industry.

Echidna is was sculpted by Osiris, one of my favorite sculptors, he also was the sculptor of my Dwarf, Princess Bitch and Queen’s Blade – Menace. Osiris always does a great job in giving the figures an appealing face expression and is quite skilled in complimenting female curves. Even though this Echidna is one of his earlier works, this figure shows all of these elements.
The Echidna 2P figure was manufactured by MegaHouse and is scaled 1/8 with a height of 20 cm.

The name Echidna is based on a creature in greek mythology, she was a being half woman half snake who never aged. The real origin of her are actually the Queen’s Blade Battle books and she made several appearances in the animes and OVA’s. She comes from a small Elf tribe and now makes a living with working as mercenary. As part time job she also likes to be the molestering instructor for young female warriors. On first look Echidna is a person of ruthless, mean and sadistic character, but she also is able to show kindness to persons she likes.

Hmmm, I would lie when saying that she is one of my favorite QB characters, but *damn* she’s a real hot and sensual Elf girl, woman is a better term, since she’s already over 500 years old.

Hair & Face

Echidna is sporting a wild ponytail hairstyle with long strands before her pointy elf ears, her front hair painted in a light olive color, while the ponytail is several tones darker. The liitle shading looks good and for a figure of 2007 the sculpting of the hair also looks very good.

On a personal note I mainly bought the figure because of the beautiful face, it is very, very detailed and gives the figure a livelike appearance. I love the slanted eyes with the black lining around and also this lascivious blush underneath is very appealing. The mouth with the purple lips gives her this certain playful and sadistic air her character has. On the bottomline Osiris really knows how to make lovely faces, with the detailed face  Echidna even rivals new figures.

Outfit & Body

Compared to other Queen’s Blade figures, Echidna’s outfit appears to be fallen into the military paint bucket, all the beige, green and olive slightly reminded me of my past model building days.

On top she is wearing a long sleeved top with a open cleavage with some armor parts on top, the detailed  metallic colored parts and ornament details all over her outfit look pretty nice. Other parts of her outfit are also the shiny beige long boots with dark stockings underneath.

The upper top is also castoffable, while I’ve seen better solutions for such a feature, it is a quite charming how it works with this figure, the snake brooch is holding her top together and you have to unclip it to expose echidnas breast. In the anime Echidna has a pet snake called Keltan, this snake is also used to cover Echidna’s private parts a little, not that would mind anyway ^^. The snake thong can be clipped and unclipped together to strip Echidna even more.

The body of the figures is very attractive, the deep bend over pose also gives Echidna a vulgar appearance. She has nice proportions and a sexy back, her stretched out butt is quite big and round. Even though her dirty snake underwear is very revealing MegaHouse only gave her Barbie anatomy, considering her character, a moe daring attempt would have been more fitting.


The body is sculpted nicely with good attention to detail, but the bothering part is that her bare skin areas are very shiny, I really felt the urge to spray her with a can of top coat. In a dressed state that isn’t that prominent, though. A more designwise (flaw) is the connection of her arms with the body, this was executed with rather big and clumsy looking connectors. The not so nice look is most apparent when the top ist casted off, I assume they didn’t know to implement this cast off option in a better way back in 2007.

As far as I rememember I’ve ordered this figure as unopened storefront item, I think the long stay in the box was’t the best thing that happened to her. One day after the shooting I noticed that her butt was shiny like a bacon rind and had an ugly muddy green stain and a dark 2mm spot on her butt cheeks. After rubbing her butt with some fine sandpaper I could fix both issues.

Final Words

The Queen’s Blade EchidnaExcellent Model figure from MegaHouse is a nice figure with a beautiful, expressive face, that can even compete with todays figure standards. This figure also has a cool, detailed outfit and an interesting, bold pose. The minor flaws I’ve mentioned are no real dealbreaker and for 3500 Yen I shouldn’t complain too much about an old figure from 2007.

In case you are interested in the Echidna from MegaHouse I would suggest to buy the special edition who has a slightly improved paintjob and no shiny skin problems like the normal one.

Biotoxic wrote a review about here on his blog.

15 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    Queen’s Blade never ceases to amuse me with its extravagant character designs. The face of this figure is indeed quite nice, somewhat atypical for an anime styled character. I like that she has well defined lips, something I find unusual in figures.

    • wieselhead

      Yes, there are a number of interesting costumes in it and that’s what I like about Queen’s Blade and Queen’s Gate.
      There aren’t that many figures with an older appearance, in general Im more interested in the figures with a slightly younger look.
      But Echidna’s face was very appealing for me and it looks great in person

  2. feal87

    The figure is high quality indeed, but I’m a bit on the fence when it comes to the character. She looks a bit too…old for my tastes…:D

    • wieselhead

      I also prefer the younger bishoujo look, but oh well for 3000 Yen I found her to be attractive enough ^_^
      Ah yeah I get your point, I guess these eyes give her this “old hag” appearance.

  3. G.K. Sil Kamina

    I’ve always loved this Echidna figure and even remember when she first went up for pre-order. I passed on ordering her since back then I wasn’t ready to own such an obviously naughty figure. That eventually changed when I obtained another Queen’s Blade lady: Melona.

    I’d like to eventually add Echidna and Luna Luna to my figure collection. It’s good that Echidna’s going for so cheap nowadays. If only it was the same case for Luna…

    • wieselhead

      I can’t remember that, since it was before my collector time.
      Ahaha I guess only a few want to start this hobby with erotic figures.
      Melona is also a fvorite of mine, like most of the older creative styled characters, like Nanael, Menace.

      Good luck in finding a Luna Luna soon, she’s pretty, only this thing on her belly is a bit creepy.

  4. Aya

    the eyes looks like that for hunting younger men maybe 😛 back when watching the anime I like everything she did to other characters especially the teasing lol, snake~ yippie, she looks great with nice price too, I have seen many variation of her and I think I like the wonfes 2008 version which she looks like an undead 😀 , also have those cast off connector problem with my Shizuka …

    • wieselhead

      I guess she is more into younger women XD
      Hehe yeah the seasing is always funny or hot at least. The scene were she put that orange stuff on Reina was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing back then. Ah yes the blue version, I think it’s the color when she’s flustered, but Im no sure. Ahh too bad, the newer QB figures of today are better in terms of quality.

  5. hoshiko

    Half-woman, half-snake…but she doesn’t even look like a snake! Haha. Thank goodness though, actually. Otherwise, she might not have turned out to be this beautiful. Love that face! Unfortunately, I can’t see how detailed is the snake thong due to her posture.

    • wieselhead

      Well, at least in the mithologoy, the design of the figure is only loosely based on it.
      Haha yes that would be scary, since it isn’t said which half is the snake XD

      Yeah the face is great one of the best aspects of the figure.

      Ah sorry for that, the shiny bottom problem ruined the backside shots,
      I couldn’t bring myself to present them here like that.

  6. Nopy

    This is just my personal opinion, but I’m not really fond of her half-closed eyes. Otherwise, I think she looks cool. For that price there isn’t much to complain about.

    • wieselhead

      Well, I understand that, I would also prefer a more cute Echidna like this here but I found Echidna and her price sexy enough to make a purchase ^^

  7. Tier

    I like Echidna, mostly because she’s Irma’s buddy and likes to sneak up on her and feel her up. I don’t have a lot of the old MegaHouse Queen’s Blade figures and I kinda miss seeing them; I like most of the original Queen’s Blade characters more than the Rebellion characters. I never really got much into Rebellion, actually, particularly given the abrupt shift in characterization amongst the villains. QB Grimoire looks like it is off to a good start, though, at least when it comes to character designs.

    • wieselhead

      She’s a charming lesbian, thats for sure ^^
      The first one I ever got was Nanael and she is a beautiful figure, the first girls had the bestv design so far.
      The Rebellion ones are a bit different, ok I love Lyla and Annlotte was also beautuful, but the rest was weird or a little boring, like the girl with the dick like thing on her belly, or the slave of the ugly troll. The special with her was kinda extreme, like from a mean hentai.Hopefully Grimore will have more nice designs. Hmm QB Rebellion didn’t seems to be finished now.

  8. Echidna - Illydolls

    […] J’avais déjà vu auparavant cette demoiselle et je n’étais pas vraiment tombée sous le charme jusqu’à ce shooting. Je trouve qu’elle est magnifiquement mise en scène, sans vulgarité et les effets de flous sont très réussis. Elle est magnifique et je tiens à féliciter le photographe pour ses somptueuses photos. Source. […]

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