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Today, we will take a look on the latest figures that popped up at the shops recently.

I have the impression that figure manufacturing Companies are really pushing it these last frew months. It’s nice that there are so many pretty figures announced and in development, but it puts us more passionate figure collectors into a dire situation.

I’m at the point where I don’t know which figure I should give preorder priority.

 Ordered Items

Even though I struggled with Preorder decision, there still were figures I just had to order.

To Love-Ru Darkness – Haruna Sairenji

Haruna ❤ As this To Love Ru anime started, I was head over heels for her, unfortunately her screentime and role was reduced to something unimportant. Finally a beautiful figure of her was announced by Max Factory. She’s 1/6 big, nicely sculpted and shows a really pretty face.

On a side note there is something about bride related figures that makes feel uncomfortable, maybe because I like a bunch of female anime characters, it would feel like cheating to take one as bride ;D Anyway this doesn’t have a real bridal dress and Haruna feels greatly done.

Haruna Sairenji - Max Factory B

Haruna Sairenji - Max Factory Amanufacturer: Max Factory release date: November 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 11.111 Y


Yahari Ore … – Yuigahama Yui

I knew that I had to get this figure since the Wonfes prototype was shown. I have to admit that I don’t know anything about her origin. Still there are several aspects about this figure I really like, a cheerful face, a black dress, ample bosom belly free top, a beautiful belly, fingerless gloves all present on a lovely, playful figure.

Yuigahama Yui - Max Factory A

Yuigahama Yui - Max Factory Bmanufacturer: Max Factory release date: October 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 10.926 Y


Kan Colle – Nagato – figFIX

This figure is definetely not bad, but probably miles away from the Nagato figure of my dreams, but something forced me to get it anyway. It’s a figFix, a figma sized static figure, I ordered the GSC Shop version with additional angry face plate.

Nagato - Max Factory A

Nagato - Max Factory Bmanufacturer: Max Factory release date: October 2015 scale: 1/6 price: 5.093 Y


Interesting figures

I haven’t ordered these figures, but at least I find them overly interesting and like to list them. It’s unfortunately that most are sheduled for the same months. Nevertheless, feel free to tell my which one you like or which not, or which figure you would like to see in a review ;)

Hyperdimension Neptunia – Black Heart

ALTER’s adaption of Black heart looks nothing less than fantastic, sporting a dynamic pose with an appaling 1/7 scale. The core figure already looks lovely with her attractive sculpted body, but also her elaborate fighting gear adds a lot to this figures appearance and appeal.

The price is as to be expected heavy, but I’d like to delay my decision about placing a preorder a little more, even though I know that I want this figure.

Black Heart - ALTER A

Black Heart - ALTER Bmanufacturer: ALTER release date: October 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 14.800 Y


Kizumonogatari – Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade

Hey, it’s grown up Shinobu ^^ It’s been a while since we heard about this figure for the first time, but thanks to this her pricetag is still moderate. The lady looks pretty and very attractive with her confident presentation. There is also a lot of sex appeal to find on this figure ;D.

Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade - GSC A

Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade - GSC Bmanufacturer: GSC release date: November 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 10.926Y


Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Yukikaze

Kyahhh! Yukikaze looks quite nice, her details on figure and machine parts are nicely done and the expression of the character is adorable. Her active pose and the wet look of her shirt make her even more interesting. Psst can’t someone do a Samidare or Akatzuki?

Yukikaze - Aquamarine A

Yukikaze - Aquamarine Bmanufacturer: Aquamarine release date: August 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 12.000 Y



Before I got in contact with japanese bishoujo media, I was fan of a certain american comic style, portraying their female heroes and villains in an appealing combination of beautiful, confidence and seductive appeal. Even I never heard of Black Canary, even in my best years, this cool girl reminds me of that certain style and I just love what Kotobukiya did here, great face and an awesome outfit. She’s surprisingly cheap compared to the rest on the market.

Black Canary - Kotobukiya A

Black Canary - Kotobukiya Bmanufacturer: Kotobukiya release date: October 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 7.500 Y


World Conquest Zvezda Plot – Lady Plamya

To everyone who never watched the show please watch it, it’s a lot of fun. There was also a figure of Plamya announced by another popular Company, the Max Factory version has a more expressive face, but like everything else better on this ALTER figure, the vertical lines of her suit are super sexy, I like the way her curves are accentuated and the toned down colors.

Plamya has an awesome outfit with many details and the 1/7 scale is nice more and more figures follow the trend of 1/7, while 1/8 are a little less space consuming, but bigger figures have a more prominent presence.

Lady Plamya - ALTER A

Lady Plamya - ALTER Bmanufacturer: ALTER release date: October 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 12.800 Y


Masou Gakuen H x H – Hayuru Himekawa

When someone would have asked me what I would like the most about this figure, my answer would definetely be “her face” Beautiful eyes, flushed cheeks and and open mouth with her teeth showing, she’s so cute, the rest of her is a little less exciting, but not bad, a fanservice body in a playful content. Apparently some complained that the figure is more stacked than she should be when following the illustration and it’s true, also the rather petite body wasn’t adapted faithfully. Considering your perspective these things don’t have to be bad.

Hayuru Himekawa - Alphamax A

Hayuru Himekawa - Alphamax B


Nisekoi – Seishiro Tsugumi

The tomboyish character really shines in this figure adaption, what is really nice about this young lady are the fresh color theme and the rather classy design of her dress. The flustered pose has some great impact, I also can’t deny that Tsumugi has beautiful boobs, also on this figure they paid attention to that, they are nicely shaped and positioned accurately.

Seishiro Tsugumi A

Seishiro Tsugumi Bmanufacturer: Revolve release date: October 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 9.250 Y


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – Yuuki Yuuna

As I watched this great anime, my very first impression was “Madoka ripoff” , but then it turned out better as this other Mahou Shoujo hit. Anyway main heroine Yuuki received this quite appealing figure adaption, presenting her ready to strike. She reminds me of a sakura petal with her pastel pink color theme, but don’t be fooled she’s tough. She also comes with her two spiritual guardians, flying cows XD

Yuuki Yuuna - ALTER A

Yuuki Yuuna - ALTER Bmanufacturer: ALTER release date: September 2015 scale: 1/8 price: 11.800 Y


Soukou Akki Muramasa – Sansei Muramasa

I actually wanted to have preordered this figure already, but it didn’t happen yet. Of course it’s a lovely figure of the famous dark skinned elf Muramasa in an unconventional outfit

Wing can create very appealing final products, so I have no doubts in that regard, she looks pretty, cute and attractive. I should not forget her fantastic butt ;D She will have a head change and topless option, I didn’t expect the last one, honestly. Still I’m surprised that they still need these gaudy big seam lines on these fishnet stockings, compared to doll stockings.

Sansei Muramasa - Wing A

Sansei Muramasa - Wing Bmanufacturer: Wing release date: July 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 11.800 Y


Original Character – Tibalt

Embrace Japan sometimes has nice desings like this, Tibalt, a pretty petit demon girl character with a beautiful face and many details and a quite impressive presentation. It’s a very promising figure, yet I have experience with this manufacturer, the things I’ve heard were so so. I will receive a different figure from them in Summer, so I will see it for myself.

Tibalt - Embrace Japan A

Tibalt - Embrace Japan Bmanufacturer: Embrace Japan release date: September 2015 scale: 1/7 price: 14.000 Y


Upcoming figures I’m interested in

This post was rather modest so far, but Native recently showed pictures of a painted, but still in devlopment figure.

Original Character – Kankoshi Momoi

This figure is great, this figure is lovely ( ^◡^) Native did a really good job with her seductive facial expression, the nurse figure is very detailed, too. I’m always happy when Native figures have optional panties, I have a liking for ecchi figures, but I don’t want to cross the line to real raunchy stuff in my collection. I don’t think that I would feel that comfortable with this gynaecological chair she has as accessory, on the other hand it could be much worse.


So we’ve reached the End

I still can’t decide what I should preorder next, the massive announcement of lovely figures is definetely dangerous and gives me a real headache at the moment, what about you?

Was there something you already ordered or have on your mind?

15 Responses

  1. Miette-chan

    Well, I think you should order Black Heart, Kiss Shot, Yuuki Yuuna and Muramas. I have those on pre-order so that means that they are awesome figures to go out and buy.

    I kinda want one lingerie To Love Ru bride girls, they all look so god. Haruna is definitely not a bad choice even if you got conflicting feelings about it. I’ll just sit and wait for a Mikan bride, I don’t remember if there is one announced already.

    You should also get Tsumugi, been curious about Revolve, a closer look would be great. 😛

    • wieselhead

      Huh, I don’t think it’s so easy for me, what if they announce better stuff next month?
      Well, I’m probably will go for Black Heart, although I expect a 6 months+ delay ^^
      I just remember the good times Haruna was still a main character.
      I think they will make some more of these “after wedding” figure, the chances Mikan aren’t bad.
      I would probably like Kotegawa in that outfit, too.

      The chances aren’t bad ;D

  2. feal87

    Love Black Heart and Haruna, they look gorgeous! I’m not convinced about Nagato’s face though, it looks strange…*wonder*

    • wieselhead

      Yeah they are *looking at Black Hearts product page again* haha I want one. ^^
      I agree with you and I rather would like to cancel her order now, really not how I want to see my Nagato ;(

  3. BostonBrandon

    Very nice selection across the board though the only one I’ve seriously considered in the lot would have to be Haruna. She looks great but a little unsure of how I feel in regards to her bangs.

    • wieselhead

      Hi and thx for the comment =)
      Haha yeah the list turned out really long, too bad that Ileke quite a number of this list XD
      Those minor details often decide about, if I really want to order a certain figure or not.
      I’m glad that I decided to order Haruna ^^ Honestly speaking I’d rather seen her smiling, but I suppose, I will never see a better figure of her in that scale.

  4. Duqs

    Yuuki Yuna reminds me of Nanoha figures for some odd reason… I’m surprised you placed Black Heart under pending though. Hmm aren’t you getting Touko Nakahara from Native? 😛

    You should try watching Yahari Ore no Seishun, good stuff.

    • wieselhead

      Haha, maybe it’s the confident appearance 😉
      Me too, but can’t she be less expensive, shiping might cost an arm, too.
      No I prefer when ecchi figures don’t look too young and I’ve heard that she’s a quite inferior Native figure with weirdly placed seam lines, though her eyes look great.

      Maybe I will…

  5. Tian

    Of these I ordered Haruna, Kiss-Shot, and Tibalt. I think I mostly got Haruna to complete the set with Momo and Nana. I love what Max Factory’s done with them, though.

    Kiss-Shot just looks gorgeous. I hadn’t noticed how she was partially sunk into her base.

    Tibalt is the one I’m most concerned about. Hopefully Embrace Japan delivers on the little things. The sculpt looks great.

    I’m probably going to get Black Canary eventually but I typically don’t preorder Bishoujo figures as they’re readily available in the US after release. They’ve had a string of good ones lately with Jubilee, Zatanna, etc.

    • wieselhead

      Oh Tian is here, thx for the comment 😉

      These are good choices, I will take another look at adult Shinobu.
      Tibalt looks really stunning in these preview pictures, I hope the final product won’t differ that much.
      The bride figures are quite beautiful, it’s nice they made them big and attractive.
      Too bad they chose characters I can’t stand for these first figures lol.
      Without knowing the show I had probably ordered Momo long ago.
      Nevertheless with Haruna it’s finally my turn ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

      These are no figures that are sold out instantly, althouh they look lovely recently ^^

  6. Tier

    Haruna looks really nice, though I wonder what the manga’s creator thinks about this figure since I am told she’s based on his ex-wife (the bridal costume has to touch a nerve). The 1/12 scale figures kind of confuse me; I thought the big selling point of the Figma toys were that they are poseable. They should go the other way and make a 1/4 scale Nagato, a big old battleship deserves an equally big figure. They should also make a figure of Green Heart, though I’m guessing she will never get one, since she represents the console that nobody in Japan bought. I kinda think that with a dress like that, Yukikaze should wear sexier underwear.

    • wieselhead

      Oh, sorry for replying really late (-。-;
      I was busy with preparing my vacation and when I was in France I had not much interest in Internet activity ^^

      Ah you’ve also heard about that story, maybe they divorced on good terms.
      Yeah, it’s strange, maybe they jst wanted another source for profit with mini figures.
      Ahhh 1/4 would be really impressive, but I would rater see her in a 1/6 scale.
      Green Heart has certain qualities (*^▽^)/
      and a nice design, I only took a look at the Neptunia anime adaption, which is somewhat silly ;D
      I actually like Compa quite a bit. Ha well Yukikaze is the kind of loli archetype, she can’t have sexy underwear

  7. Kai

    My internet is getting really bad these days and I still can’t load more than half of your images (same thing with the rest of your posts :\), so I’ll just comment the ones that I can see, and from what I do see, the one that caught my interest is Yui figure. I was like “what!?”, because she totally don’t wear anything like that in the anime, which is mostly just slice-of-life… xD If it’s meant to be a metaphor, she also doesn’t really give a devilish vibe or anything. Don’t know why the figure is sculpted with a devil gimmick, since it doesn’t seem to suit her.

    • wieselhead

      Oh I’m really sorry to hear that. I never really know which quality level I should choose, so the files are rather big.
      I will keep in mind to make a more useful filesize in future posts.

      I’m curious about Yui now, is she a big sister type? Apparently she was wearing it in one episode of Season 1.
      Well manufacturer Max Factory chose it because it’s sexy XD Oh, I think that she looks great in it o(〃^▽^〃)o

      • Kai

        Actually nvm, yea, I just found out which episode she wears that outfit xD

        She’s definitely not the big sister type, but sort of the good friend who keeps the relationship in check sort of character? Oregairu characters are complex so it’s kinda hard to summarize it just like that, lol.

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