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After just one month in between, it is already time for a new preorder post, in the last few weeks several manufactures announced their latest  and upcoming figures that were shown at the last Wonder Festival. It was hard to choose, this time I added some longer awaited figures to my list.

Recently announced figures I find partially interesting (not ordered)

Estellise Sidos Heurassein – ALTER

Hehe look at this adorable strawberry milk drops, isn’t she jjust adorable with her charming smile. I don’t know her game, but Im quite enchanted by this figure, her face is already quite nice, but also her outfit is simply beautiful. The figure comes with landscape like base and a chibi figure of Estellise. I should actually consider to get this charming beauty.

Estellise Sidos Heurassein

Saten Ruiko – Chara Ani / Toy’s Works

This figure of Saten is enchanting … and here my manufacturer prejudices sense kicks in.


 Nyaruko – Max Factory

I love Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and I like Nyaruko as character, but my natural “naked apron” aversion prevents me from iordering this figure. Even though the frills are very cute.


Ishikki Akane – GSC

I was sure to get her, after I’ve seen her unpainted at Wonfes, despite her silly origin XD Now that I look at it something is missing, I can’t say what, can you say whats wrong with Akane?


Mamiya Marie – FREEing / Dragon Toys

Milf anyone? What are you saying Wieselhead don’t use such lewd words here that might scare the audience X<. Well, forgetting about her fetish origin Starless, Marie is a very attractive figure, portraying an adult woman. She has great curves, obviously, but the part I like the most is her beautiful face. Marie is scaled 1/6 but on the downside she costs 13.400 Yen, literally too much.


Hasegawa Kobato – Kotobukiya

This one isn’t up for preorders at the moment, but definetely something I consider to get. Kobato is the archetype of a cute goth loli and I like what Koto did with her, the face is cute and the dress looks lovely. I also think that the chair is a cool accessory/base. Kobato get.


Kashiwazaki Sena – Aoshima

Ah GK adaptions my secret love, GK always feel much more inspired than popular PVC figures. Aoshima got the rights for one of Sena’s best GK, Aoshima who also makes diecast kits of cool Japanes cars, recently found their love for girls. I want to give them a chance when this Sena is up for preorders soon. On the pictures so far she seems to be promising.


The False Songstress – Sheryl Nome – Max Factory

Thats a pretty much elaborate sculpt of Sheryl Nome, with an artistic diorama base and a very detailed sculpting of the character. Im sure that Max Factory will deliver a fantastic figure, but I don’t like Sheryl enough to spend around 16000 Yen for this figure.


Oda Yae – Daiki Kougyou

She’s pretty nude *huh* ? I can’t help myself, but I like her healthy proportions and her wide face with this cute expression. Displaying her like that would be rather troublesome, I actually could try to give her some clothes, but Im not if it’s worth the trouble to begin with.

random nude girl


What I actually ordered instead.

Maeda Keiji – ALTER / Hobby Japan

Lets start this post with a BANG! This is the figure of Maeda Keiji from the action – comedy anime Hyakka Ryouran. Maeda is a Hobby Japan Exclusive, the order period  is  from 2013/4 till 2013/6/.  She was sculpted by Tanaka Sen’u who already made a number of nice figures.
The figure grabbed my attention as I’ve seen her illustration in the Wonfes Wishlist Winter 2013 post at Plastic Parfait.  I thought it would be something worth to keep an eye on.

A few days ago her painted prototype was revealed and I totally love how the figure turned out, her colorful outfit is great and the upbeat looking face is lovely, the Nitro+ style is very well recreated on this figure. I also like the amount of revealed, sexy skin and the huge umbrella.

Maeda Keiji is scaled 1/8 (280mm) and her release is planned for September this year.

Maeda Keiji copy



Super Sonico PKG ver. – Orchid Seed

It got a bit silent in terms of announced Super Sonico figures that I want to have, but Orchid Seed came to my rescue and announced the imo best Sonico figure ever! Yeah Im pretty much excited about this one. Since she was a grey prototype, I waited impatiently to order her.
Im happy about nice and new figures of this cute and curvy, pink haired girl, called Sonico.

PKG is no nameplay on a popular manufacturer of headphones, it stands for Sonicomi Package version. The figure is based on the illustration of the Sonicomi game manual the swimsuit with stockings and heavy boots is an unusual yet nice creation. I like that Sonico is standing up.

This figure shows her in a rather chilled way which is quite nice in my opinion, after all the flustered and happy faces. The Sonico PKG figure is scaled in a not very common 1/5 with
330 mm she will be a rather tall figure. The release is sheduled for December 2013. ♡(>◡<)♡

Sonico pkg po copy



Alleyne – Queen’s Blade – Orchid Seed

A 1/6 scaled Queen’s Blade figure from a Company known for great body sculpting, count me in. Swimsuit figures are nice when put into interesting poses that differs  from the hundreds of other swimsuit girls. Alleyne looks a bit like she’s annoyed by her wet hair. I have a weak spot for pointy ear elf girls and this one also has cute, flushed cheeks and an overall pretty face.

The leaf bikini of this figure looks rather interesting, the contrast between skintone and green is very nice. In case someone wants to see whats below, the figure is also completely castoffable.

1/6 is a nice scale for such a  figure, 270 mm of appealing and flushed elf service *Wafuuu*. Nevertheless the release is far away, I actually have to wait for the release date until January 2014, on the other hand it’s good that Alleyne  isn’t part of my figure budget of 2013.

Alleyne copy



Kanbaru Suruga – Bakemonogatari – GSC

Finally! Finally !!! I didn’t get my hands on this figure as she could be preordered, but in the end I got her from a nice MFC member in an unopened state, for a higher price than on release of course. Why can’t I sell my figure like that? Im probably too impatient to wait for “victims”.

Anyway the fgure arrived a few days ago and she looks really cool with her booktowers base and michievous smile. Im happy to have her and looking forward to take pictures of Kanbaru.

On a sidenote I hated her character with passion in the anime, but only at first. For the rest of the show and the second season she really grow on me, and turned into one of my favorite Bakemonogatari characters. With Shinobu and Kanbaru I now have the Bakemonogatari figures from GSC that I’ve wanted. Too bad they made no figure of Araragi so far.

Mission accomplished!

Kanbaru copy


Haruka Amami –  Cu-Poche – Idolm@ster – Kotobukiya

I already mentioned this one in the New Preorders part 15 post, but after I’ve seen pictures like here, I definetely wanted to get her. Due to high demand the figure was restocked and I secured my order instantly. A Cu Poche is something like a Nendoroid sized action- figure with doll joints and mangnetic feet. I never was a fan of posing Nendoroids, maybe it will be a bit more comfortable with this adorable and cute looking Haruka from Kotobukiya.

Haruka Pu

The Delays

Due to some delayed figures I could sqeeze two more orders into the already full April. The Delays were rather unwanted ones, even though the overall sum of figure purchases in April decreased because of it . Man I really wanted my Akari in April, but ALTER seems to have a few problems with their production facilities and pushed her back to summer. Akari included they nearly delayed all of their announced figures for the next few months. Prism Illya was only delayed by one month.

Akari d copy

prism d copy

Which figures from my listed items, have you ordered ?

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18 Responses

  1. Luth

    Nice list! Definitely ordered Maeda Keiji as soon as preorders opened. I’m also interested in swimsuit Alleyne but figure I have time to make a decision on her. Orchid Seed have been doing some killer body sculpts lately! Another figure that looked really good but I ended up passing on was Native’s Gamer Girl but man, seeing pictures of her recently is making that decision hurt a bit

    • wieselhead

      Thx, well a lot of great figures were ready for ordering in the past few weeks, it partially gave me a hard time.
      It was one of the reasons why this list is so long 🙂 Maeda Keiji looks wonderful, no time to hesitate with her order.

      Yes, they excel in this regard, not in speed, but nice bodys are better than fast releases of so so products.
      Well, the next nice Native figure will be there for sure, this for example

  2. Halbred

    I ordered Sonico, too. She’s a real beauty, well-proportioned, and surprisingly affordable! Mamiya is awfully tempting, but yeah, the price is outrageous. I’ll just wait until somebody sells her on MFC if I really want her.

    • wieselhead

      It was nice that I finally could make my preorder for this Super Sonico figure, she’s just awesome.
      I doubt that Mamiya will be sold out before release with such a brazen price, maybe there will be a discount.

  3. Bakayaro

    Das hält sich bei dir ja wirklich im Rahmen. Ich bin dieses Jahr zu schlimm was die Einkäufe angeht… 30 Vorbestellungen. Naja, die meisten sind noch cancelbar aber ich möchte sie so gerne alle haben. =D

    Maeda Keiji, Alleyne und Sonico sind aber auch bei mir Musthave =)

    • wieselhead

      Ja, danke aber so toll ist das nicht 🙁 wenn man gerne was haben möchte und dann der Vernunft halber es doch sein lässt.
      Ich bin immer etwas neidisch, wenn Leute kaufen was ihnen gefällt ohne große Kompromisse zu machen.
      Ja mit dem canceln ist es immer schwierig zumindest bei Japanischen Shops.

      Ja unbedingt, alles tolle Figuren 😀

  4. Adam

    I waited all month to preorder Keiji. I’m always happy to see more Alter Hyakka Ryouran figures. 🙂

    Alleyne should be my next preorder. She’s another one I’ve been waiting for.

    That Sheryl figure looks absolutely amazing, but I’m struggling to justify tying up a couple month’s worth of my figure budget on a single figure.

    She’s not on your list, but MegaHouse’s Rei from Yamato 2199 is also on my short list of figures I’m considering.

    BTW, your poll isn’t working for me. I see names, but no way to actually select anything. :-\

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha, I wasn’t so well informed about her release until one week before, but yeah Hyakka Ryouran figures are always something to look forward to.
      I also planned to get Alleyne since a longer time, most of my purchase are planned in advance this year.

      Sheryl is an interesting statue, really appears like a work of art, the price is something for enthusiats though, bbut maybe she’s worth it, at least for fans of her.
      Ah this one, also a cool figure I love the old and Yamato 2199, but I’d rather want a figure of Yuria Misaki or the one of Yuki.

      Ah sorry about that, I tried different plugins, but most turned out incompatible or bad, the one I used in the end only worked halfways.

  5. Tier

    Lots and lots of nice figures have gone up for order in the last week. I didn’t even know of the Keiji figure, which shows how much attention I’ve been paying, I guess. I’ll have to find some place that I can order it from. I’m a little conflicted on Marie; she’s got that small head/big body combination that I don’t like too much, though she’s just barely acceptable to me, I think. But then I look at that price tag and think again. At any rate, it’s nice to see FREEing make a figure from a porno game, though. I agree that something looks a bit off about Akane; I actually like the Figma a lot more than the scale-size figure; the Figma’s faces are a lot cuter, I think. Though I’ll probably get the scale size figure anyway, since I’m not big on Figmas. I gotta admit I don’t really know much about Sheryl Nome, since I’ve only seen the first few episodes of Macross Frontier, but I know what I like and I know I like what I see (and I know some people have beef about her face but me, her face isn’t what I’m seeing first, if you know what I mean).

    • wieselhead

      Hehe it’s scary, isn’t it? I tried to keep up my resistance, though.
      Some thing also slip under my radar, even though Im deep in this topic.

      Marie partially has this issue, but not as distinctive as with other figures that portray mature women.
      She looks hot and pretty, but the price is asking too much in my opinion, for less I had probably ordered her.

      I was really looking forward to Akane, even though anime lacked in many aspects, but then I was very dissapointed as I saw her painted, the figma is indeed a lot cuter for whatever reason.
      I thought that you would like Sheryl’s face expression, she appears a bit M in terms of outfit and expressio 😀

  6. Aya

    Allyene,sonico and Maeda keiji they looks awesome, marie mamiya took my intereted but the price too expensive for me, Maeda Keiji also tempting

    • wieselhead

      Yes, these are lovely, so I want them all together ^_^
      It’s a shame to make her that expensive, I wish she would hit the bargain bin after release.
      You should consider to get her, she has a great design, this is probably my fav Hyakka Ryouran figure for now.

  7. Nopy

    You’re making me so jealous! I’ve been holding myself back from preordering any more figures so I can save up for when I go back to school. If I had more money, I’d definitely be getting that Estellise figure. I don’t know anything about her, but the promo shots look wonderful. The Sheryl Nome figure from Max Factory is also very tempting.

    • wieselhead

      Sorry to hear that, Nopy. Well, one figure won’t hurt I think.
      Yeah such a cute pink haired figure is quite enchanting, Im quite interested to get her.

  8. Fabrice

    Impressive order! I was kinda surprised at the Sheryl Nome figure, the colors and everything let alone the size is darn eye catching. That time of design reminds me of the Beatless figure done by GSC.

    Can’t believe its been more than a year since my last figure. dont know when the hell ALTER and GSC are going to release Amane Suzuha and Princess of the Crystal.
    Its been delayed for more than 2 months or 3!

    • wieselhead

      Thank you ^^
      Sheryl is qite a piece of art, her ddesign is pretty eyecatching and with this kind of base, a very elaborate look has been created.
      More than a year, ahaha I really can’t imagine that for me, it’s quite a shame with these delays this spring, I hope the companies can clear their roadmap soon.

  9. Miette-chan

    Estelle sure is nice isn’t she? Can’t wait to get her, someday, may be, hopefully… Alter, pretty please release her this year!

    I ended missing on Kobato, sigh… friend #2 told me, you showed me Hobby Search and I still ended waiting only for her to sell out… sigh…

    I’m amazed with how much new stuff you added, what happened to cutting back?

    My list has been pretty much the same, partly delays, partly no new figures catching my eye. Estelle and Kobato are the first in a long time I actually was committed to buy.

    • wieselhead

      Like a strawberry – cream ice hehe ^_^ Even with a delay, this should be possible *lol*
      What, don’t tell me… Well, it was annoying with the sold out -> restock -> sold out game of AmiAmi and the others. Im sorry for you.

      I AM cutting back, I could have already ordered the the double XD
      I still AM 6 figures under last year! One figure even counts for next year *lol*

      Ah ok, good luck with Kobato… maybe

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