New Preorders part 22

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New Preorders part 22

It has been around 4 months since my last New Preorders post, so here is a new one.
Thanks to all the delays from last year, 2014 is already rather crowded with preordered figures which will without question influence this years upcoming preorders in an inconvenient way.
In the meantime I ordered a few fancy plastic things nevertheless 6 new figures actually.


Cerberus – Rage of Bahamut

manufacturer: Max Factory release date: June 2014 scale: 1/7
price: 11.300 Y

Yes, I like demon girls a lot and for some reason this list is full of them

When thinking about figures from Rage of Bahamut Olivia from Kotobukiya comes to mind, since I don’t like her design that much and also decided that I won’t buy a Kotobukiya figure again for once (Im not really serious here as you will see later) I’m happy that Max Factory brought their painted prototype and preorders for Cerberus were opened recently.

I also played the smartphone card game “Rage of Bahamut” this girl is based on, it features a number of other pretty demon girls, but the performance is kind of bad on my device.

Cerberus is a pretty girl with a hell of a cute face, twintails and beast ears, she’s rather petite, not too tall with meaty thighs and a fancy, skin revealing outfit. The gold and gloss look spectacular on her soft skin. The doggy gloves/hands are kinda funny, but give her something cheerful, without basis I think she will be delivered with optional hands to satisfy more customers.

Cerberus -Rage of Bahamut


Sorceress – Dragon Nest

manufacturer: GSC release date: May scale: 1/8
price: 6.870 Y

Finally GSC changed this from a China only figure to something every collector could get their hands on. I was more than happy to be able to place my reservation for this cool looking figure.

Sorceress - Dragon Nest


Mammon – The Seven Deadly Sins

manufacturer: Orchid Seed release date:  September scale: 1/8
price: 12.840 Y

This is going to be my first Sins figure from Orchid Seed, it should be better qualitywise, than Amakuni. Leviathan is a lovely figure, but the bad cast off still leaves a little bad aftertaste.

Im not planning to buy the complete set of the 7 deadly sins, but the figures I like the most are of interest to me I might get Belphegor and Beelzebub next.  Mammon is an adult woman and actually a mother. She is without a doubt a very curvy girl with big boobs and a butt of similar size. I like her overall design, the voluptuous body, the outfit with all it’s details and the pose where she carries a basket full of demon food. Her face is beautiful and the drill hair as well.

Mammon - The Seven Deadly Sins


Sonico – Super Sonico The Animation – Figma – Swimsuit version

manufacturer: Max Factory release date: March scale: figma
price: 10.700 Y

Do you follow the Sonico anime? I watch it and I like the slow paced slice of life concept, it is close to the setting of Sonicomi, but without cameraman san. I better stay away from any MAL discussion, since it would only annoy me, some complained that there was too much fanservice and some that there is not enough of it. The show is very cute and has a kind setting, I’m glad that they made no idiot out of Sonico, she is in college and actually a dilligent student.

The figma comes with the first volume of the Soniani Blu Ray, it was sold out within minutes, lucky me didn’t wait too long. She looks adorable and I imagine it to be a fun figma to take along in my summer vacation. I love how  curvy she is and how she is holding a swim ring. It appears to be one of the newer figma frames, her hip joints are nicely covered.

Sonico - Super Sonico The Animation – Figma – Swimsuit version


Sonico – Nitro Super Sonic – Santa, Swimsuit version

manufacturer: ALTER release date: April or Later scale: 1/7
price: 8.050 Y

Why have I ordered this again? It’s a Sonico bikini figure with christmas decorations from ALTER.
The figure wears a friendly smile on her face and is sculpted in a sweet gravure idol pose and shows a really pretty cleavage. Don’t expect her to be castoffable, it’s already uncommon to see such a hottie made by ALTER

Sonico - Nitro Super Sonic – Santa, Swimsuit version


Mushanokouji Iwai – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – BEACH QUEEN

manufacturer: Wave release date: December 2012 scale: 1/10
price: 3.670 Y

I know it will be a really tiny, small scale figure, but she’s SOOO CUUUTE! The first time I wanted to preorder her she was sold out, but this week she was in stock again. I have no idea who she is but her face and the mass of hair hnnng!

Mushanokouji Iwai - Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – BEACH QUEEN


Erunoe – Lil’Fairy – Chiisana Otetsudai-san

manufacturer: Azone release date: summer scale: 1/12

price: 8.050 Yen

This cute little devil was supposed to stay in the “Upcoming figures I’m interested in” category, but I had the tab with her open for two days and ordered her as this post was as good as finished. It’s a tiny little doll with cheerful eyes, I’m kind of glad that she was restocked, the first batch was sold out immediately. She has two maid workmates and I’m partially interested to add this one with the white hair and black uniform.

 Erunoe - Lil’Fairy -Chiisana Otetsudai-san



Upcoming figures I’m interested in 

I haven’t ordered these figures, but at least I find them overly interesting and like to list them.
Feel free to tell my which one you would suggest me to get or like to see in a review 😉


Amazon – Excellent Model – Dragon’s Crown

manufacturer: MegaHouse release date: July scale: 1/7

Amazon is a strong girl with a set of muscles, still she looks still very feminine in my eyes.
What I like the most is her nice hair and the beautiful face, these blue eyes are so expressive.
An 1/7 scale is rather unusual for this manufacturer, but it is a nice change, to make something bigger. I find it great how Megahouse applied the shading on the very detailed sculpted body.

Two things that bother me, is that her top is too low, where are her nipples supposed to be? and her thighs still look a bit extreme.

Amazon - Excellent Model – Dragon’s Crown


Super Sonico – Mouse version

manufacturer: Wing release date: April scale: 1/7

Haha I hope Sonico doesn’t like cheese, that for sure took long until preorders finally opened.
With her tongue out Sonico has a light naughty expression, a little more assertiveness suits her.
The mouse eared figure comes with a huge cheese themed base, The girl looks charming and the focus on her butt is quite nice. I think I like this figure enough to justify a purchase

Super Sonico Mouse version


Mei Sagara – Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

manufacturer: FREEing  release date: March scale: 1/8

This girl has a lot of cute megane (glasses) appeal, but somehow she forgot most of her clothes.

Mei Sagara - Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!


Leafa  – Fairy Dance – Sword Art Online

manufacturer: Kotobukiya release date: April scale: 1/8

That looks like a great Leafa figure, deep green friendly eyes, pointy ears and a really nice rack.
She’s really pretty and the base fits very well to her, like a small diorama.

I always preferred the other girls in Sword Art Online instead of Asuna, in particular Leafa / Suguha but I found it silly that people started to dislike Asuna as she was trapped in a golden cage. The figure looks lovely in the promo shots, unfortunately this figure was made by the same sculptor as Kobato, like you all know, I didn’t really enjoy, after all. I better play safe this time and try to get her after release in case I like the final product.

Leafa  - Fairy Dance - Sword Art Online


Makoto Harada – Yamato Girls Collection – Yamato 2199

manufacturer:  Alpha x Omega release date: March scale: 1/8

Have you ever watched the old Uchuu Senkan Yamato? It’s a combination of the old Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. I did and it was awesome, it sucked that I had to watch the last episode in english, to be fair, the japanese dub also was far from good at first, bu that improved quickly. Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 is a more modern version with fantastic animations. Makoto Harada is the top nurse on the ship and assists the doctor with sake.

As big fan of the show I would like to have her. I love the cute design of her, the sweet face, the fashionable pink suit and the dynamic pose, she has exchangle faces and arms.

Makoto Harada - Yamato Girls Collection – Space Battleship Yamato 2199


The Muse of Range Murata – JC.COM

manufacturer: ALTER release date: May or Later scale: 1/6

I’d never believe this lovely GK figure would be adapted as PVC figure, but no it even is from ALTER and of a large scale. The girl is based on the art of Range Murata, it’s a cute and attractive design with a scarf, boots and gloves and cute underwear. A chair is also part of this great figure.

The Muse of Range Murata - JC.COM


Billy the Kid – Eiyuu*Senki GOLD

manufacturer: FREEing release date: May scale: 1/8

A wild, slender girl with a cowboy – bikini dress and a watergun, I find her design totally appealing, she’s proud and has a dominant appearance despite from being half naked.

Billy the Kid - EiyuuSenki GOLD

Anything here caught your attention?

I’m a bit lost here, march, april and may will be full of cool figures, any suggestions what I should get? If I didn’t have brought so many figure preorders from 2013 in the new year, I could order more freely without stressing myself.

10 Responses

  1. Hoshiko

    Yes, Sorceress – Dragon Nest is a stunning piece. I love everything about her. From the combination of color to the little cute “batman” on her arm.

    I guess you’re adding more dolls to your collection. How many you have already besides Azusa?

    • wieselhead

      Yes, I love the design, no need for much words about it, just awesome 😀

      No, Azusa is still the only one, well I bought a lot of clothes for her ^^
      Azone made some really cute dolls recently, but they were always sold out before I could act.
      Well, it was good for my wallet and I would probably hadn’t liked them as much as Azusa, but I said to myself:
      “the next Azone doll, I really, really like will be bought, no buts!”

  2. Luth

    The delays are a bit aggravating, I’m still waiting for a lot of the good stuff in 2013 to come. Trying to be good and hold off on preorders until Wonfes, but it’s getting hard to wait for it!

    Mammon looks amazing, I almost got her as well. I probably would have if it wasn’t for her exclusivity.

    Wow, that figma Sonico’s hips look amazing. They’ve hidden the joints really really well. Her boobs don’t bad either. Now if they can fix those shoulder joints, I might need to think about going only figmas.

    I’ve been against getting Koto figures for years now due to them being pretty mediocre but if their recent premium figures like Dark Angel Olivia and Horizon’s Tomo Asama turn out well, I might need to give them another chance.

    Out of all your upcoming that you’re interested in, I’d say the Range Murata figure looks the most interesting. Her face looks really pretty, the shading and paint on the hair looks really special, and the details in things like her gloves and boots are amazing.

    • wieselhead

      That’s so true and I’m rather annoyed by it, but soon I’ll have my Tharja, finally haha.
      I’ll try to wait for Wonfes as well, stay with me willpower.
      Mammon really wasn’t cheap, but she’ll probably be my second to last 7 sins figure, at least from this lineup.
      I won’t buy Belphegor but maybe Beelzebub when the final product will look good enough.

      She’s really curvy, there is limited articulation in her hips, I rather accept limited moveability than visible joints to be honest.
      Lets what Koto is capable of, when these figures are released ^^.

      I also feel that I should give priority to the Range Murata girl, she’s big and very pretty. But then Makoto Harada and Amazon are also pulling at my wallet X<

  3. Aya

    Seems many cool stuff lately 😀 SONICOs as expected of course anyway not getting the cheerleader one ? , Seven deadly sins almost forgot about them they seems rarely mentioned last year, and for the first time I seeing that loli doll so cute make me just realized that azone made 1/12 dolls

    • wieselhead

      Yes, but too much at once XD
      Oh I already ordered the Cheerleader Sonico, she’s cute 。^‿^。
      I wonder when the OVA will be out and what it is about?
      Haha yeah the mini maid is kawaii! I wonder how small she will look in perso.

  4. Tier

    I was kinda interested in getting Mammon but then I saw just how big her boobs are, and of course she’s an exclusive and I don’t really know now which stores are good for ordering those sorts of things, so I decided not to. It looks like Hobby Japan is planning on making a crapload of 7 Sins figures so if another one comes out where her boobs are just a bit smaller, that might tempt me more. I kinda thought I’d be more interested in the Sorceress figure but I don’t think I’m going to order it; I don’t really like her helmet too much. I do like how Makoto looks but I’m a little annoyed about how I paid full price for Misaki Yuria and then she dropped to 2500 yen like two days after she was released. You should definitely get the Muse. I’m assuming she won’t be attached to that chair; if she’s not, I think I might make some interesting, uhh, props for her to be interacting with.

    • wieselhead

      I liked Mammon since the first illustration, I like the curvy women with the pretty face and her outfit looks great, believe me, it are not the big boobs in particular why I ordered her.
      I as well think that her boobs are quite huge, but not too ridiculously large, she’s miles away from Cattleya
      The planned new Mammon figurelooked like it has even bigger titties, I’ll pass XD I actually wanted to get Belphegor, unfortunately it did not convince me in the end, it is slightly off.
      Hopefully Beelzebub won’t dissapoint. From the alternative 7 Deadly Sins figures I find Asmodeus quite interesting.

      I think that the fast pricedrops on MegaHouse figures is a bit extreme compared to other manufacturers, kinda sad to see a figure you see as pretty is sold for cheap.
      The Muse is pretty good, huh ^^

  5. Halbred

    I’ll be getting Mammon. She’ll go well with Asmodeus. I suspect I’ll get Satan, too. The alternative Asmodeus (as a bunny girl) looks swell (HA!) as well. The alternate version of Mammon, however, looks atrocious.

    • wieselhead

      Thats nice, I think she’s among the prettiest 7Sin characters, I really like her face, the outfit and the curves.
      As bunny girl she looks delicious, I would love to see her painted soon, maybe on Wonfes.
      I like fairly sized anime boobs, but I agree with you on that, it looks scary from that angle.

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