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This post(s) is about my little vacation in France. It was a  2 week long family vacation with my parents and the dog, ok and Haruka, Nanoha and Kanbaru. I always like to take 1 or 2 figures on my vacation, sometimes you find rare and interesting sceneries, you’ll never see at home.

I already wanted to make a post about my last holidays, since the landscape was very nice, but the apartment was too pityful to show off ;D The planning this time was my job and so I was searching for what I liked, so I discovered a cool house in the far countryside of France.

Like always I won’t show myself, but the impressions were memorable so that I want to share them with you in text and pics. Have you ever been to France?

At the toll station

Here is one of the many toll stations you have to pass in order to use the french motorway, the collected money is invested the money to maintain the road quality, which was actually excellent compared to the bumpy roads in Germany. The speed limit is at 130 Km/h

Another toll station

Bad weather get lost

We drove 1350 km from somewhere in the middle of Germany to far south – east France in the little town La Verdiere. We made a little break in Basel, unfortunately I wasn’t in charge of planning this certain location and da hell! that was a rundown place who had it’s best years in 1965’s, it was only for the night so it was all right. It was a big contrast to our house in France.

clean energy, also in France

Highway to Hell

I love taking pictures in the car, you get a lovely scenery while staying on the road, isn’t it nice there? As we passed by a little flight show took part like you can see below.

An ongoing Flight Show

La Verdière is a commune in the Var department in the mountained Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France. This region has a lot of hills and mediterran flair.

map la verdiere

We rented a 120 m² villa with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge living room and a terrace. It was jaw dropping great, the interior was tastefully arranged and every room was nicely decorated. It’s nice when you arrive and it instantly feels like vacation. As we arrived in the town we contacted the landlady who showed us the final directions. She was a really nice person with a lovely french accent, she showed us the house and the rooms and throw in some jokes. She was very good in english so communication wasn’t that difficult, since my french is not existent aside from bonjour and merci



table decoration



living room

roses everywhere


It was a town with a lot of preserved nature and so we had some interesting animals in the “garden”. One day there was a scorpion in the house, also a monster spider crouched through the gardem were I was honestly tto scared to take a photo XD





In the next days I will entertain you with the next few parts of the vacation reports, about the few activities we did and last but not least some nice figure photography. stay tuned

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  1. Zai

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the photos from your trip!

    I’ve never been to France before – I’ve never even been to anywhere in Europe! I hope that I get to have a big, long holiday over there one day though, so many amazing things to do and see.

    130 km/h is so fast! The fastest we can where I live is 110 km/h although a lot of freeways are 100. What a long drive you had though, wow. Usually when i go on trips we fly by plane.. well I guess we have to if it’s a different country here, hehe. I would love to take a nice long road trip like that, I think the longest I had was around Alaska with Luth. I love taking photos from the car too although sometimes it’s hard to get a non blurry one.

    Your villa looks like it was absolutely adorable, gives a very sweet and romantic feel. I don’t think I would have wanted to leave it. I would freak the hell out over the scorpion though, haha.

    Looking forward to seeing more. 😀

    • wieselhead

      Thx for your comment, hehe I took my time.

      Ah ok I see, pay attention when you ever go there, left hand driving isn’t allowed XD
      There much to see I guess, I was once in England, but it wasn’t so great, Im all for south.

      Yes it is restricted but still a good speed to make some kilometers quickly.
      We had too much luggage to fly and would be in need of a car there anyway, it was a bit beaten off the track there
      Alaska? Hehe searching polar bears in a freezing tent sounds interesting? As long as it’s not too dark it works nicely.

      It was so nice, we rather chilled there than doing any trips haha. Well, of course we took trips like you can see probably tomorrow.
      Yeah the scorpion was surprising, it fought with a spider and won, I guess the spider was not big enough 🙁

  2. Fabrice

    Different perspective of france and nice to see you post about your holiday (was waiting for it!)
    Funny enough the place you went is near where my dad is from, just a little bit south.

    The place you stayed looks nice very trendy, very french. makes me want to go on a holiday like that but not with all the bugs lol XD

    • wieselhead

      yeah it is something very different from the usual content.
      Oh really, thats interesting which town? It’s also funny that most of my french buddies knew where la Verdiere is, it’s so small ^_^
      It looked great there Well, it weren’t so many bugs actually and bugs are beautiful creatures XD

  3. NY Otaku

    Wow, that villa looks really nice! France looks lovely, I’d love to go travel around Europe someday when I get enough money to make a trip. The furthest I’ve traveled is Canada, so that’s probably the closest I’ve been to French culture ^^.

    Also good to see I’m not the only person who has to bring some figures with me when I travel 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Oh hallo thx for visiting. Yeah I never had vacation in something as nice as that before, so it was a great experience.
      I always wanted to go to south France and Im glad that everything worked and no bad things happened.
      Oh cool, well I’ve never been to the American continent before.

      Hehe yeah I can’t travel without them, at least one must accompany me. 😉
      Otherwise I would have a couple missed opportunities in terms of photography.

  4. Miette-chan

    Oh so nice, I’m envious of places like Europe or Japan where a relatively short drive gets to you to another nice different place. Unlike where I live were the same distance you drove across a country and half is just a bit more to get out of Texas. I wish I had speed limits that fast but Americans are very stupid drivers so I can see why that doesn’t fly here.

    The place you stayed looks pretty neat, my family once had a vacation like that where they rented a house… that I ended up missing because of work…

    Anyways, I look forward to all the pictures of the cute French girls.

    • wieselhead

      It is ^^ Texas is pretty big I guess, still you have to go a few kilometers in Europe as well to reach your desired destination.
      Well, how fast are you allowed to drive anyway? “stupid” thats kinda unpatriotic, Obama is watching you XD

      I would always prefer it over an apartment, 120m² is really huge and so. Too bad 🙁
      Cute girls, sorry dude to drop your expectations I’ve only seen 4 pretty girls, even there people can be really fat.

  5. Nopy

    Beautiful pictures. I tend to take pictures of bugs too when I go on vacation, especially of ones that I’ve never seen before.

    I’ve had the opportunity to go to France twice, but I was stupid and never did because my teachers would’ve made me speak French while I was there. Now I regret not going.

    • wieselhead

      Thank you. Ah another bug friend 🙂 I think it are lovely creatures and I like to see new ones.
      Haha that sounds bittter, always these school excursions, it’s better to stay here as real vacation.

  6. asdfghjkl

    is that spider?there are spiders in french!?how interesting…

  7. hoshiko

    Omg..the spiders are scary. They look big from the photos. I think it’s nice to be living in Europe. Can just drive to anywhere within Europe and I believe all European countries have beautiful sceneries.

    • wieselhead

      Yes and I haven’t even captured the big one, this was really creepy XD
      I think it’s not the case everywhere in Europe, but there are a number of nice areas.

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