Welcome to Wieselhead‘s personal coverage from the Wonder Festival 2014 winter event, which was held on February 09th. It’s the biggest, most popular event for figure collectors around the world. There are two Wonder Festivals each year, one in winter and one in summer. Also in this year many manufacturers showcased and announced interesting and most of all beautiful […]

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It felt like ages since I’ve reviewed a figure of my favorite 2D girl, I didn’t lose interest but the recently released figure where not what I wanted, especially not that giant rubber doll with the soulless expression. The announced figures for December and next year look really promising. I already preordered ALTER’s Sonico – […]

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Welcome to the next part of  from France with love, this part features the activities we did during the vacation. I actually only wanted to make one post of it, but now it will be three parts of my vacation, I hope you don’t mind. Afterwards we will be back to figure business. The unofficial first […]

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