New Preorders Part 18

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Ey, ey oh! whats up people

Here we have a new Preorder Post with a few new purchases and many other alluring figures where a decision hasn’t been made so far.

There also was a delay for the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA – Prisma Illya figure from Phat Company, that should actually be released in this month, unfortunately she was pushed back to April, which already is a quite busy month. I will also receive the Azusa doll in April, I’m still searching for a fancy outfit for her, even though the stuff she comes with is already pretty nice.

 New Preorders

I restricted myself a little bit, at least for once and also tried to prevent myself from loading too many figure preorders in the first half of the year, since I know what great things can be expected to be released in this year. Hmm yes these three are mainly sexy choices.

Katsuragi – Senran Kagura – Phat Company


After all the good impressions of Phat Company’s Hibari, this was a nearly no brainer for me. Even though the still running anime didn’t met my expectations, I still think that the girls are cute and have an appealing characterdesign. Katsuragi is quite creepy as a person you wouldn’t see that from her look, but anyway as energetic blonde with a bright smile and big boobs I want her in my collection. Next to Hibari’s design I like Katsuragi the most with her blue skirt and the  killer boots. As well as Hibari, Katsuragi is also scaled 1/8 the release is sheduled for August 2013

Sayaka Yumi – Shin Mazinger Zero – Ami Ami Zero


This figure has been a bit longer on my radar, I was captivated by the design and the lovely curves of Yumi. Her suit and the base have a sci fi fetish look, the base looks like a sex toy, but from what I know about Mazinger Zero it is none, it’ more something like a command center.

I was a big fan of Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen which aired a few years ago. This figure of Yumi isn’t based on it, at least not in that outfit. I like the skin revealing outfit and her face, Yumi’s looks so damn great, well I also like that she features the style of old school manga very well. The figure is scaled 1/7 and has a length of 260 mm, in the final product, she will have alternative face parts. The figure is very detailed and for some reason her discounted price is relatively high with 9500 Yen, oh well I had ordered her for a higher price, thanks exchange rate.

Ami Ami Zero is popular for delaying their products, hopefully this figure will be more or less on time, she is sheduled for June 2013 *fingers crossed* kyahh I’m really excited about her.

Irma – Queen’s Blade – MegaHouse


 Hmm why the heck, have I ordered Irma actually!? You can only guess why Megahouse made a figure from the original Queen’s Blade at this this time, it seems that Tier from Tentacle Armada wasn’t the only one who wished for a figure of Irma, since the feedback was quite positive.

Wll, there are certain things that make this figure that appealing, Irma has an attractive petite bodyframe, still in a trained way, but she’s more slender than most Queen’s Blade characters. She also has this super dynamic pose and also a lot of details are on her body and outfit.

I really like her look, the body with the perky breasts, a nice back and a bubble butt compared to her body. Her dark skincolor makes a great contrast to her hair, actually. I would have sightly preferred a different face expression, but oh well the overall appearance is very good.

Irma is scaled 1/8, castoffable and her release date is sheduled for July 2013.

Maybe Baby List

Touko Aozaki – Mahoutsukai no Yoru – ALTER

release – July

Sometimes you will get overly excited about a certain figure that you’ve seen in an early production status, only to feel dissapointed when it can finally be preorderd. I think her dress turned out beautiful, the green is gorgeous, but whats with the face, it looks so plain, pale and undetailed, at least in these first promotion shots. I don’t feel like throwing my money torwards her in advance anymore. Maybe I will be convinced another time,but not for once.


Yuki – Maid Yome – Orchid Seed

release – September

This ero figure is very popular at the moment and Im starting to fear that she will be sold out before release, which happens not that often with figures from Orchid Seed. Yuki is a bold figue without pantsu and have you noticed where her fingers are? actually I didn’t pay attention to it at first. Hehe, it should be fine when displayed normally. The figure looks very pretty, I like the flushred cheeks and her cute moaning mouth. You can display her with the “wet t-shirt” look with her boobs exposed or just admire her plump butt. So far I could resist preordering her, since I’ve planned to get her at a later date, but Im not sure how long this composure will last.


Nymph – Sora no Otoshimono forte – PLUM

release – April

Nymph seems to be the most popular Sora no Otoshimono character at least on the manufacurers side, Kotobukiya already made a second one as well as PLUM, which can be seen here. They’ve put her into a innocent white school swimsuit, that compliments her butt nicely. The 1/6 scaled figure of Nymph has a cute energetic pose, her face doesn’t look like exactly like in the illustration she is based on, beside that it appears like an adorable figure. In worst case just display her from the enchanting backside ;p As I was checking on her at Ami Ami, the site said it’s sold out. I’ve waited too long! but maybe I’m able to get her on or after the release date.


Hibiki Ganaha – THE IDOLM@STER – Kotobukiya

release – April

Kotobukiya is pretty serious in adapting the Idolm@ster characters in the Angelic Island versions, where they put the girls in beach fashion. I already found the majority of them pretty adorable like Haruka, Makoto and Yayoi even though I haven’t bouth them in the end. Hibiki is no exception in terms of cute bishoujo appeal, her face is very pretty and her fang adds a little more playfulness. I’m also a fan of dark hair and the kind of earings, Hibiki is using, lovely ^^.


Rumi Sumida – Gutto-kuru Figure Collection Sweet 02 – CM’s Corporation

release – May

That face expression is priceless and let’s this figure appear super adorable, I really like the lovely expression and interesting pose of this figure. Also her school uniform is appealing, I like the colors, the stockings and her sneakers. The only problem is that I have no experience and no trust in CM. I have serious doubts, that they will deliver a quality that satisfies me and with that in mind she is a few thousand Yen too expensive, still I would like to have her in my collection, since she looks so appealing in these promotional pictures. On second look her butt could be a bit bigger, but that is my least important concern and something I could live with.


Preorder Roadmap (updated)

preorder roadmap 18

12 Responses

  1. Kai

    The Yuki figure looks the most impressive out of all of them in my opinion, albeit a bit… perverse. I got some preordered figures coming up soon too xD

    • wieselhead

      She has a striking design, but as you said already it’s pretty daring with her hand there 😉
      Ah cool, something to look forward ^^

  2. feal87

    So many figures! *is scared*

    Nymph is the one I like more between them, the others are just too explicit for me…:D

    • wieselhead

      But I only ordered three this time, haha at least Im trying to behave.
      Explicit!? No way, Im only interested in pure anime girls XD

  3. Adam

    Irma’s on my maybe list. I like action poses as a general rule, plus I get more interested when a girl’s got a weapon or two in her hands. 😉 It’s just a matter of whether I can fit her into my budget in the next couple months.

    Katsuragi is cute, but I’m kind of confused at this point as to why every figure has her shirt open with her boobs hanging out. Is this her “normal” look?

    I think I’d find Yuki more enticing if she was a little more colorful. It’s a sexy pose and I dig girls wearing headphones, but her light hair, light skin, and white T-shirt looks kind of monochrome to me.

    • wieselhead

      Irma is pretty much all about action, hopefully I like her face enough to keep her. Im pretty lucky for the time being, after the busy April, I have some free months and even some open slots in June, July and August. And I still can mantain to stay under less than four figures per month.

      I kinda like figures with a buxom body and a sweet and innocent face, the Senran Kagura girls remind me of Sonico in this regard ^^. Ah I see, well that is actually
      her “Shinobi Transform” battle dress, she is also wearing a normal school uniform with a cleavage, but not as unbuttoned as in her battle suit.

      I understand your point, the colors aren’t that striking, but figures with natural haircolor have their own appeal.

  4. hoshiko

    Irma defies gravitiy! I can’t figure out how she managed not to fall on a pose like that.

    Looks like April is going to be a happy month for ya! Have your shipped figures arrive yet?

    • wieselhead

      Haha, I guess she has wire in her standing leg, on the other hand it creates a cool action pose.
      No only partially, only Ignis (the redhead elf in the white dress) oh and the Nanoha Movie annd a pair of socks for the upcoming Azusa doll.
      Yeah more or less happy for my wallet, but Im really happy 🙂 also bought a red leatherjacket, punk boots and a cute top for Azusa.

  5. Tier

    I didn’t even notice Rumi before; I faintly recall that CM’s Corporation has done some poseable stuff in the past, and since that’s not really my thing I usually don’t pay too much attention to their products. Rumi looks pretty neat, though. I didn’t realize she was from a Satoshi Urushihara design, and now that I think about it, it’s a bit odd that there aren’t too many figures out there based on his work, given how long he’s been doing anime-style art.

    Touko is one of those weird figures where I kinda think I might regret not buying her because she will certainly be a high-quality figure, and she has a pretty nice-looking butt, even with that big coat. But then, I might regret it if I do buy her because she’s sort of plain-looking, and I’m not at all familiar with the Type-Moon property that she comes from. I’m not sure what I’ll do there; maybe the best thing to do is wait and see if she hits the bargain bin.

    • wieselhead

      I guess the figure industry is too much focused on things that are popular for the moment, so anime art veterans are easily overlooked.
      Still it’s nice to see such surprises from time to time. I had the idea that you would like her face expression. I like the overall design of her,
      a cute face, cute uniorm and a kind of enchanting pose, hopefully she will be cheaper after release.

      It’s a nice Touko, the face looks really plain, even though she is wearing glass, I guess a lady like her needs some bold lipstick.
      Compared to the older figure her face appears to be showing no personality. Maybe she will look better on newer pictures, buying her later might be a good idea.

  6. Toy_Photographer

    Irma and Yuki are on my list too. I thought you have made the pre order of the Gamer Girl – Native. She is really hot!

    • wieselhead

      I will get Yuki for sure, but probably not as preorder.
      No, Im not that interested into that gamer gir not my type you could say.

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