New Preorders part 10

had just begun and I thought that it is time for a new post about my latest preorders.
From the previous New Preorder part 9 post I’ve already received Nekomura Iroha from Griffon, Shikinami Asuka Langley from Max Factory and in the meantime another order was placed by me. I couldn’t resist the discount at AmiAmi and received the Princess Bitch figure.

Reviews of Nekomura and the ecchi Princess will be published soon.

Ok enough of the old stuff, now up to the following 4 new figures which were ordered recently.

Nitro Super Sonico – Soniko – Bath Time version

Hehe only one Soniko this time  XD There were two other ones, like the Soniko  – Tokonatsu version and Soniko – Gravure Swimsuit version that I could have ordered additional to the Native figure, but I will wait for other Soniko figures which might be announced this year.

Native’s Soniko comes with a quarter cutted bath tub, her bathing friends and a castoffable towel.
She is scaled 1/6 and will have a height of 250 mm, release is sheduled for May 2012.

While I like ecchi figures it is the first time that I ordered a figure from Native, I like their stuff in general, but I would feel uncomfortable with displaying most of their figures, since they expose their beaver in an offensive way. This Soniko here is more or less naked, but she doesn’t appear to be that indecent in this pose. Her body proportions are on the chubby and voluptuos side.
The face could show a cuter expression, but also her surprised expression is appealing to me.

Anyway Im really looking forward to get this big scale Soniko, from my expectation Native should deliver an excellent job with this figure. I ordered her at the proxy service of Tokyohunter for ¥11,325 and had to pay upfront, additional shipping costs will be added on release.

Rosario + Vampire – Kurono Kurumu

Do some of you remember Rosario to Vampire? it’s been some time since I watched this show.
Orchid Seed finally started to work on this figure which was a grey prototype since a few years. Recently they presented the colored prototype that turned up for preorders a few days later.

Ruby was a character of this show which I liked a bit more and also would like to see an appealing figure sometime, but Kurumu also was a likeable character, to be honest I liked most of girls.
Teenage Succubus Kurumu is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 245 mm. Her release is sheduled for late June. She wears a short maid/waitress dress with nice black gloves, stockings and shiny shoes, as to be expected from Orchid Seed, the skirt and parts of her top will be castoffable.

Even with clothes she shows a lot of her pretty skin, these shoulder blades the thighs *lovely*
Like Soniko she has also a buxom bodyframe and it’s really nice that sexy Kurumu will be 1/7 .

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity – Nagisa

So enough of sexy godesses, here we have another exclusive figure, she’s called Nagisa.
Volks will release her sometimes this year, so far they haven’t announced a specific date.

To be honest I don’t know about her origin and at first I thought it was a creative version of Sakamoto-san from Strike Witches, but she’s not. I was glad that Nagisa didn’t turn out as GK, she turned out as affordable exclusive figure. Nagisa is scaled 1/8, I really like her elegant appearance in combination with the proud pose. The white navy like uniform shirt with all these golden details and the high boots look so nice. She doesn’t show the level of cuteness I normally like to have, but her face is really pretty with the light pink lips and the turquoise colored eye.

For ordering her I also used the proxy service of Tokyohunter for ¥9,800 upfront, normally I wouldn’t pay upfront for an item without an more accurate release date, but I had to hurry, since I already missed the first preorder round for her. I already missed Volks lovely Sasara Kusugawa.

Zegapain – Kaminagi Ryoko – Resurrection

No Im not kidding you, I really ordered this figure. Well she has no big boobs or an especially fancy dress nor is she a loli, but after seeing the anime Zegapain I fell in love with her character.
I wasn’t the only one who was enchanted by this figure, the fact that she was sold out before release prove the success of this not so fancy but still nice Kaminagi.

She is a kind and bubbly girl next door character, who likes making videos. Kaminagi Ryoko is scaled 1/8 with a height of 195mm and her release date was a few day ago on January 11th.
I like her bright and happy smile in combination with her dynamic standing one one leg pose.

Im very picky with figures from my favorite anime characters, but ALTERs attempt convinced me very quick. I wasn’t the first Kaminagi figure from ALTER, in 2007 they had produced this one.

And last but not least the updated Preorder roadmap, as you might notice in compraison to the last roadmap, I canceled the loli Takamachi Vivio from ALTER.

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37 Responses

  1. tanohsimini

    Your upcoming pre orders are amazing. I would buy all those figures in a heart beat! Very nice choices you have there

    Nitro Super Sonico – Soniko – Bath Time version looks amazing!! And for a Native figure, it looks way less ecchi than the ones they have released.

    Kurumu was one of my favourite characters in Rosario Vampire but like you said, most of the girls were likable. I wasn’t fond of the normal moca^^” but that was just me

    Nagisa is just absolutely wow. Especially for a volks figure, she is reasonably priced with such quality, I so want!

    Ryoko figure looks awesome, something simple and beautiful!

    Great pre order line up as usual! It reminds me that I should pre order some figures myself but have stopped myself as of late>< due to no job^^"

    • wieselhead

      Hehe thx a lot it was hard to choose these figures ^-^

      Im glad they haven’t put more ero into the Soniko figure, like a more indecent pose XD
      Moca was a bit boring in direct comparison with the other girls, but I also like her somehow.
      Quite an unexpected figure, she looks just awesome with her elegant appearance.
      Roko should arrive by the end of next week, Im curious how I will shoot her for the review.

      too bad 🙁

  2. Luth

    Both Native Soniko and Nagisa look really cool, I’m looking forward to seeing how you and Tier shoot them. And wow, I still have yet to order through a proxy, should start. Almost did so with Paladin Sasara and now I regret not pulling the trigger in the end.

    I suppose you’re passing on vroom vroom Saber though?

    • wieselhead

      Funny that Tier and I shared two figures from our lists ^^

      Maybe you have to use one, when Native’s Elfriede is up for ordering sometime 😀
      It’s not that big of deal if you use a more popular and no shady proxy.
      From my impression heTokyohunter is reliable. hehe yeah Sasara was beautiful.

      Yeah most likey, somehow I was really interested at first. I guess if they had already shown the killer bike in the first season of the anime, I had probably ordered it by now.
      Actually Im not enough of a Saber fan, there should be Iri on the bike ^-^

  3. Arctic_Kitsune

    Wow..Nagisa looks awesome. I’d choose her if I had the space in my room but sadly I’ll have to let her slide. Ah well. Hope she sticks around.

  4. exilehero

    More Soniko! Haha, she looks lovely. I like the shape they made them, it really feels like they’re weight down on her arm. I wonder how they’ll handle the foam.

    I really like that Kurumu’s body but there’s something off with her face.

    Wah! Buying so much from a proxy service. Frankly the price hike scares me more than the service itself haha.

    • wieselhead

      Only one more XD Yes she is so pretty and sexy. I guess they will use cotton batting, at first I thought that bathtub was a full one 😀
      I noticed that it is a little off, but it is acceptable for me, lets see how it will look in the final product.

      Hahaha indeed, it couldn’t be helped since I really wanted to have them in my collection.
      At least they mark the package as gift so I save the customs fee.

  5. Dinara

    The two I was contemplating was Sonico and Nagisa. But the half tub with Sonico really makes me sad though. Nagisa looks awesome but I don’t really know much about her.

    • wieselhead

      At first I thought that the tub was full, but Im ok with that quarter tub.
      When Im buyiing figures the origin is not very important for me as long as the figure is pretty, Im happy 😉

  6. Hoshiko

    Looks like the first half of 2012, you’ll be receiving awesome figures. The ones in February looks really cute >.<

    And boy, aren't you a huge fan of Soniko =)

    • wieselhead

      The first half of this year is nearly ful :Dl, I’ll try to buy less than last year, 24 figures were too much.
      Lets see what the upcoming Wonfes( figure fair) has to offer.
      The three Sonikos are a set, they are really adorable.

      There are people who are more crazy about her, but yeah I love her.
      The hair, the eyes and the more chubby proportions of her are nice.

  7. Xine

    That Nagisa fig looks lovely! Are there any other similar figs? I wouldn’t mind having her in my collection.

    • wieselhead

      I couldn’t withstand her charm, she’s just to pretty to pass ^-^
      Exclusive figures are a curse but, proxy buyers are half that bad my friend.
      Tokyohunters fee isn’t that expensive in general.

  8. Miette-chan

    I look forward to see what you do with Sonico, such a nice figure, quite big too.

    Nagisa looks really nice, always caught my attention when I saw her displayed at events and so. I wish I could play the game she comes from.

    I ended totally forgetting about Royoko even though I find her really charming.

    • wieselhead

      It might be something with water ^^, but of course no indecent things since she’s my darling =D
      I was impressed by her appaerance, she’s just beautiful and elegant.

      Ah so hadn’t ordered her in the end? But you can expect a review of her soon.
      Im not sure about the setup, maybe a intereaction with another 1/8 figure.

  9. Fabrice

    If i didnt see your post i wouldnt have known about the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity – Nagisa Figure in which i absolutely adore!

    No wonder i couldnt find it (just tried searching amiami etc for it but failed) its from Tokyohunter… should have read before heading to browser and searching like a maniac lol ^^

    I have never tried Tokyohunter nor those the fact of paying upfront is ideal but if its reliable then i wouldnt mind.. the only problem is that well…no money for figures atm D: too busy with the travels as you know. Mhmm ill see when i get back home in Mid feb.. Do you think she will still be available?

    What i love about her is that it gives me that Valkyria feeling and its not that ecchi ^^ love the colors and the pose.. everything actually

    • wieselhead

      The advertisement of her wasn’t very big to be honest, so its not surprising only a few know about her.
      Yeah always a curse with these exclusive figures, haha so the figure is quite up your alley.

      Paying upfront sucks, but on the other hand you don’t have to pay for it in the future.
      I can plan my budget better this way, since I know when Im broke XD

      I guess there will be a third preorder round, since no release date was issued so far, the chances are good.
      She’s really not ecchy which a nice chabge in my collection, Nagisa is beautiful.

  10. Zai

    I’ll be looking forward to your Nagisa review as she looks stunning! I don’t have a Volks figure and I’ll be interested in seeing how the final products looks in comparison to the prototype.

    The Soniko getting in the bath looks like it’ll be really cute too. Her face looks great but the cut off bath annoys me a little since it’d limit display angles a bit for me.

    I haven’t seen Zegapain but that camera girl looks so cute and happy that I smile just looking at her. 🙂

    • wieselhead

      Thank you it will be fun to shoot Nagisa ^^, I guess I should buy blue roses for her setup.
      I hope they will deliver like they did with the Sasara figure.

      A full tub would have been better, you can’t fill water into it, but that is just a minor annoyance.
      At first I didn’t even noticed that the tub was just a quarter piece.

      You should watch it someday it’s very good, you would like Ryoko as well I guess =)

  11. Persocom

    Nagisa looks the most interesting to me, I don’t know her at all but she looks great. Did I ever mention I really love the way you do your pre-order chart? MyFigureCollection should take notes from you.

    • wieselhead

      Nagisa is a very interesting figure, she looks so different from many figures these days
      Haha thank you, it’s a good overview like this ^-^

  12. Tier

    Ryoko looks really nice, and it’s a bit surprising that Alter is making a second figure of her, given that Zegapain isn’t the best-known anime around. The original figure was one that I wanted a lot but couldn’t afford since I was broke and unemployed at the time. It’s great to see that she’s kept her tiny skirt.

    • wieselhead

      Zegapain is quite underrated in my opinion, it was a cool anime
      Ryoko hasn’t a very female appearance, but at least her skirt is short ;D

  13. Nopy

    Haha, “only” one Sonico this time. Pretty soon you’ll be able to build your own Sonico shrine.

    I liked the promo shots of Ryoko, but I don’t usually buy figures of characters that I don’t know, which is why I passed on her.

    • wieselhead

      *lol* There are far more extreme Soniko freaks than me XD
      Yeah thats understandable and usually Im very picky when it comes to figures from anime I liked.

  14. Yi

    Ooh a bunch of really nice new preorders. Kurono’s proportions are a little too large for me, but she’s cute. Ryogo and Nagisa are all very cute too. Nagisa especially. I love the details on her outfit!

    • wieselhead

      Hehe thank you
      She looks quite volutous in these preview pics, but it’s a rare opportunity to get a goof figure from one of my favorite female characters in a maid outfit ^^
      I’ll try to publish the Ryoko figure review on sunday. Yeah Nagisa looks beautiful in that outfit, might be a nice item for my figure collection.

  15. New Preorders part 11

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