New Preorders part 11

Hi here is a new figure related post, but instead of a new figure review it’s about my latest figure preorders. 5 more figures made it to my list. This years list keeps growing faster than I would actually wish, lets see if I can keep it under 24 figures at the end of this year unlike in 2011.

First the last minute preorders/orders which were just added recently.

Naoe Kanetsugu -Hyakka Ryouran – ALTER


Naoe Kanetsugu from the Hyakka Ryouran anime is a 1/8 scaled figure which was released on 2012/02/24. With a big fat smile and a big fat hammer she has a very appealing design.

I nearly passed on Naoe since I wasn’t sure about purchasing her and as I considered it, she was already sold out on the japanese market. Luckily the german shop Figuya still had a few copies of her. I don’t have to say much more about her just check out Tier’s review, she’s awesome.

Astraea – Sora no Otoshimono – PLUM


Another figure that triggered my interest since announcement was this Astraea, she is scaled 1/6 and was released on 2011/12/27. Astraea is the 2nd Sora no Otoshimono figure by Plum.

The face of the first one, looked a bit off, luckily Astraea resembled her origin close enough.
Sora no Otoshimono is a nice anime with likeable characters, the girls are especially likeable, unfortunately so far there is not much to find from them in the figure market. I like Astraea, the strong and gluttonous Angeloid with the low processing capabilities. The figure is based on an official illustration. Because of her face the whole figure appears a bit *kyahhh!* ecchi.

I would have prefered this figure with a happy face, but Im quite satisfied with the look of her body and outfit. I assumed that she would end in the bargain bin, but nonsense this figure was sold out faster than expected. A few days ago I was able to find her for a reasonable price at Playmoya. But with the figure in the shipping now I slightly start to regret this purchase, but lets see how this one will turn out in the end. My upcoming review of her might be interesting :p

Now to the regular preorders……………………………………………………………………………….

Sayaka Miki – Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – GSC


Sayaka is from the popular Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica anime, she is scaled 1/8 and will be released in June 2012. From the bigger figure manufacturers GSC seems to have leased the Madoka license and at first I was a bit dissapointed as I saw their prototypes, because I expected something more dynamic. Madoka is very cute, but from the 1st run Madoka★Magica figures, Sayaka was the more appealing one to me. She is by far not my favorite girl from the anime. [spoiler name=”spoiler”]I still don’t understand why she chose to die in such a pityful way[/spoiler] but in terms of overall appearance she looks so nice. I really like her blue and white colored knight like outfit with the skirt and the cape. Some parts of her outfit give her a slightly tomboyish still ladylike appearance. The cute face expression is also quite appealing to me, as well as her pose. The hands are exchangeable and she is able to hold two cool looking cutlass sabers.

Hatsune Miku – Cheerful Japan! – Support version – GSC

miku-4 This figure was just recently announced on winter Wonfes 2012 and is now available exclusively at GSC’s online shop with shipping included I had to pay 12000 Yen upfront. This Hatsune Miku figure adaption is based on a submission by bun150 the winner of the Cheerful JAPAN! Cheerful Illustration Contest. The figure is scaled 1/8 and will be shipped in August this year. I fell for this figure as I saw pictures of her on Wonfes. She has such an adorable design, she is wearing a cute cheerleader dress and is equipped with an adorable face and super nice twintails. I also fell in love with the dynamic pose and the speaker box base, orange is my favorite color by the way.

Yagyu Jubei – Hyakka Ryouran – AmiAmi zero


A new swimsuit figure from AmiAmi zero’s Hyakka Ryouran swimsuit figure line up, next to Hattori and an announced Senhime figure, Jubei was chosen as a new figure. She is scaled 1/8 and will be released in September 2012. I actually like her design more than her character, but that shouldn’t be a problem, she has a very cute face and looks good from tip to toe. The blue eyes add a lovely contrast to the red hair and the skimpy red swimsuit. She has a very sexy body, with an well defined belly and a damn hot backside, this Jubei is also partly castoffable.

Maybe Baby Figure List

There were some more nice figures announced recently, that I would like to get, but since budget and space are limited, I have to give it some more thought to decide about ordering them or not.

Rororina Fryxell by Megahouse
Thats a lovely recreation of leather clothes we see on her outfit. The figure has a very nice design overall, if the cape will turn out as castoffable I might pick her up.
Naoe Kanetsugu Swimsuit version by Hobby Link/ALTER
If this Naoe was a normal run figure I would have already ordered her, but I already have three exclusive figures on order, so in terms of money I should pass, but when just looking at her bishoujo face and hair, I would really like to have her in my collection.
Soniko Nurse Version by Orchid Seed
A more cartoon like figure adaption from Soniko, here she is a friendly nurse with her curves pressed into an old geezers daydream nurse uniform, oh these stockings. Of course she is castoffable, but you even have a second dress option in form of a light top. As Soniko fan this should be a no brainer, but I should have a better resistance.
Megurine Luka by Max Factory
What draw me to this figures at first was the unique brown color of her outfit with the golden accents, and the more sexy adaption of a vocaloid. Now Im not so sure about her face anymore, its not ugly at all, but something seems to be missing for me.
Sandaime Muramasa by Max Factory
I might regret it later, but I can’t bring myself to order her until I see pictures of the final product. A brown skintone is something you could mess up with ease in my opinion. Well, I guess Max Factory can do a good job and I might order her after release if possible.
Laura Bodewig  swimsuit version by WAVE
A cute twintail girl with an eyepatch and an overall priceless face expression. Why am I hesitating? The only little underwhelming thing is that she’s just 1/10 , which is a bit small to be honest.
Inia Sestina and Cryska Barchenowa by Kotobukiya
This adorable Inia is wearing a nice and tight Mizugi + stocking outfit and has a  very cute appearance overall. Both figures would look very good together, I guess
Inia’s friend Cryska appears in a more aggressive fashion and shows a cleavage to die for XD She also has a great backside and comes with a Santa Clause hat. I didn’t remember that Kotobukiya had such sexy figures.


Figure preorder rodamap 02 of 2012

Aside from the 5 new additions most orders stayed like on the last preorder roadmap, only the bathing Hinako was delayed again to April TT , but Nagisa is finally set to be released in August.

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41 Responses

  1. Tier

    I’m still thinking about ordering Alphamax’s Astraea, if she’s still available. I don’t know if I like the lying-down pose as much, but I like her sly, somewhat-airheaded smile. Speaking of Sora no Otoshimono, I wonder what happened with Grands’s version of Nymph? I like their figure of Ikaros and I was really looking forward to seeing their version of Nymph.

    I like how Rorona looks, though seeing as how the first of MegaHouse’s High Priestess figures is in the bargain bin everywhere, I might wait and see if she gets a similar price cut. I haven’t even taken Satsuki out of her box yet – and I paid full price at release for her.

    I missed out on ordering the Muramasa figure; I guess she’s a lot more popular than I thought she would be. I guess I’m not that sad about it, though; I don’t really have a big fetish for frilly maid outfits. I probably would’ve been more excited about the figure if she were wearing something different.

    There’s actually been a few Beach Queens figures that I’ve liked a lot. Laura looks great, and I also really like their version of Saber Extra, who looks very different from what one is accustomed to from the English Saber. I might even get their upcoming Tomo Asama figure if she looks decent. I really wish they were 1/8 scale instead of 1/10, though.

    The two Muv-Luv girls are looking really cute; I’d much rather see them in their piloting suit but they still look very attractive. Hopefully the upcoming anime is good.

    • wieselhead

      The pose is not the best one for her, the pose of PLUM also isn’t the best in terms of viewing angle as well, sometimes I really would prefer plain standing poses.
      On the other hand, the face of the Alphamax Astraea looks very well done, I love airheaded characters like her. Its quite annoying that they haven’t finished this yet, not even the prototype, in worst case they are broke.

      Its this unique look only a game character can have, I really like the details on this figure, somehow I think her character looks a bit old without the cape, she would be more attractive. poor Satsuki, her fanbase wasn’t that big.

      Its quite surprising that the elf maid was sold out that quick, but good that there is no racism in the figure community ^^, the black girl received a lot of attention. Haha I like such stuff, but I hadn’t ordered her as well.
      Im quite curious about how she will turn out in the end. Maybe I will really regret that I haven’t preordered her.

      The Saber Beach Queen looks like a fun loving girl, its such a contrast to regular Saber. I agree about the scale, a few more cm would be nice on these figures.
      I don’t know about the origin Muv-Luv, but the two girls are quite appealing in their different appearance, Cryska has an impressive rack without looking oversized.

  2. Yi

    Some really good last minute preorders. ^ ^
    In fact, I think Naoe Kanetsugu is probably my favorite from this list! I really like figures with a lot of things going on with her costume, so I love her!

    • wieselhead

      Yeah Nao has a very fashionable outfit and she looks so nice in it =)
      All the Hyakka Ryouran girls wear outfits that are a combination of traditional japanese and modern clothes.
      Naoe has the prettiest modern outfit, the tie gives her such a nice touch.

  3. Hoshiko

    Oh yeah, I agree – that Miku figure is really adorable.

    You’re not going to buy that nurse Soniko? She’s so cute there.

    • wieselhead

      I really wanted this Miku no matter what, even the price didn’t scare me ^^
      ehehe you actually know that I really want her =), in the end I won’t be able to resist her much longer :p

  4. Kyle M.

    I have been losing track of recent figure releases. The wallet didn’t like my run of pre-orders last year ^^;;
    The ones I seem to liking most from this list is of course Miku and, I really I like Jubei. Her pose, swimsuit, and facial expression just screams “WANT!” in my head for some reason.

    • wieselhead

      I’m quite into this stuff, sometimes I think its too much, but I really love the figure hobby ^-^.
      When there are no wallet problems other problems like space problems appear 🙁
      They createad a wonderful Cheerful Miku figure. Isn’t she ? I totally fell in love with this Jubei, she is cute, super sexy and has a great design.

  5. BioToxic

    I’ve got my Naoe Kanetsugu sitting in her box waiting for me to open her. Unfortunately it won’t be until the end of this month :(. She really does look fantastic though. So much detail to take in and a beautiful smile to go along with it. Hopefully you like her when you get hold of her ^^.

    I’m expecting quite a lot of people to be picking up Cheerful Miku. She looks super cute. I thought Lat version was cute, but this one just blows Lat out of the water.

    From your maybe list I’m getting Alters’ Naoe swimsuit version (hopefully) and Kotobukiyas’ Cryska. Cryskas’ little santa hat is going to be awesome, winter + summer rolled into one.

    Hopefully you’re not disappointed with Astraea. Unrelated I guess, but I watched the Sora no Otoshimono movie this weekend and it was quite nice. It’s pretty much you’re usual anime film – completely independent from the anime series with new things happening and resolving within the time frame of a movie. Astraea didn’t make much of an appearance either sadly, so seeing her again even in figure form will be nice. I’m looking forward to season 3 of the anime as well ^^.

    • wieselhead

      Grrr yours is already there and I can wait a whole more month XD
      You could have saved some money with SAL shipping then, or ship her to me now, I will give mine ^^

      A few people were turned off by the 12000 Yen upfront payment, but how could I resist, she’s really damn cute and a great statue
      The face is better than on lat Miku. Well, I guess they’ve put more effort in the Cheerful Miku overall.

      Hopefully? She will be sold out fast, in case she isn’t already ^^ I have the problem that I like both Muv-Luv girls from Kotobukiya.
      Haha Cryska is quite the sex bomb with her butt and the killer cleavage *drool* and Inia is just adorable ^-^

      I think she will turn out nice the few ratings on mfc were good, unfortunately there was not a single review of this figure.
      I don’t really know where to display her, but I find a place somewhere, hanging her under the ceiling would be cool.
      The Movie was nice overall, but the ending was quite sad *sniff* *sniff*. Not much Astraea there, but I like her a lot she’s funny.
      I will start to read the manga next,, I can’t wait for the anime ^^

  6. Adam

    I’m really looking forward to Naoe. I think she’s the best-looking Hyakka Ryouran figure since the original Alter Jubei. I’m impressed that you were able to find somewhere that still had her in stock so close to the release date. I had to order with HLJ instead of AmiAmi because she was sold out and that was months ago.

    Cheerful Miku is a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting much from Cheerful Japan! after a string of figmas and Nendoroids, but Miku looks wonderfully alive. The cheerleader outfit is nice and the display base is certainly impressive, but I think it’s the pose that really makes this figure. It’s annoying that she’s an exclusive and that the preorder window is so short, but at least GSC doesn’t require a proxy service.

    The AmiAmi Zero Jubei definitely looks better than the Alphamax Jubei did, but I already have the Alter exclusive Jubei, which is basically the same swimsuit as the other two, so I’m not particularly tempted by the AmiAmi version. I’m not sure I’d trust AmiAmi Zero in terms of quality, anyway.

    Rorona reminds me of Phat Company’s Totori, minus the fancy display base. I like the Totori design better, but I think MegaHouse is the more established company and will probably deliver a better figure.

    Swimsuit Naoe looks quite nice, but she’s coming out right on top of Native’s Elfriede and Cheerful Miku, which is making her difficult to fit into my budget. I’m probably more bothered by the timing of her release than the additional cost because she’s an exclusive.

    I wasn’t liking Luka’s face in the WonFes photos, either, but after seeing Mikatan’s photos and the official photos, I’m starting to like the face more. It’s probably just the lighting, because I very much doubt they’ve made any changes to the design since WonFes. I’m leaning in the direction of preordering Luka once I get some of the more immediate wants taken care of.

    • wieselhead

      I would also say that Naoe is the prettiest one out of the Hyakka Ryouran figures from ALTER.
      Her outfit and expression are really pretty. Yeah I was lucky you could say, even though I have to wait a little longer now.

      I like the whole combination of these things on this Cheerful Miku figure, she was quite expensive but I wasn’t really surprised by the price.

      So far I have no Jubei figure, so I could place my order withou a second thought. The version from ALTER is already quite nice, so you don’t need to get her.
      AmiAmi zero made some quality figures lately, I only bought their Menace so far but she’s fantastic. Other figures of them also have a good rating, like Sanada Yukimura or Naoe Kanetsugu
      I hope my preordered bathing Hinako will also turn out like that, she will arrive in April if no further delay occurs.

      Totori looks more appealing to me, she’s younger and much cuter, to put it bluntly Rorona appears a bit like an old hag in this figure adaption, I hope the cape will be castoff able ^^
      On the other hand my opinion about Phat Company isn’t the best, Megahouse has much more credibility for me.

      Her release date is bad, but since you pay in advance it is already paid in August 🙂 Kid Nemo offers her without upfront payment, btw.
      Im not sure about Luka anymore, maybe yes maybe no.
      Ah I see, with a shrinking preorder list its easier to preorder something new atm its full XD

  7. anonymous_object

    Hmmm, I haven’t pre-ordered many figures recently and don’t have any of these on my list but that Naoe Kanetsugu Swimsuit figure. It certainly did tempt me and I would still love to have her but unfortunately my budget has been restricted lately >_<.

    However, the good news is that the USD has been getting stronger and the exchange seems to be improving. Maybe I will be able to pre-order some figures after all 😀

    • wieselhead

      Thats understandable, well buying a house is worth ten years of figure collecting I guess, but sometimes you have to make more important investments.
      Nao has a very appealing design, doesn’t she 😀 Im not sure about getting her myself, since Im already full of orders X(

      The € and $ make moree ground recently, good luck 😀

  8. Fabrice

    Omg, seriously that is some order to have here.

    No wonder you wanted to sell some of your figures!

    I see you gave in and ordered the recently shown cheerful Miku. She does look great! nice way to finish the Cheerful Japan campaign.

    The Megurine Luka is quite popular too, i just love the hair and the colors, very appealing.

    Anyway nice orders, at least it will keep you busy with the camera =)

    • wieselhead

      Only 5 more ^^ ok with previously preordered figures it look like a lot.
      Yeah at some point you have to part with the ones you like less, to make space for new ones.

      I wanted her so badly that I ordered as soon as she was available, soo cute and dynamic ^^
      Luka is really pretty, but so far Im not convinced enough to preorder her.

      Thatts also a reason for ordering figures, I luv taking pictures of them 😀

  9. Zai

    Alter’s Kanetsugu is great, she’s earned a spot on my desk for now. Her swimsuit version is lovely too but I’m happy enough having just the one in our collection for now. 😀

    I’ll be looking forward to your Astraea review. I really hope you won’t be disappointed in her after paying so much but she looks nice in the photos so far.

    Poor Sayaka, lol.. she’s my favourite from the show. The figure is nice but I would prefer something a little more dynamic.

    Ughhh, that Cheerful Miku is tempting me so much but she’s so pricey! It’s mostly her face.. it’s so damn adorable and I’m having trouble resisting it!

    Jubei looks pretty nice. I’m curious about AmiAmi Zero figures and would like to own one some time in the future. Their body sculpts look fantastic.

    We ended up ordering Rorona. Luth really loved the game and I think MegaHouse did a great job with her.

    I was wondering whether you’d get that Soniko. Pretty cool how they have the second clothing option!

    Luka looks good, my favourite part about that figure is the contrast between her eye and hair colour. Luth is a bit mad for Luka so we preordered her straight away, lol.

    I really like the MF maid. Her pouty expression is cute and I love her skintone.

    Laura is my fav IS girl after Houki. She looks adorable when she’s embarrased like that.

    I’m surprised those Muv-Luv are Koto figures too, not used to seeing stuff like from them. I think the Inia is a tad cuter than Cryska, mostly because of her blush marks though.

    • wieselhead

      Ah you already have her at home *yelly* One figure per character is enough in general, I agree.
      Haha well in my case Soniko is an exception, I wouldn’t really mind a second Naoe as well, but the price could be better.

      Ah ok one of the rare Sayaka fans ^-^ From the figures she is the most dynamic one I thing, but well GSC could have made something more eloberate with all of them.
      I didn’t really give it a second thought, I knew that I wanted her since Wonfes, but its up to you if you like her enough to pay 1200 Yen.
      From my little experience with AmiAmizero they make great figures, well always a bit ecchi, but I don’t mind that.

      I like her clothes a lot, but not to sure about placing an order for her, I only know the artwork of the game.
      Im unsure about that Soniko, she’s very cute, but maybe I should wait for an even better one, Im not very much into nurses :p

      Laura is quite enchanting like that, maybe I’ll order her instead of the Soniko nurse .
      Cryska looks unusual sexy for a Kotobukiya figure, in general everything from them has a strong cute touch.

  10. Miette-chan

    That Astrea figure is funny, although I still want a nice figure with that silly ‘v” smile of hers. I look forward to see what you do with it. Sayaka, how I wish it was dynamic, some pose from a battle on the anime or something would have been nice, I would have liked that for all the girls really.

    People seem to be going crazy with that Miku, I always tend to not quite understand the hype over Miku figures whenever one is released. I was surprised with this one though since it demanded an upfront payment when it doesn’t release until later this year.

    That Rorona looks nice, I think I might just pre-order it. Even more so since I ended up passing on Phat’s Totori because she didn’t look as close to Kishida Mel’s Art as I would have liked. Rorona on the other hand is what I would expect. Never gotten anything from Mega House.

    Finally, a Sonico figure where she is wearing a full set of clothes, I like. What nonsense is this? You are considering getting a Sonico figure?

    That Luka, still find it silly the outcry over Luka’s face, this is probably the first Tony Taka inspired figure that I really like.

    Brown elf maid, looks sexy, good thing exilehero is gonna get her.

    Laura makes it the second Beach Queens that I really like, the first one being that Misaka you reviewed. I miss out on Misaka so I feel compelled to get Laura. I just wonder how small she will be, 1/10 + a petite character makes me think it’s tiny.

    • wieselhead

      She just arrived this afternoon. Yes the V face of Astraea is extremely funny, but the kyaaah face isn’t that, its not that there are many Astraea I could chose from.
      Alphamax made one with a good face expression, but personally I prefer a non lying pose.
      Nearly veryone wants them to be more dynamic, GSC wasn’t listening to the customers it seems.

      Haha indeed Miku is so popular even though her voice is not that nice in my opinion. I bought her for the cuteness and overall style, they could have named her Vanessa and I still had ordered her ^^
      The cheerful Japan figure were all exclusively sold via GSC’s own online shop, the upfront payment was a little annoying to be honest.

      Oh that would be cool, she looks definitely better made than Totori, even though I prefer the younger girl. You won’t be dissapointed with Megahouse.
      So you say I should order her, yeah you’re probably right, but I’m still not that excited about a nurse uniform on Soniko, I want the cheerleader figure =D

      Its a bit annoying if people complain about such things in a exaggerated way, they don’t have to buy it if they don’t like the figure.
      Im really curious about the elf maid, good he was convinced enough to preorder her early enough.

      Like Misaka, Laura also has a bigger head which makes up for the small scale, 145mm is tiny
      You can have my Misaka in case you would like to 😉

  11. Aya

    Astraea looks funnya ctually I would like to see how your review turn out ^^ I also interested in Naoe swimsuit but still considering it for now

    • wieselhead

      @Aya, She just arrive yesterday, I think that I can present it very soon ^^ She’s quite nice, just the price 🙁

  12. Kai

    Damn you sure buy a lot, and some of these figures are pure smex <3 I actually like the Naoe Kanetsugu swimsuit version so I hope you will be able to buy it 😀

    Budget is always a problem, and I'm surprised you can actually afford that much. For me, I had to choose to sacrifice between figures or technology every week (There are a lot of technological devices I need to keep up with) If I chose the latter, I won't be able to get my figures. What's worse, I have an ongoing loan payment for my Galaxy Note.. so my figures collection will probably have to be on a standstill D:

    • wieselhead

      @Kai, Haha yeah, but believe me or not Im already restricting myself. I love these slightly sexy figures. Oh I would like to, but the price is *ouch*

      I spend my money mainly for figures and props ^^. I have no smartphone, no next gen console and no own car 😀 last month I invested in new hardware, but Im not that into gadgets. Oh thats bad TT

  13. exilehero

    Woa nice preorder lsit there.

    I like Naoe, has some of the sexiest thighs ever haha! That’s definitely a really nice Zettai Ryoikki, and back side too!

    Never noticed that Astrea was was 1/6th scale. She’s huge! I love Sorta no Otoshimono and I think this figure capture’s Delta’s clumsiness well, as well as other 2 big attributes of her.

    I actually ordered Rorona recently, it was kind a hard call since I’ve never gotten anything from Megahouse, nor had I played Rorona yet. But I played the game yesterday and it’s interesting so far so I don’t regret it! I do wonder about the cape though! The outfit would become quite sexy without it.

    I find it odd that Soniko Nurse is in your maybe list. Too much Sonico already? She looks cute enough though, you should get her :p.

    I was very much set on buy Luka, but for some reason I’m not excited anymore. I have nothing but praise for her, her eyes are beautiful, she’s very finely sculpted and painted. But I just can’t get excited for her anymore! Maybe it’s because I don’t know Luka that much.

    Sandaime Muramasa I’m definitively getting! Maids maids maids! It’s great! I’ve been trying to read up more about her but that game seems to be really obscure in the west. Even in the CG images of the game she doesn’t appear too much. She is a little of a mystery haha!

    Swimsuit Laura is just too cute! That blush really makes the figure for me. I’m getting Cecilia from Beach Queen’s and I’m also a little concerned about the 1/10th scale.

    Cryska really gets my attention. She has strikingly beautiful face. And you’re right that cleavage is to die for 😉 haha. The only thing stopping me from actually wanting to get her is that I really don’t know anything at all about her.

    • wieselhead

      thx its alwaays fun to make these posts ^^

      I mainly bought her for the cute face, but her outfit and the backside are great as well .
      She appears more like 1/5 now that I unpacked,quite impressive dat Astraea, yeah its a lovely show, she’s cute, I love silly characters like her.

      Ah cool, yeah without the cape she might turn out damn sexy in her leather dress, in that case my resistance will be destroyed =)

      Im no big fan of nurses, why is she no nekomimi maid XD Well, the rest of her looks cute and sexy, but I think I will really pass this time.
      I somehow get the same feeling, I guess on first looks she is stunning, but the more I look at her the less I care, well that saves money 😉

      1/10 is tiny, but when you have the right spot to display them it should be fine, it are very nice figures in that line.

      She has a great pair of hooters, so nice *Q* The anime of Muv-Luv (funny title XD) will come soon

  14. Nopy

    I’ll be looking forward to your Naoe review, she looks like a great figure, and she’s from Alter. I also have some reservations about that Rorona figure from Megahouse. I love the Atelier series, but Rorono looks really bland from the promo shots. If the figure turns out to be a bit brighter, I might buy one.

    • wieselhead

      I already build a few props for her, I can’t wait to shoot her, such a cute lady from ALTER.
      Yes sometimes the promo shots let a figure appear less nice than they actually are, it would be a crime if her cape won’t come off ^^

  15. Duqs

    I’m only getting the Luka from GSC seeing that. And like exilehero here, I too am surprised Sonico is in your maybe list considering how much you like the character. I mean, if I needed any info on Sonico, this is the second website i’d check (first will be google-san).

    And you can’t have too many cottages =D

    • wieselhead

      Ah at least one ^^ So far I think I’ll pass on her. Sonico became quite a part of this blog XD I really love her character since I started to play the Sonicomi game. But it always happens that I tend to be very picky with figures from the characters I really like ^^
      For once Im just looking forward to my chibi Sonico figure set and the bathing Sonico from native.

  16. Lehq

    The Sayaka fig is really tempting. Would be nice if the fig has a more interesting base rather than just the standard clear plastic stand.

  17. Sevie

    Hach : D
    Wollte ja schon viiiiiel früher kommentieren, aber ich bin so kommentierfaul in der letzten Zeit >_> schäm dich, Sevie!
    Ich muss nun einfach mal schreiben, da wir ein paar Übereinstimmungen haben O.O
    Das erstaunt mich immer wieder…
    Naoe Kanetsugu von Alter werde ich auch bekommen :3
    Freue mich schon sehr, sie zu meinen anderen Samurai Girls stellen zu können. Ich finde die Pose einfach super, ebenso wie ihre Haare und der Hammer xD
    Ich hätte auch sehr gerne eine Figur von Sora no Otoshimono : (
    Astraea ist auch mein Liebling, ich mag es sehr, wenn sie diesen hitzigen Gesichtsausdruck hat, dann ist sie einfach zu niedlich >_<
    Allerdings warte ich erstmal… ich hätte ganz gerne ein SnO-Set mit mindestens Astraea und Ikaros, am liebsten in 1/8 oder 1/7… ich bin mal gespannt… sicher wird es da bald auch mal was geben : )
    Die Miku find ich auch ganz süß, allerdings mag ich die jugendliche/frauliche Miku lieber, als die kindliche, obwohl ich mich durch deine Review auch die Lat-Miku zugelegt hab^^"
    Ich bereue es inzwischen, bei den Ami-Ami-Figuren von Samurai Girls nicht früher zugeschlagen zu haben. Hattori und Naoe sehen auch so super aus… vllt irgendwann… ._.
    Die Nurse Soniko… naja, sollte klar sein : D die ist sowas von gekauft! freue ich mich schon lange drauf!
    Sandaime Muramasa hol ich mir übrigens auch : D Nach Tamaki in der Maid-Uniform bin ich etwas Maid-angefixt und die dunkel Haut und die weißen Haare von Muramasa sind einfach klasse. Ihr Gesicht ist auch sehr toll! : D
    Ich hab auch mit dem Gedanken gespielt, mir die Muv-Luv-Figuren hier zu holen, aber ich hab schon zu viel vorbestellt und die Wunschliste ist immer noch sehr lang… werde ich wohl verzichten : (
    Von deinen 11 ausgelisteten Figuren unten haben wir 5 gemeinsam plus ein paar gemeinsame bei den Maybe Babes xD
    Freu mich schon sehr auf deine Astraea-Review :3

    • wieselhead

      macht nix manchmal ist mir auch nicht so danach, ist ja auch sehr viel in meinem post wozu man was sagen könnte.
      Ja, sonst habe ich auch mit niemanden so viele Übereinstimmung =D. Bei den sexy Figuren haben wir doch den selben Geschmack, nur bist manchmal mutiger, Chie zum Beispiel XD
      Ah Naoe kaufst du also auch, ja sie sieht sehr schön aus, viel Brust zeight sie nicht, aber streckt ihren Po sehr weit raus, am liebsten mag ich aber ihr süßes Gesicht.

      Kauf sie doch 😉 Astraea von PLUM ist zumindest top, eine Nymph von Kotobukiya hab ich auch. Ich hätte sehr gerne Figur von Sohara.

      Hab zwar meine Vorliebe für weiblichere Figuren entdeckt, aber ganz kann ich mich nicht von süßen kindlichen nicht abschwören.

      Hattori ist eher Hot-tori geworden, ist schon etwas derb in der Pose, abe passt wohl zu ihren masochistischen Zügen.
      Naoe mit dem Wischmopp ist dafür echr klasse, finde ich echt sehr ansprechend. Yubei mag ich aber am liebsten, sonst hätte ich sie ja nicht bestellt.

      Die Schwester Soniko guckt so niedlich das es mich fasst verrückt macht, aber ich werde sie wohl nicht vorbestellen, mag eigentlich keine Krankenschwestern ^^
      Ach, die konnte ich leider nicht mehr in meinem Budget unterbringen, ich finde sie trotzdem sehr ansprechend, ich mag Elfen generell sehr gern ^^

      Ich glaube das ich die auch eher nicht kaufen werde, sind zwar hübsch, aber andere Sachen sind etwas schöner im Moment.
      Ja das ist doch schon was, wenn wir näher zusammen wohnen würden könnten wir unsere Bestellung aufteilen und auch mal tauschen 😀

      ist schon fertig …XD

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