New Preorders part 5

Sometimes my figure collecting hobby is giving me a hard time, not that I have money problems, I really pay attention that I don’t overstress my budget with that, but my problem will be sufficient space in the future. I have days when I think “Arghh where should I put all these figures” and on other days I think “Oh theres enough space for a few more figures” ^^

At the moment I have enough space for all of my upcoming orders, but for how many new figures, how long can I keep ordering like this, that’s a real pinch for me, because more nice figures will appear this year. I came to the conclusion that I can’t have every figure I own on, the best solution is to put a few back into their boxes for a while and let them change places from time to time. The badass way would be to sell some figures that aren’t my favorites ^w^.
How do you deal with your growing figure collections, are you a bit concerned about it?

Don’t be afraid, it sounds like I will stop collecting figures, but that won’t happen in the near future, Im enjoying my figure collecting hobby, I like taking photos from my figures, I like reading about figures as well as writing reviews about my figures and I also like to discover new figures.

So after all the whining now I will head to the main topic, my new preorders, I will start with the figure Im looking forward the most. I haven’t added the Suruga Kanbaru figure from (GSC) yet because I couldn’t bring myself to order her until now. I have too many preorders atm, but I will order her soon ;D Or maybe not if other, even nicer figures will be announced for summer.

Strike Witches – Charlotte E Yeager (ALTER)

I never was really interested in owning a Strike Witches figure, in the past I was interested in the Lynette Bishop figure from Kotobukiya, but I noticed her too late so I failed in getting the Lynette Bishop figure, I even missed the re-stock at AmiAmi. While searching through the MFC Database the uncolored protoype of Charlotte E Yeager caught my attention and landed on my wishlist.
As the promo shots of her colored version appeared I was really impressed about how good she looks, the face looks beautiful as well as the hair. I also like her oliv green uniform and that her striker unit resembles a P-51 Mustang with a metallic finish effect. I hope Alter will make a figure of Luchini soon then I would have my favorite Strike Witches couple at home 😉
Charlotte E Yeager is scaled 1/8 and the release date is June 2011

Amagami SS  – Morishima Haruka (Max Factory)

I like the anime Amagami SS a lot so a nice figure of any of the female characters was very welcome, Max Factory started with the slightly crazy,very pretty puppy freak Haruka.
She is scaled 1/7 and the release date is April 2011. The pose is some kind unique and the bendover position is quite appealing and sexy, another important part is her pretty face and the nice looking hair, ok I admit it her backside looks also great and thats another reason why I ordered her. In my opinion this black swimsuit looks so much better than a bikini could ever do. When looking at the promo pictures it seems like this figure will look good from many angles.

Nendoroid  – Hayate no Gotoku! – Sanzenin Nagi (Max Factory)

Next to these two hotties I also ordered a Nendoroid, how fitting XD release date is in February
I forgot to mention Nagi in my last New Preorder post, well I liked Nagi a lot in the show.
Her clothes appear not very interesting or especially nice, but her faces are nice.
Another good point is that she can knee and she comes with a hat, her pet tiger Tama and a PSP

Evangelion 2.0  – Asuka – Apron Version (Wave)

In her promo shots she looked very promising but in the latest pictures she doesn’t look that good anymore she was already shipped and I chose unregistered SAL shipment, honestly I hope the package will get lost and never arrive at my house, Im serious XD Hehe, but I have a little hope that she will look better than in these latest pictures, I pray for it.

In my last New Preorder post I showed a few figures where I was unsure about ordering them, by all of them I decided not to order them, it’s not that I don’t like them, in fact they are really pretty 😉 Im just not interested enough to buy them anymore, maybe Fate will be ordered because Nanoha needs a toy…eh I mean a friend

But I have a new unsure about ordering list, I now have set my eye on

Touhou Project – Chen – 1/8 (Phat Company), Fate Testarossa – causual clothes (Kotobukiya), Kotobuki Tsumugi – Waitress Version (Max Factory), Hatsune Miku – Tony Version (Max Factory). Cryska Barchenowa 1/7 (Alpha Max), maybe three or two of them will be ordered, we will see.

In my mext post I will make a review about my Lineage II – Dwarf from Orchid Seed

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20 Responses

    • wieselhead

      Oh thats nice, well Nagi is my favorite
      Im always rooting for the first possible couple in such shows 🙂
      too bad that Hayate is sold out now 🙁

  1. Miette-chan

    I want that Chen in you “unsure list” but the fact that there will be a Ran and Yukari kinda discourage me since I would probably get all three to complete the set.

    I’m already past the limited space, I still have some boxed figures since I have no room to display them. I do have an easy solution though: add more shelves to my wall.

    • wieselhead

      oh there will be more characters
      I don’t know much about Touhou so Im only interested in Ren 😉
      Ah I see I also have to add more shelves to the wall if this goes on

  2. Nopy

    I’m running out of space too. Right now I have 7 nendoroids sitting on my desk because I have no where to put them. I’m thinking of nailing another shelf to the wall.

    Out of the figures that you’re getting, the only one that I’m also getting is the Nagi nendoroid, she looks so cute.

    • wieselhead

      Oh, you are running out of space,too
      do you have all your figures on display?
      Nagi seems really popular iin the Nendo community 😉

  3. duqs

    Great taste on Tony Taka Miku good sir. At the moment I have my preorders filled (self imposed rule of 2-3 preorders at a time) with Nendoroid HMO, Alter Dizzy, and Unlimited Bladeworks Rin

    • wieselhead

      Hi duqs, yeah she’s very nice, and would be my first Miku figure.

      Ah cool ones , I also admire your detainment. 😉
      soon my preorder list will be at a reasonable scale again XD

  4. Tier

    I am desperately running out of space and I think I’m going to implement the same solution as you; I’ve got maybe ten or fifteen figures I can put back in their boxes and not miss them too much. I may also try to sell off a few.

    I really don’t like animal girls much but I don’t mind the Strike Witches characters too much, and Charlotte looks really cool. I might preorder her since she’s the American girl. Liberian. I kinda feel like listening to Bad now.

    Out of the ones at the end I like Fate and Cryska. Definitely Cryska. Maybe Tony Taka Miku too, though I don’t think I’m gonna get her myself; one Miku is enough for me. If Fate has black panties, she’d be even more appealing. And Nanoha does need a … hmm, friend, yes, that is indeed the right word. She needs a good friend.

    • wieselhead

      Hi Tier
      Ah I see, there are some figures I lost interest in and so selling off won’t hurt much in my case I could part with 5 🙂

      next to her good looking sculpt ,one of the reasons I ordered Charlotte was her us background in comparison they they had the coolest planes at that time ;D

      Fate is in my close-pitch selection ,btw when I look at the Fate figure Alter made, I always ask myself, why does she look that strange?
      don’t understand why they failed in giving her a nice “Fate” expression 🙁
      That would be my first Miku at all, Cryska looks also good the only thing which bothers me a bit is the design of her underwear:D

      • softwerkz

        Hmm… Fabienne, when you sell, do you make earn, break-even or loss? I’m kinda curious actually. And where do you normally sell them? I tried E-Bay, but they can stay there for months…

        • wieselhead

          that depends on the figure for the pretty ones you
          can achieve a fair price.
          I sold one where I earned a little and I also loss a bit, rare figures are good for selling, but you won’t become rich with them 😀
          When selling a figure I have in mind that there is someone who likes the figure more than I do and so a little loss is acceptable for me.

          MFC and Ebay are good for selling fgures.
          I always chose auction without fixed price, because the people like to bid.
          btw you have enough readers on your blog, maybe they would buy some figures if you would offer them there 😉

  5. Zai

    Thankfully we have room for a couple more detolf displays in the room we keep our figures in but I’d prefer to keep our collection small enough so that it fits into the displays we already have.. but at the same time I don’t wanna have to put figures away or sell any! I think I probably get too attached to them.. ^^;
    Will have to see how we feel if our collection gets to that point.

    Aww.. I still kinda like that Wave Asuka figure although her hair looks really, really bright in some photos. xD

    From the ones on your unsure ordering list, I think that I like Cryska the most simply ’cause her gun looks awesome. I really love girls with guns! I also love Miku and Max Factory but that pose makes me cringe a little every time I look at it! D:

    • wieselhead

      Hi Zai
      Ah I see putting them away or selling them must sound cruel to you 😉 ,but after you reached a certain point in collecting, there are some figures you don’t really want to own anymore.

      I hope Asuka will turn out good enough so that I’ll like her 😉
      Cryska is nice I like her face and the purple hair, but the underwear dress bothers me a bit, but maybe I will order her ;D
      The position of Mikus foot looks like *ouch* thats true but the rest looks just lovely to me.

  6. tabetaiii

    The Asuka doesn’t look that bad!! only when you take off her apron I think.

    A nice selection of pre orders you got there! sadly I’m skipping Nagi but a part of me wants her!

    I passed on the Amagami SS, no matter how much I love Haruka, the figure just doesn’t appeal to me much. BUT! I’m waiting for the nendoroid versions that I think will be showed at wonfest maybe^^ so that might change your mind about this figure!

    • wieselhead

      I saw some border shots of Asuka shots on mfc there she looked very good 😉

      hehe I love Wonfes

  7. Yi

    Space is a huge issue for me too. In fact, I’ve stopped buying figures simply because I don’t know where to put them and their boxes… And I don’t even have that many figures.

    Anyway, Morishima Haruka figure looks really sexy!

    • wieselhead

      Oh really. Well, at the moment I couldn’t bring myself to stop collecting figures 🙂
      Ah she’s very pretty, glad you like her

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