Wonder Festival 2013 Winter part 1

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Welcome to my impressions from the Wonderfestival of winter 2013 which took place on the 10th Feburary 213,  I’ll will make this a two part post, because I liked way too many figures this time. In this part 1 I will take a look at the presented figures of the bigger manufacturers that caught my interest. Not everything is a must have for me, but I like all listed figures.

Ah this turned out so long, sorry

gsc copy


Isshiki Akane – Vividred Operation
sculptor: Kiking – release date: no data – scale: no data

Akane is quite the archetype of an cheerful and athletic loli character, she has short pigtails and a happy face. Despite her petite appearance Akane has a very attractive butt *yay!* The pose is quite nice with a “driving” happy Akane in her light summer uniform sitting on her detailed jet bike. Im really glad that they decided against the 1st stage magical girl uniforms in Vividred Operation, I don’t like this parade uniform style very much. I actually had preffered her with the red bloomers, but the school uniform isn’t too bad. Im looking forward to see her painted.


Araragi Tsukihi – Nisemonogatari
sculptor: Hiroshi – release date: no data – scale: 1/8

WelI, I really couldn’t understand the price of Karen, but I think Tsukihi would justify a similar price, this figure of her is just wow, these traditional outfit is beautiful. And then this climbing  frame with so many pipes that comes as her base. I would love to make pictures of Tsukihi.


Sorceress – Dragon Nest
sculptor: Usagi- release date: no data – scale: 1/8

Here is already my newly announced favorite figure of this Wonfes 2013, I love the design with the wide face and the pink hair. Also her stylish yet revealing outfit is very appealing to me.
Even though I never played or heard from that Game of her I totally want to get this Figure.

Dragon Nest

Kuroyukihime – Accel World
sculptor: Bakusatsu shooter- release date: no data – scale: 1/8

Kotobukiya already made a very nice figure of Kuroyukihime with piggy Haru, but here is another figure of her which presents this character in a more shy and vulnerable way. I recently completed Accel World and was quite enchanted by the female characterdesign, Kuroyukihime in her butterfly dress is exceptional pretty. Im curious about the color textures that GSC will use for this figure, maybe some transparency on the wings. I bet she’ll look delicious with color.


GOOD SMILE Racing – Hatsune Miku – Racing 2012
sculptor: Sanzigen- release date: 2013 – scale: 1/8

The racing 2012 version will be made in 2013, this backwarding manufacturing is kind of irritating. I actually thought that GSC pushed the new racing Miku to FREEing, but I was wrong and they are making their own apparently, the design is very stylish and Miku’s face has a cartoonish look. On overall comparison this looks much better and detailed than the FREEing figure, but I would say that their Miku face is still better though.

racing miku 2012
Shibuya Rin – iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
sculptor: Tokunaga Hironori – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/8

Hmmm who is that? Anyway it’s a nice looking figure of a beautiful idol. The face looks quite charming and her outfit with the frilly skirt and boots is gorgeus. In case the paintjob won’t dissapoint I would like to buy Rin with her microphone stand. Aww these frills.

Shibuya Rin
Takatsuki Ichika – Ano Natsu de Matteru
sculptor: Yokota Ken – release date: no data – scale: 1/7

Haha took you ages for that, huh? It really feels distant that I watched this anime, but that shouldn’t bother us. Surprisingly the busty alien Ichika will be a 1/7 scaled figure. Her sitting pose creates a nice atmosphere. Aside from being bouncy I like her lovey dovey face expression a lot, it’s really cute how her hand i playing with her hair. I actually wanted a figure of her close to something like in this picture, but this will never happen for obvious reasons.


alter copy


Saber Type Moon 10th Anniversary Edition by Alter
sculptor: Hashimoto Ryou – release date: July 2013 – scale: 1/7

A happy Saber in an enchanting, pearl white flower like dress with a huge ribbon at her back. I’ve rarely seen a figure of Saber like that, she’s beautiful. I love the design and her super pretty face. She is a standard run and her retail price is set at 9200 Yen, so around 7xxx Yen at the big shops… maybe this is another nice Saber figure for me. Oh she can be ordered  already!


Tanigawa Kanna – Ano Natsu de Matteru
sculptor: Tanaka Touji – release date: no data – scale: 1/8

ALTER isn’t any faster with figures from that show XD They made Ichika’s rival as a 1/8 scaled figure in a slightly alluring pose with both hands behind her back. In grey there isn’t much to say about this figue in her plain summer school uniform, maybe her face will bring this figure to life.

Tanigawa Kanna - Ano Natsu de Matteru
Melty de Granite – Shining Hearts
sculptor: Hane Monokatsu – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/8

It’s Melty from the sweet yet shllow anime Shining Hearts, will we ever get a second season? Well, Melty sitting on an strawberry ice is a quite cute sight, it’s looks nice and creative. Her extravagant loli witch outfit looks quite pretty and attractive. I like the gigantic hat, the hat does come off and I think the figure looks cuter like this since her pointy ears come more into focus. Her monster friend Sorbet will also be included.


mf copy

Sheryl Nome – Macross Frontier
sculptor: Chieri – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/7

This a very detailed and alluring looking figure from Max Factory, you wouldn’t think that is a PVC on first sight. Aside from all the details of her outfit and the base, Sheryl with her female curves is just stunning in this pose, The aroused and submissive expression in her face makes her even hotter. Im not a fan of her character, but her appeal can’t be denied.

sheryl nome
Nyarlathotep – Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
sculptor: YOSHI- release date: no data – scale: no data

Yeah a figure of Nyaruko san from Max Factory, I like the naughty alien girl. As in most cases MF makes figures in the non everyday wear outfits from the animes. I don’t like the naked apron style in particular, but she looks good in everything. Ah yes she seems to very much undressed in this figure adaption, but she has a crowbar. Knowing that she will have the Max Factory quality Im super exited about this naughty figure.

nyaruko san

Miyuki Mana – Se Kirara
sculptor: Nakayaman- release date: no data – scale: 1/7

With the later Max Factory figures from Se Kirara, I found myself more drawn to them. I really like their Kawamura Yuu figure and now tghey presented the probably last character of this line up. I like this one very much alread, she has a cute clumsy pose and nice bookworm glasses, this might be an instant preorder.

Miyuki Mana

phat copy


Jack The Ripper – Fate/Apocrypha
sculptor: Patton – release date: no data – scale: 1/8

I love Phat Company for quickly adapting the Garage Kits I like into figures, first Hibari and now Jack The Ripper. I like this sculpt a lot and this cool suit of her. The wide face and the huge eyes give her an extraterrestial appearance overall, but she’s cute killer alien. Her body is petite but hips and thighs have more female curves.

jack the ripper
Katsuragai – Senran Kagura
sculptor: Amasu – release date: no data – scale: 1/8

Senran Kagura turned out quite different than I expected, the manga is far better, but the curvy and cute characterdesign is something I like a lot. This Katsuragi is also based on a garage kit. Aside from her pervy voice, I like Katsuragi and her look of a buxom blonde. She has big boobs and a nice outfit with striped panties. The purchase is as good as set in stone, I think Katsuragi will look great next to Hibari.


Okita Sawa – TariTari – Phat Company
sculptor: no data – release date: no data – scale: 1/8

Oh look it’s pretty Sawa from  the Tari Tari opening, Phat really knows what I  like. It’s nice to see that there will be a Tari Tari figure of my favorite character in  the outfit I like the most on her.

okita Sawa
Caster EXTRA – Fate/Extra CCC
sculptor: Itandi – release date: no data – scale: 1/8

Caster EXTRA is a  fox magician in a visual key dress. I like how they adapted the rather static posed illustration into something dynamic and playful. The design of Caster is very cute and appealing in this verion, I like the huge sleeves and her killer cleavage corsage.


koto copy

Hasegawa Kobato – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT
sculptor: no data – release date: 2013 – scale: no data

Actually the figure is an adaption of the DVD cover from the first season from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, but who cares about this minor detail, when seeing a cute goth loli with bicolored. I love this anime, but so far I only bought Maria from Max Factory. This Kobato is dressed in her special everyday wear clothes, I really like this girlydress with the slightly inappropriate details. I also like the cute pose and that this classy chair was added to the figure.

Maou – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
sculptor: Abe Masato – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/8

The first  figure of Maou was announced rather quickly, since the show just started a few weeks ago. I like Maou’s design and kind personality a lot, the red and black colors theme of her is also very appealing. As you can see she is really busty, I like figures with big bouncy boobs, but Maou is already a bit on the borderline side, well in comparison with her voluminous skirt it appears at least a little less huge, so that it is ok for me. Im looking forward to see the colored prototype.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Honda Futayo – Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
sculptor: no data – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/8

If someone had asked me aboiut I had wished for a different Horizon in the middle of nowhere character as figure, but Honda is also ok, she has her cool battle suit and compared to other character relatively normal sized boobs. Close up her face expression is also quite attractive.

Honda Futayo
Ganaha Hibiki – The Idolmaster
sculptor: no data – release date: no data – scale: 1/7

Another Idol@master Beach figure that caught my interest, even though I’ve never bought any of them. The wild and well trained Hibiki comes with her her hamster friend and shorts.

Mistral Nereis – Shining Blade
sculptor: Matsumoto – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/8

ALTER already announced a nice figure  of Mistral, but for whatever reason I can’t deny that I somehow prefer this one alreadya little bit more. The pose here is a little more playful overall.


os copy


Original Character – Kantoku
sculptor: no data – release date: no data – scale: no data

Ah yes, I like the Kantoku arstyle a lot, it’s really nice how he draws his bishoujo characters. Here we have a little kitchen accident of a cute redhead. She comes with many kitchen equipment. This might be a very cute figure when she’s painted, Im looking forward to it.

Cover Girl – Komatsu Eiji
sculptor: Ausa Rei – release date: no data – scale: 1/7

Komatsu Eiji also has a dwaing style that I really like a lot, this girl here is presented in her falling apart school uniform. She has a large amount of hair and a cute face. I like the mixed design elements of  her a lot and will probably order her when she will be available earlier or later.

Komatsu Eiji
Sonico PKG version
sculptor: Ishiyama Satoshi – release date: 2013 – scale: 1/5

Muhahaha… hahaha… KYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!… 2013! … I can order her this year Hell Yeah!
This Sonico figure looks really gorgeous, no complaints from me here at all, her outfit looks great and I like how her sculpting and painting has turned out now, especially her cute face. I might get an heartattack, when this holy Sonico grail goes up for preorders, haha hopefully not.

Sonico PKG os

Snow – Blassreiter
sculptor: Clumsy Rei – release date: no data – scale: 1/7

Oh it’s been many years since this illustration was shown on Orchid Seed’s booth and then a few days ago I couldn’t believe my eyes. Someone is actually working on Snow!!! It seems like they changed a few details, as figure she now looks seductive and cool. I hadn’t mind the very aroused look from the illustration, but Im still very interested. Snow is sitting on her bike and looks great in her racing suit, the black and red colortheme might really rock in the final product.

Maybe in 1 or 2 years.

Blassreiter Snow

 – Fin of Wonfes 2013 impressions part 1 –

21 Responses

  1. Bakayaro

    Du hast echt einen guten Geschmack. ;D
    Die Isshiki Akane interessiert mich auch ein wenig. Der Anime gefällt mir jetzt nicht so gut, das Design aber schon. Mich wird wahrscheinlich der Preis abschrecken. Und wenn es kleiner als 1/8 ist, kaufe ich es sowieso nicht. Und ich habe bei ihr irgendwie so ein Gefühl. =P

    Cover Girl Komatsu Eiji behalte ich auch noch mal im Auge. Das Original Artwork ist niedlich :3

    • wieselhead

      *lol* Nein, du hast einen guten Geschmack ^^
      Ja, der Anime ist nicht so toll bisher, aber zumindest ist Akane süß. Die Figur auf den High Tech Roller gefällt mir sehr gut.
      Ach mehr als Karen würd die wohl kaum kosten :p Keine Sorge GSC produziert nix kleineres als 1/8 und wehe sie fangen bei Akane damit an ^w^

      Ja die ist wunderscön und sexy, hab leider nicht die illustration gefunden die OS benutz hat, aber das Bild ist zumindest ähnlich.

  2. Miette-chan

    This Wonfes was pretty neat for me lots of cool things I liked, unlike the last two. Although while I liked a few of the figures there wasn’t much I actually would want to buy.

    From the stuff in this list I really liked Tsukihi, for once I’m not too lately to the Bake/Nisemongatari stuff now that I watched them. Although after Karen I fear for the price tag she might carry.

    Also finally someone does a nice Kobato in her gothloli outfit, that one I’m so totally buying for sure.

    Saber also looks pretty neat, if I was a Saber fan, I would totally buy it. Fortunately I’m not so I can skip on it as I think the price is a bit high for such a simple figure.

    • wieselhead

      I like every Wonfes, I only get dissapointed by things that got no attention, in terms of figure.
      This time there was no Oda Nobuna Jaboi figures and not much from Horizon in the middle of nowhere and NOTHING from Kore wa Zombie desu ka?.
      You could think that figure manufacturers are ignorant or just stupid, to create nothing from shows with such nice characterdesigns *damn*.

      I like Tsukihi as a figure, but not as character XD Well, honestly I would pay the Karen pice for her, in case she looks still as enchanting after being painted.

      Yeah it’s been some time, this outfit suits her the best. I like this Saber because I AM no Saber fan 😀 Now she’s just a happy blonde in a lovely dress. With the recent Euro/Yen currency rate 7000 Yen are cheap for me again, like it is supposed to be 😉

  3. Adam

    From your list, GSC’s Sorceress, Max’s Sheryl, Koto’s Kobato, and Orchid Seed’s Snow would be my picks. Sheryl’s probably the most impressive sculpt of the show while Snow is the figure I feel I’d be most likely to pick up of all the new figures. She didn’t make your list, but I also thought Max’s Sallya from Fire Emblem looked interesting.

    I like the elaborate prop design of GSC’s Tsukihi, but she doesn’t seem like my kind of figure. Maybe the painted version will sway me in her favor.

    Alter disappointed me a bit. I went in hoping to see their next great sculpt, but none of their new reveals impressed me. Yes, Dress Code Saber is nice and I don’t dislike the figure, but it’s still a pretty static pose and one that I feel is below Alter’s abilities.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah Snow looks very interesting, I was happy about seeing her. I actually thought that they canceled this “Project”.
      I like the Sheryl figure a lot, but I know and dislike her character, so Im not positive about ordering her.
      Ah yes Sallya had a sexy pose, but her deep fringe turned me off a bit, I don’t know her colors so far, maybe that could convince me.

      Im curious if the paintjob will turn out to my liking with Tsukihi. I like her more mysterious look. Is she too young?

      Well, I can’t really deny that, there wasn’t that much new going on on their booth. Aside from already announced stuff like Melty de Granite, Aozaki Touko and Kazuno.
      As if they are out of ideas or broke 🙁 Last time they had man re releases, oh my good maybe they are broke, that would be sad.

  4. hoshiko

    When I saw Part 1, I was like whoa…how many figures caught your interest. Lol.

    I’m loving quite a few figures myself, but I’m not sure if I’m buying anyone of them since none of them fit my criteria of purchase (I need to control my spending or else I’ll go broke!)

    Let’s talk about the ones I love from this post:-

    Isshiki Akane – Vividred Operation
    Sorceress – Dragon Nest
    Shibuya Rin – iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
    Okita Sawa – TariTari – Phat Company

    The first three just wowed me. However, I’m a little unsure about Sawa’s. Will how she turns out after painted!

    • wieselhead

      Hehe, yeah a few more, but part 2 will be shorter in most aspects.
      GSC had really promising figures at this event, Akane and Sorceress are things I would like to get.
      Phat Compare should be able to paint Sawa to recreate her look from the anime.

  5. Visual Fanfare

    I really tried to avoid this WonFest and posts like this, it’s always too tempting when I’m trying to cut back on my spendings! Last year wasn’t too bad, there weren’t that many figures that caught my eye, but this WonFes showcased a lot of gret figures that are more dynamically posed, imaginative and extravagent bases. Prices are are also going up more for these PVC figures, unfortunately. 🙁

    If I only had to pick one figure out of the ones displayed at this show it would be the Max Factory Sheryl Nome due to my obsession with Macross. It’s about time one of the bigger anime figure companies took a (another) shot at a Macross character. This scene/pose wouldn’t have been my top choice though as Universal Bunny feel played out. But MF did a great job capturing this concert scene from the movie.

    I wish one of these bigger companies would make a Sheryl in her more casual clothing that’s more down to earth, I loved that side of Sheryl which many people seem to ignore or forget. Then again, sex sells, so I guess this that will never happen – concert outfit Sheryls it is! LOL

    Liking the new site design and looking forward to the next parts of your WonFes post.

    • wieselhead

      Ahaha, but you don’t have to buy everything there :p I liked the things from this Wonfes a lot, but I also have to restrict myself or sell 25% XD
      I like the design more than Sheryl itself, actually. Her aroused face expression is great. Well, even though Im no fan, Sheryl is lovely in casual clothes, she’s a pretty woman.

      Thank you, I also like it more than before.
      Maybe next week, I can make that post, thx to an unforseen pc crash I have to search all pictures again.

  6. Nopy

    There’s so many good figures coming out but I don’t have any money for them T.T

    I really want those Kanna and Nyaruko figures, they look so cute!

  7. Tier

    This was a pretty nice convention, it felt like the last couple of Wonder Festivals weren’t too exciting, at least for me, but this one had a lot of stuff that I liked. What was surprising to me was that Alter didn’t show much stuff that I cared for. They usually can be counted on to show off really great stuff, stuff that no other figure company would even try to make, but I don’t recall seeing anything from them that caught my interest. It’s nice that they’re making lots of figures of guys for the girls (and guys who want guy figures, I guess), but that’s not anything I’m interested in. The new Saber looks nice, and I might get it, I guess. It’s good that it’s 1/7 scale so hopefully it’ll match GSC’s Sabers (except bike Saber).

    Orchid Seed and FREEing had a lot of really nice stuff; I’ve mentioned a few times that I really would like a figure of Mu-12 and I was very surprised to see FREEing (of all companies) show one off. With her and Irma getting figures, that’s two of the three characters that I really want to see get figures actually getting them (the third is Itsuki Kannagi from Sora Kake Girl, and I’m not holding my breath hoping that GSC will make her figure). I was also happy to see that the Inori Yuzuriha doll looks pretty good; I really hope she looks like that when she is released, because Azone’s Saber was pretty disappointing because her wig sucks really badly.

    • wieselhead

      There were definetely more nice things than usual. Well, Alter…, after giving it a bit more thaught, the ALTER booth looked liked they are either broke or out of ideas 🙁
      Last time they had a load of re-releases, I just hope they aren’t really broke and get more ideas again.

      You always get your figure wishes fullfilled it seems 😀 Best of luck with Inori.

  8. izlom

    Of the variety of seemingly interesting figures, interested only Honda Futayo. I think my wallet will remain intact this year :3

  9. Fabrice

    Nice coverage, saves me time from having to try and find out where the figure is modelled from.

    I must say although I hope to stick to my word that I will order the Tsukihi by GSC given ive already ordered Karen and well its Nisemonogatari.

    I might have a go at Kuroyukihime but it depends on money, after all the traveling im pretty much broke ^^

    • wieselhead

      Haha there was so much interesting and nice everywhere, making this post was fun.

      I loved the way Tsukihi looked there, she seems to be very promising.

      Oh I see, but memories from these travels are beyond price and lasting

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