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We arrived at part 20 of my New Preorders we could celebrate a little jubilee. Several times I talked about cutting back, but don’t blame me, blame the manufacturers for throwing pretty figures in my direction. All in one I ordered 8 new figures, 2 prize figures are among the selection.

Lets start with the stuff I’ve preordered recently

 Po Tsukihi

Araragi Tsukihi is scaled 1/8 and manufactured by GSC

I badly waited for this figure to be announced, surprisingly I nearly haven’t noticed her announcement, if it weren’t for the tweet of a fellow figure collector. There was also a nice surprise with figure, there are two color versions. one is based on the Blu Ray/DVD cover,
where Aragi Tsukihi is wearing a pink Yukata, the other “exclusive” version is based on her outfit from the anime in a teal like color, both looked very good but I ordered the pink one.

The release date is sheduled for December 2013, December is already a full month, otherwise I would have gotten both versions for sure. I made bad experience with waiting for GSC’s Bakemonogatari to hit the bargain bin, so I ordered this little sister on the first day possible.


Po Tharja

Tharja is scaled 1/7 and manufactured by both Max Factory and GSC.

Her origin is the Nintendo Game Fire Emblem: Kakusei I don’t know anything about it, but I do know what I like. To be honest I didn’t see much in her as she was still a grey prototype. Now that she’s painted I love what Shining Wizard did with her, these colors, the textures and hell that subtle sex appeal of her is just awesome. Just look at her beautiful face with this teasing yet playful expression. Her clothes with the golden applications  are very pretty and have a certain charme. Tharja reminds me a bit of  a female villain from a sci fi saga like Flash Gordon.

Stop your villanious act cute daughter of Ming! Her release date is planned for December 2013.

Po Maya

Miyuki Mana is scaled 1/7 and manufactured by Max Factory

It is fascinating how loyal Max Factory is towards this figure lineup  from the old Game from 2010…  how was the title again Se Kirara. Don’t get me wrong all of this figures are lovely,
but I could resist most of them. Well Im still on the face about the lovely Kawamura Yuu.

What caught my attention instantly without a second doubt was the megane Bishoujo with braids Mana. I really love her sculpt, the tall and slender body is quite attractive, also the pose where she seems to fight against the physical force of wind has a nice sense of dynamic. I definetely not forget to mentione Miyuki Mana’s beautiful face. Next to her deep hazel colored eyes it features a cute worrying expression, it appears like she’s bothered if the person in front of her has seen “it” and *damn* these glasses ^^ Oh right her release date is in September 2013.


Po Suguha

Kirigaya Suguha is scale 1/8 and manufactured by ALTER

Oh another “little” sister, I hope this is no trend. Here is Suguha from Sword Art Online, the sweet girl who was one sidedly in love with Kirito. I think she deserves a better guy, me 😀
ALTER loves their sitting figures for sure, I also like these figures they are cute and offer many display options. I just couldn’t resist her expression, it looks just too good to pass.

I wouldn’t have mind to get Suguha as the charmingly busty alter ego Leefa or a figure like in the illustration that I have used in the header, but keeping it casual is no bad decision either.
The figure is sculpted in a nice natural sitting pose where she is placed on a cute veranda while she playfully reaches out with her leg to get someones attention. I also like her outfit which consists of short shorts and a red jersey. The release is planned for November 2013.


Po Inaba Rinne

Inaba Rinne is scaled 1/8 and manufactured by MegaHouse

Rinne is from the anime Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter, I have no real idea about it but it seems to be a shounen show with cars and mechs. What did the deal was the pretty face of this figure the rounded shape and the big eyes let her appear quite adorable and she has an extra face.

It’s kind of remarkable, that a figure with no really good or decent illustration material (there are many horrid indecent ones, though) gets such a nice figure treatment.

Compared to the anime it’s not 100% spot, but I think it’s far the better, in 3D Rinne gains a lot more appeal since the sculpting is a lot more detailed. This happens when Kibayashi Norio a sculptor of many Queen’s Blade figures, works on a character from an anime for the younger audience. Rinne seems to be fashionable teenaager with cool clothes and a cute side ponytail.

This happy and cute girl has a quite dynamic pose and the vibrant color sheme is another good reasons for purchasing this anime figure, her release date will be October 2013.

Po Kobato

Hasegawa Kobato is scaled 1/8 and manufactured by Kotobukiya

I already knew that I wanted to get her and I was lucky enough to place my order. Kotobukiya got really cautious in not producing too many copies of a figure, like many other of their recent figures Kobato was sold out very fast. The figure was restocked a few times, but it was sold out even faster, even though this makes figure collecting more thrilling, but it’s actually annoying.

I think this is a super sweet image of a goth loli, Kobato is petite, adorable and her outfit offers a bit of  mild sex appeal. This figure is very close to Illustation which was chosen for Kobato, the face, the blush and the beautiful hair turned out great. Her release date is in late November.


Sonico Prize Figures

A number of recently announced Sonico figures turned out not convincing enough for me. Surprisingly Taito and Furyo created something that caught my interest instantly for the price I didn’t hesitate for long, I think they look quite elaborate and interesting for figure of the prize category. I also like that there are some change in the presentation of the Sonico character.

Sonico prize sweets

There is the Sonico Sweets Time version, where she is hanging on the sofa in a very casual way. The sculpting looks really good as well as the  articulation of her body. This figure is from FuRyu and release is planned for November 2013. If this turns out good I’ll be really happy.


Sonico prize space police


Sonico Space Police version is manufacturered by Taito and will be released in October 2013.

I especially like her as Space Police officer, she looks so happy here what is unbelieveable rare.
I know that there will be some more quality compromises, but the sculpts look really good, creative and they resemble Sonico very well. I have relatively high hopes for the one from Taito.

20 Responses

  1. Bakayaro

    Ich erkenne bei mir ein Muster… von den Figuren hier habe ich nur kleine Schwestern vorbestellt. ^^”
    Tsukihi, Kobato und Suguha. Die 3 sind aber auch hübsch und süß. Wahrscheinlich sehn ich mich einfach nach einer Schwester, habe nämlich nur Brüder. =D

    • wieselhead

      *lol* Erschreckend das ich das gleiche Muster habe, ich habe doch aber eine Schwester, zwar eine ältere aber war immer lustig mit ihr.
      So eine kleine liebe Schwester wie in animes wär schon süß, aber keine Kirino bitte XD Nur Brüder stelle ich mir etwas komisch vor, muss man da immer ums Schnitzel Kämpfen?

  2. Miette-chan

    You said it, boy those after market for the Bakemonogatari figures are ridiculous. They are nice figures but they are not THAT nice and that is why I will probably never own the GSC Shinobu or Senjogahara. That said, this Tsukihi sure is pricy even before release almost 10K. Although I suppose I like the pink version more and I can get that at AmiAmi with a discount so it’s a bit cheaper. Still undecided about it, December is a long ways of.

    Tharja sure tickled a lot of people’s fancy, including Exilehero’s fancy, she is his wife in the game after all. I’m happy to see that I will be able to take a closer look without having to buy it.

    Alter sure likes to go with so weird character choices, skipping the overly popular Asuna and even Sugu’s character in the game and instead it is simply just her. I like it, a nice figure with a nice base, specially appealing for those that like legs or feet. Again much like Tsukihi still undecided if I want to get her, although with Sugu it is a matter of I like the character enough or not.

    Sigh Kobato… it was a nice dream while it lasted… may be Koto will do a re-release considering how popular the figure is.

    That Sonico Sweets Time looks so awesome, I just love that she comes with a TV remote. I hope everything works out and you get it.

    In the end you did not cut back at all! Well, I guess I shouldn’t be one to speak…

    • wieselhead

      So time for a reply, Im sorry for being a little late.

      It’s insane how much theese figure rise in price on the aftermarket, I guess that is natural when hype meets hype.
      Well I still think thsat Bakemonogatari is a great work of fiction and the bases of these figure are fantastic, Kanbaru!!!
      I saw Hanekawa for fair prices recently, but the others are not what I would call cheap. I like Tsukihi a lot and she won’t be any cheaper than now.

      When it comes to sexy figures Exilehero and I have a good wavelength :D.
      Ahaha that saves money for sure, I have to buy everything on my own, to have a close look on figures I find very appealing.

      They always surprise the collectors with their decisions. In case of “Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere” Im a bit sad though, why the old maid cyborg? I like the casual look of her, it’s great.

      You never got her in the end? Sorry about that, she’s truly adorable, maybe she will be my second favorite Koto figure.

      I was totally enchanted by this prize figure, I always wanted a normal Sonico like this, without anything raunchy in between.
      The idea is great and so far it’s really promising.

      Not at all is not correct, I could have ordered 6 more figures in this period of time, since the last preorder post XD

  3. hoshiko

    Ah, two more to join your Sonico army! I like the one from FuRyu better.

    Wow, I didn’t realize Kotobukiya doesn’t produce a lot of their figures. Kobato must be very popular character, having her to restock a couple of times. So far, I haven’t encounter any out-of-stock preorders before. But then again, I don’t have Kotobukiya figure. Yet. >.<

    • wieselhead

      Yes, funny that it are prize figures, though. I see, but I also like the busty cop with beam pistol.

      Yes, they changed this a year ago, maybe to redruce the large discounts of the past whenthey produced to much.
      Sometimes this happens, availability is something collectors have to take into account.

  4. Adam

    Tharja is the only figure from your list that I’m definitely getting. The pose is great (so sultry!) and Max Factory is consistently good in what they do, so I have little doubt the final figure will be excellent.

    Tsukihi looks great overall. The jungle gym is an unusual prop that really adds a lot of character to the figure and Tsukihi herself receives a nice sense of vitality from her sculpt. My primary reservation is that her appeal is primarily in being cute rather than cool or sexy and I just know from experience that I tend to be less satisfied with such figures.

    Same thing with Kobato. I dig the pose and she’s reasonably priced, but I have my doubts as to whether I’d be happy with the figure in the long run.

    They didn’t make your list, but I’m liking Amakuni’s Dark General and Kotobukiya’s Honda Futayo.

    • wieselhead

      At least one ^^ The figure was a nice surprice for me, her paintjob is marvelous and really gave her thefinal edge.

      Ah yeah I get your point, in the illustration Tsukihi looked a little more myssterious and seductive. Since I like cute figures this is no big problem, I love how she turned out.

      In my case I often part with figures from Kotobukiya after some time with this said one of my all times favorites is their Maaryan -changing now version. But all the others weree mostly sold until now. Hopefully Kobato will perform better in this regard.

      It’s good that more maanufacters pay attention to “Horizon in the…”. Honda has a cool action pose, but somehow the face seems to lack in definition, it feels a bit empty to me.

  5. Tier

    Haha, I’m not sure if Tharja’s sex appeal is subtle … I think it’s kinda aimed right at your face XD Max Factory is having a really good year. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but it feels like they’ve been releasing a lot more scaled figures than they did last year; the last couple years, it feels like they’ve been much more of a Figma company.

    I really like how Araragi and Miyuki are dressed relatively conservatively, but then you can see the impression of their buttocks right through their clothes. It’s like they decided to make the figure look classy instead of trashy, but then you can almost see their bodies right through their clothes.

    Sonico in a cop outfit is really cute, but I think what cracks me up about it is that she’s wearing her cap over her headphones.

    • wieselhead

      *lol*Yes it is, but she is still fully dressed, maybe anime culture ruined my sense of sex appeal, so lets say that she has sex appeal with style.
      Max Factory is always good, but yeah it seems like they finished more figures this year than usual.

      Anime figures often have a little fanservice like this, it’s funny that people never complain when such little traits of sexyness are applied.
      Some are happy to have their pretty anime merchandise and some don’t even know the character, but appreciate the overall presentation.
      These accentued curves are also things that make a figure more attractive and bodytight clothes also show the skill of the sculptor, I think.

      I love this design on Sonico, I can already imagine her pretty blue uniform 😀
      Hmm, I think it would look silly with the headphones over her police cap.

  6. Kai

    That Tsukihi figure looks like it’s going to use a great deal of space D: And I think it will be great if the that short pants of Suguha can be casted-off. She seems to be pantless a lot in the anime anyway >_> The Kobato figure is actually pretty nice – I’m loving her expression and the pose^^

    • wieselhead

      Yes that might be true, in general I’ll stay away from more space demanding figures, but this time I have no problem with that.
      Seriously what!? Haha Kai you are a bad boy XD. Kobato is very pretty as goth loli and the face is very lively.

      • Kai

        Whut? Suguha’s almost always pantless in the anime right? RIGHT? Always wearing disheveled sleepwear with a cute pair of panties, it’s a crime not to have a cast-off feature for her short pants >_>

  7. Pinkcheeks

    Tharja! Tharja! You’ve PO’ed Tharja! T,T Oh gosh I play Fire Emblem and I love that black mage! That gaze, the drapery, gradients and shading of the fig and that…ummm..pose! Hahahaha! XD

    *turns green with envy*

    Just kidding! I look forward to your photos of Tharja, my friend! I know it’s gonna be epic! 😀

    • wieselhead

      Of course Im defenseless against pretty figures of that level ^_^
      Oh cool, I guess I’ll never have the chance to play it.

      order, order, the Yen is low

      Well I hope Tharja is a friendly model, so that we can met your expectations.

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