Menace – Queen’s Blade – AmiAmi zero

Hi there today I’ll show you a real ero figure so this review is not really safe for work. It is about Menace from the popular Queens Blade franchise. This beautiful figure of Menace was produced by AmiAmi Zero she is scaled 1/7. The figure was released in May 2010 so I was a bit late with my urge to get her.

Tsumugi Kotobuki – K-on! – Waitress ver. – Max Factory

I always wanted a figure in a waitress outfit and Max Factory did a top-notch job with their cute Tsumugi Kotobuki Waitress version which I ordered closely before preorders were closed. Tsumugi Kotobuki is a 1/7 scaled figure with a height of 23,05 cm her release date was on May 23th 2011. The origin of this figure is a scene from the 12th episode of K-on! season one where Mugi was dressed in a waitress uniform which their crazy teacher Sawako-chan made for her.

Super Sonico – Bondage version – Orchid Seed

Today I have the Super Soniko Bondage version from Orchid Seed on review, this figure was released on May 15th 2011. She is a 1/7. This figure was popular enough for having all pre-orders sold out before the release, sometimes it’s good to place preorders soon enough ^o^

Misaka Mikoto – Beach Queen – Wave

Hello boys and girls today I will show you another figure in a outfit fitted for the beach. This Misaka Mikoto figure is from the well known Beach Queens line from manufacurer Wave,her release date was in march 2011. Misaka … Continued

Morishima Haruka – Amagami SS – Max Factory

oday I can present you a new figure review, this time its about the Morishima Haruka – School Swimsuit Version figure which is produced by Max Factory, she was released at the end of April. Her scale is 1/7 with a height of 195mm. The origin of Haruka is the popular dating sim, Amagami SS which recently had an anime adaption which was aired from July till December 2010.